Love Day Surprise!

love day

love day


Happy Valentine‘s Day to YOU!!


Be the FIRST to wear a SWEETHEART bag from!

Our talented PAXbaby seamstress whipped this beauty up especially for one lucky PAXfan this Valentine’s Day.

Isn’t it GORGEOUS!??

Made from wrap scraps & twill and lined with PUL, the SWEETHEART bag has inner pockets as well as a tie closure and a sweet snap closure pocket along the back!

Use as a diaper bag or an everyday bag, the SWEETHEART bag is nothing short of ADORABLE at 13″ tall and 17″ wide!

Win a SWEETHEART bag FREE FOR SHIPPING (add $30 for international shipping) in your choice of available wrap scraps by entering the drawing below, here at the PAXblog!



  • Winner will be randomly chosen and emailed – so remember to use your email address (please no commenting a second time with a separate post including your missing email address)!
  • Comments will be posted with first name and last initial.
  • One entry per person/household – Tell us about your love for PAXbaby with a comment to be used on a feedback page…..
  • For one EXTRA entry- Please upload a LOVE DAY photo to our facebook page and then come back here, tell us that you did and link us!


  • Contest closes tomorrow, February 15th, at 12:00 NOON PST.  WINNER IS BEING SELECTED NOW!!!

**small print**

You can earn up to 2 entries per household.



Good luck , happy Valentine’s Day, & thank you for your participation!

*happy babywearing*


169 thoughts on “Love Day Surprise!

  1. I uploaded a Valentines day pic on Facebook!! Its of me and my baby in a SHBC, while I’m sick… Don’t know how to link it though. <3 paxbaby's YouTube videos, thanks for all of the tips!!

  2. jillian at paxbaby is amazing to work with … she’s so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly .. she is really there to help families figure out the right carriers for them and really wants to spread the “love” … thnx jillian and paxbaby!

  3. I love PAXBaby and how they promote the use of many different carriers and show a wide variety of parents using these carriers. I think it’s so important to make babywearing accessible.

  4. I love PAXbaby! The PAXmamas are super sweet, helpful, and knowledgeable. Customer service is great and I think the raffles are a great way for moms who can’t stalk the Internet to get a chance to buy something they want.

  5. is our go to place for baby wearing shopping and info. Without ever meeting anyone from Paxbaby, we still feel like they are part of our family. Another person doing their best to promote baby wearing and happy and healthy babies.

  6. PAXbaby is amazing in every possible way! The selection is endless and the customer service is top notch. PAXbaby always makes things fun and it keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for everything!

  7. I love PAXbaby! Not only have they supplied me with baby carriers and items to make the job of rising children easier, but they’ve also helped me bring babywearing into my friends’ lives.
    Even if it means the perfect babywearing answer is difficult to get, they’re still right there to help you.
    Last fall a beautiful, dear old friend of mine passed away. Because I knew what I was able to do if I wasn’t for babywearing, my initial thought was to get a good carrier for his wife who had just became a single mom to their adopted 10 month old baby. I had wanted to get them a carrier sooner, but just never got around to it.
    We were able to narrow down to a company, but PAXbaby didn’t have any of the prints that would suit mom’s personality. They were right there supporting me, and we were able to get a print directly from the vendor, shipped to me, and we had it before the end of the week.
    Everyone at PAXbaby has helped us with what we needed for our own family or as gifts, but this was really a time that stands out to us. We love everyone at PAXbaby headquarters! Thank you!

  8. I’m not even technically a customer yet, but I know PAXbaby is the only place that will ever get my babywearing business again! I was undecided on which SSC I should buy, so I emailed PAXbaby’s Help Desk and was asked a very detailed string of questions to help “prescribe” the right carrier for me! Now I’m only waiting on my taxes to return!! I’m so excited to join the ranks of happy babywearers around the globe by becoming a customer of PAXbaby. I seriously cannot wait!

    And thank you for the chance to win! But I would (and do) tell people how awesome PAXbaby has already treated me so far! :) *happy babywearing!*

  9. I ADORE your love for babywearing & your carefree spirit. The wrap scrap bag Sweetheart bag is absolutely ADORABLE!

  10. I am addicted. I love paxbaby products, they are super quick to answer questions. Very fast delivery and super great people. LOVE THEM.

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