Milky Way *blue sky*

Just when you think PAXbaby’s USA/ Canada exclusive woven wrap – Milky Way - can’t get much better, the hemp version arrives and knocks your socks off!  Milky Way in *blue sky* is cuter than ever before with a true blue “right side,” and a light blue reverse! Perfect for wrap conversion, ring slings, wrap scrap projects, or good ol’ fashioned wrapping, Milky Way is perfection.  period.
Coming for sale at some point today – April 9 - is also offering a size 6 and a size 7 for sale at random.  For more details on these drawings ending tonight at 9 pm PST, please visit the PAXbaby rafflecopter pages!!!
To get the chance to purchase the Milky Way size 6, look here!
To win the chance to buy the Milky Way size 7, click here!!!!
To preview these lovely star wraps, come to!!!

Thank you & good luck stalking!!!

*happy babywearing*

140 thoughts on “Milky Way *blue sky*

  1. I would stalk a spot for a wcmt and convert it into the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!

  2. This is so gorgeous and in hemp! I think this will have to be turned into a rockin’ shorty and a RS!

  3. I would be over the moon to buy this!! If I got it I would use it for a WCMT- I’ve been dreaming of milkyway WCMT for months <3

  4. These wraps are gorgeous, excited for a chance to win. I would love to wrap my new little squish up that just arrived yesterday in this!

  5. My little girl would be snuggled up with me in her special wrap. . . and I would be thinking about the chilly winter night she was born.

  6. What would I do if I got one of these beautiful rafflecopter MWs? I would convert it into a fabulous WCMT for both my husband and I to use while hiking with the little one in Utah! The turquoise color would be just perfect against that fabulous red rock, where we get to see the actual milky way while we camp!

  7. My little girl was born on the longest night of the year…Winter Solstice 2012. I would love to wrap her in the memory of that brilliant starry moment when she brought us more joy than we ever thought imaginable. Milky Way would be a lovely way to commemorate!

  8. “What would you do with a Milky Way blue sky if you scored one today at”

    I’d wear the heck out of it!

  9. This would become my newborn’s legacy wrap. We’ve been waiting for something like this to come. <3

  10. After I stopped drooling I would probably search for another wrap for a conversion! No idea what though..

  11. I would give it to a new mama in my local babywearing group who has been searching for a Milky Way as her baby’s legacy wrap (baby was born on Winter Solstice)!

  12. I would wear it the second it came!! And then beat it up to get it nice and cushy!

  13. If I was able to purchase the size 7, I would split it with a new mama in my local babywearing group who has been searching for a Milky Way as her baby’s legacy wrap (baby was born on Winter Solstice)! We would be able to get a ring sling for eah of us, or a small ring sling for me and shorty for her.

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