Mini Beco Babywearers

Seriously, is there anything cuter than a mini babywearer?  Prince Charming. Snow White, & Cinderella took their babies on a babywearing jaunt to the park in their Beco Mini Toys!

*happy babywearing*

4 thoughts on “Mini Beco Babywearers

  1. I know this is about the BECO mini’s which are ADORABLE but I have to know where the princess dress up’s came from!?!?! We are princess fanatics here =) and looking for new as our old ones have had their run of the mill! Nothing like being glam in your BECO mini!

  2. My girls’ pretty princess dresses are the official gowns from Disneyland! Thank goodness for doting grandparents to make little girl’s dreams come true!

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