Mmmmm Milky Way…


Is everyone as excited as we are for the arrival of Natibaby’s Milky Way??

What better way to kick off the New Year, than with the anticipation of this wrap made up of an entire galaxy of beautiful Milky Way STARS?!?!


We PAXmommies can barely contain our excitement!!

One wrap.

Two gorgeous colorways.

Ecru/Black linen


Indigo/turquoise 100% Cotton

Which would you choose?

*happy babywearing*

9 thoughts on “Mmmmm Milky Way…

  1. PAXbaby is no longer offering pre orders due to inconsistencies of orders from the manufacturers! THANK YOU for asking!

    Be sure to watch PAXbaby’s Facebook page – – and sign up for PAXnews through the newsletter link at the side of the blog ????

  2. Will you be selling these in the same way that you did the RR’s? Or more like when the Nati Luna’s went up for sale? Thanks, can’t wait!

  3. I am in love with this print? What’s the latest on it? Just to be clear, you’re saying to just hang tight and check back on your FB page for updates on when it will be available? I’m so glad I clicked into the Learn page or else I never would have discovered this print. Thanks!!

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