Happy Free Friday with PAXbaby.com & Luluna Slings!

PAXbaby.com Happy Free Friday with PAXbaby.com & Luluna Slings! Our lucky winner THIS week will win a beautiful woven wrap for the amazing price of $1 Euro/$1.09 USD! The hardest part will be choosing WHICH wrap to bring home! Will it be Penna Selene (feathers), or Diamo Demeter (hearts)?? In order to enter , please: […]

Fairest of Them All

PAXbaby.com Join the princess club with Fairest of Them All, PAXbaby.com‘s spin on a classic story of excellent housekeeping, taking food from strangers, and a deep sleep that most mothers would give anything for! This twist on Snow White is on sale today all starting at $100!   http://shop.paxbaby.com/natibaby-exclusive-fairest-of-them-all-woven-wrap/ PAXbaby.com PAXbaby.com   *happy babywearing* PAXbaby.com

Meal Planning!!!

PAXbaby.com Planning weekly for our family meals is the only way to stay ahead on the grocery buying and food budget! PAXdaddy plans breakfasts, lunches are almost always left overs, and dinners have been strictly vegan for weeks! After 9 weeks of vegan meals every night of the school week, my children finally asked me […]

Force Friends

PAXbaby.com Coming soon to a baby carrier store near you…. and PAXbaby.com! I am thrilled to have stocked a handful of these adorable baby carriers created by Kinderpack and themed after one of my favorite movie series! Force Friends features an emoji-style Star Wars fabric with a mesh panel perfect for our upcoming warm weather […]

Cloth gift bags for the win!

PAXbaby.com As hard as we have tried to downsize the gift giving on big holidays, three presents seems to be our average amount per child. However when we are wrapping three presents for each of our children, that’s a LOT of wrapping! 7 kids x 3 gifts = 21 presents!!!! My mom had talked for […]

Mount Mansfield Mama BATS!

PAXbaby.com PAXbaby.com In the mountains of Vermont these small wrap scrap stuffy batties are handcrafted individually by Mount Mansfield Mama Lindsey. She hand cuts all pieces to create unique one of a kind cute Batty friends for you or your child. Baby Batties are my smaller size they measure about 12″x5″ a cute and snuggly size. […]

MJ Baby Carrier SIZE comparison

PAXbaby.com PAXbaby.com Curious about the sizing of a MJ Baby Carrier? We have you covered! paxbaby http://shop.paxbaby.com/mj-baby-carriers/ paxbaby Standard Dimensions: weight limits are 18 lbs – 45 lbs “Knee to Knee”: 14 inches Top width at widest point: 16 1/2 inches Height (from the top of the waist seam to the bottom of the neck […]

Puddlefoot Dolls

PAXbaby.com PAXbaby.com If you have been hoping and wishing to score one of these Puddlefoot cuties, this week maaaay be your lucky week!!! Puddlefoot unicorns and heart dolls will stock this Wednesday, December 14th! paxbaby http://shop.paxbaby.com/puddlefoot/ paxbaby Which do YOU have your eye on?? paxbaby *happy babywearing* paxbaby

Gifts for the new baby…

PAXbaby.com PAXbaby.com This cartoon is soooo hilarious and accurate. Did you hire anyone to assist you after your birth? Which did you find the MOST helpful? Did you hire them for subsequent births, or only the first? It is so funny how many “THINGS” we think we need with the first baby, then we actually […]

Wrap Scrap Saturday

PAXbaby.com PAXbaby.com Happy Wrap Scrap Saturday!! What will you create??? http://shop.paxbaby.com/paxscrap-by-the-inch/ paxbaby *happy babywearing* paxbaby