Let’s Talk Placentas!




Let’s chat about placentas, friends!

Who has questions?

Who has concerns?

Did you keep yours?
Did you have it encapsulated?

It seems that perhaps the concept behind ingesting placentas can be scary or misinterpreted; let’s talk about that to start!

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Placentas!

  1. I have a concern! When you ingest the placenta is there a way to ensure NO blood is eaten? Due to my religious faith I abstain from all blood, but I’ve heard ingestion of the placenta is very beneficial in preventing PPD which I had last time. <3 thanks!

  2. I encapsulated my placenta with my last child and recommend it to everyone! I also am a placenta encapsulation specialist and encapsulate for other mamas.

    To answer your question Kristin Ward there is no way to compleatley drain the placenta of all it’s blood.

  3. I was so excited to get mine encapsulated after baby number four…I suffered from ppd and pp anxiety after my first three and was hoping to avoid it this time…I ended up with over 200 pills and thought I was on the road to an awesome recovery….a few days into taking my pills I was a mess…angry, emotional, disconnected…just from feeling so icky I stopped taking the pills….it was like a fog I was in lifted, I felt normal again…didn’t make the connection at first through, thinking it was just the post partum hormones figuring themselves out….started taking my pills again and the clouds rolled in yet again…I saw a video posted on YouTube about a mama with a similar experience and thought maybe the pills were the issue….stopped taking them again and I was back to my old self….now I have two jars sitting in my fridge :( I wish it had been the amazing experience I hear it can be but just wasn’t in the cards for us. Best of luck to other mamas out there !

  4. I encapsulate for the L. A . area and I am sorry, but blood is most definately involved and the carrier for all of the amazing nutrients and hormonal benefits. You really have to weight and balance beliefs and science together in a harmonious blending… placenta peace

  5. I have been caring for mom’s and babies for over 15 years and have seen many fads come and go, from hypnobirthing, to the Bradley method, to cord blood banking, and now the latest placental encapsulation and ingestion. I am skeptical of the benefit of and concerned about the safety of the preparation for multiple reasons. First there is no scientific research or studies to support the placental ingestion movement and no regulation or certification for those who prepare the placenta for ingestion. There is mere anecdotal evidence that it actually is beneficial, and for some that is enough. It also seems anything the body eliminates is no longer needed, we do not cook and dry our feces or drink our urine because there may be some beneficial hormones or nutrients in them. I would caution those women considering this to do further research, act to find out, make sure it’s not just a money making gimmick, protect yourself! I have not heard of any bad outcomes but that may not be far behind if these encapsulations are done in someone’s home that’s unclean or by someone inexperienced, etc. Follow your intuition, do a lot of research, look at both sides, the pro’s and cons before making a decision, don’t just do what’s fashionable, do what’s right for you.

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