KoKaDi Merlin!


PAXbaby’s very first KoKaDi exclusive woven wrap is an exotic blend of midnight black and royal purple.  Dotted with an all over pattern of stars,  Merlin was woven with the utmost care by hand in Germany.  These woven wraps are wearable lengths of art, designed with an artist’s eye and crafted with great skill.  Enjoy wearing your baby in one of these fantastic wraps and let its beauty and comfort create a magical world where your little one can enjoy all the pleasures of babyhood in peace and contentment!  Behold… MERLIN, an exclusive woven wrap made from 50% hemp and 50% cotton and brought to you by PAXbaby & Nappies ‘n More!



Available to ship mid-July, preorders are being taken now and will end once the wraps are sold out.  THANK YOU for asking about Merlin Ring Slings, Merlin Tula Wrap Conversion SSCs, or Lay Away by emailing me at jillian@PAXbaby.com.


*happy babywearing*

16 thoughts on “KoKaDi Merlin!

  1. Hi Jillian
    Eeek I missed out on the Merlin :( will there be another edition or should I put my name down in the wish list? X Claire

  2. More Merlin are coming in the Fall, Claire!! A Wish List would help you get dibs on the re run though! And keep watching for PAXbaby’s OTHER summer release KoKaDi exclusive :)

  3. Hi Leyla!  Not at this time, sorry!  Stay tuned at PAXbaby’s FB page and the newsletter to be sure to see all important updates!  THANK YOU :)

  4. I really want one of these. I am stalking you for this. need a 7 :) please oh please, it is on my wish list xoxo

  5. These are all gone now, Cindy, but look for more awesome KoKaDi exclusives coming to PAXbaby.com very soon :)

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