Just a gentle reminder

Just a gentle reminder that there is something better for you and for baby than the “big box” brand forward facing/ back killing, crotch danglers that are so prevalent in today’s society!!!


PAXbaby Baby Bjorn


If you see a mom wearing any of the carriers on PAXbaby’s no-no list (Bjorn, Evenflo, Snugli, Jeep) would you do me a favor, and take a minute to ooh and aah over their baby and slip in a comment about how much more comfortable your baby carrier is than theirs, LOL?  A LOT of us started with a front facing carrier so it’s a great conversation starter, or how about mentioning how your back doesn’t hurt anymore after wearing your baby in your fabulous PAXbaby carrier!?!  Come on, moms, get motivated to change 1 mom’s life TODAY by introducing her to our wonderful world of extended babywearing and true baby bonding!!!!


*happy babywearing*

6 thoughts on “Just a gentle reminder

  1. I am taking a friend to my local BWing group next weekend! She’s a Bjorn wearer and I want to cry every time I see her or her husband wearing it.

  2. Way to go, Bridgette! Let us know how your friends reacts to the MULTITUDE of great carriers she’ll see at your BWing group meeting!

  3. On the plus side, at least those parents are trying BWing. Our baby loved our Bjorn when he was small, as did we, until he got so heavy that we needed to switch. We were totally committed to BWing, and our Bjorn was just one stage along the way. (And, back pain aside, he did LOVE facing out.) The Bjorn was sort of the “gateway drug” that got us into serious BWing; so, we’ll always have a fondness for it. That said, we’re all really glad we don’t have to use it anymore!!!

  4. I love that expression “gateway” for the Bjorn etc… It is the perfect example of how to SUCK people in, haha! The sad part is when parents give up on babywearing early because their front facing carrier is so uncomfortable….

  5. OY!! That just does NOT look comfy….at all. We too started with a crotch dangler, but I knew that there HAD to be something better. And wouldn’t ya know, there is! :) I always cringe when I see poor babes in crotch danglers and think to myself, how on earth can either of them be comfortable. I try to have business cards on me at all times to hand out!

  6. My 17 year old spent lots of time in crotch danglers and has some minor leg issues to show for it. My 14 year old brother-in-law spent even more time in crotch danglers and has even wonkier legs to show for it. My 15 year old daughter seems to be okay, but she spent less time in crotch danglers. My infant has spent zero time in crotch danglers thanks to a great pediatrician. We had no idea what they did to them. Also no crotch dangling baby entertainers or jolly jumpers.

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