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What other Soft Structured Carrier do you kn0w that can carry baby front, hip, or back, that is made with Organic fabric, has an infant insert, and can actually get bigger or smaller depending on the height of your baby! No other SSC does this, you’re right, other than the wildly popular MANDUCA!!!  No other buckle carrier also features these perks in combination with double adjusting shoulder straps, attached hood, and crossable shoulder straps!!!!  The Manduca has all its bases covered, and PAXbaby is so happy to have this baby carrier on our roster of favorite SSCs!  As you know, the Manduca is not permitted to be sold new in the States, but if you are live overseas, grab 1 of these for your next babywearing snuggle! They are worth every penny!  Heads up, USA moms, sometimes, once in a blue moon, we will receive back a Previously Loved Manduca which you are eligible to purchase through PAXbaby!  Contact me to keep updated with our current returns list!

PAXbaby Manduca diagram

And now, for the really exciting news, the unveiling of Manduca’s 2 new 2011 Limited Edition prints!!!!  ALL 100% organic cotton (hemp is only on the standard colors)  the Limited Edition Manducas are just that eco!  Sweet Soda and Polka Dot will knock your socks of with their cool European sophisticated colors and that fun flair that only Manduca knows how to add to their Limited Edition line!!!!  These are really the best for fitting a large range of babywearing parents and the babies that they carry so try one today through PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange or spring for your own Manduca right here!!!!  Enjoy choosing between the standard colours (as they say in Germany) Black, Natural, Chocolate, or Red & the 2 newest Limited Editions, Sweet Soda and Polka Dot!!!!

PAXPAXbaby Manduca

*happy babywearing*

4 thoughts on “More Manduca news!

  1. 1 word for you:
    Actually, a few more words:
    supposed copyright infringement lawsuit by Ergo against Manduca

  2. Copyright – I can’t believe it! I have both, Ergo and Manduca and even though they are similar (as most SSCs are!), each has its own original features. I know parents who like Ergo but not Manduca and the other way around… Sad thing that people in the US can’t enjoy the advantages of the Manduca Baby Carrier just because of some copyright infringement!

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