More Melody!!!

Been waiting for that perfect Beco Butterfly II to start your baby carrier collection or round out your existing stash?? Melody is a gorgeous way to do just that! Beautiful purple organic straps paired with a unique Echino fabric print results in a VERY limited, VERY gorgeous, VERY necessary to your babywearing life Beco Butterfly II.


I am collecting my Melody Becos on Monday/ Tuesday and will ship the same day with FREE Priority mail! Order now and be in babywearing bliss by the end of the week! Remember, offers price matching, lay away, and custom accessories! Just ask!


Can’t decide if you need a Beco Butterfly or Gemini? Just email me! I can help you figure it out!

* happy babywearing*

4 thoughts on “More Melody!!!

  1. I wish I was already pregnant so I could justify this purchase! (I don’t think my hubby would sign off on buying a carrier for a baby we don’t have yet… :P)

  2. dang I wish I was having baby number 2 right now just so i could get another carrier and have it be justified.. heheh.. this is a gorgeous print! i wannnnnnttttt itttttt

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