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Getting your Mei Tai JUST RIGHT is not easy!  In fact, I consider wrapping and tying a Mei Tai a very important and very challenging babywearing skill that all of us baby carrier fans should have!  Your Mei Tai can be your FAVORITE baby carrier in your stash, but only if you can get it adjusted correctly & feeling good!  Otherwise, you run the risk of having pressure points , twisted straps,  or saggy babies, and we DEFINITELY don’t want that!  It’s important – especially now with the pressure of society and the media watching babywearing with a critical eye – that we are wearing our babies correctly & safely to show the world that babywearing is not only fashionable, but also MORE safe than leaving baby in a stroller or bucket car seat!

This babywearing mama made the cutest video, complete with a Wrapstar Mei Tai, an adorable baby, and lots of tips & tricks for you to get your Mei Tai JUST RIGHT!  Make sure to watch through the end to get a hint on successful breastfeeding while on the go!  Thank you, TheMissmommy09, for sharing your baby carrier knowledge with the readers at PAXbaby’s babywearing blog!

PAXbaby Mei Tai Maven

Mei Tai Movie!

*happy babywearing*

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  1. Hmmmm…very cool! I’m so going to try those tricks and see if they help!!! Thanks for posting this!

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