ISO Angel – Tula Style

PAXbaby’s ISO Angel is now closed! THANK YOU for participating! Please watch your email inbox for an exciting email from  if you have won!

PS – no email means no win! Best of luck!!!!!

Have you been dreaming of your IDSO *in dire search of* for forever and ever!!?

NOW is your chance to tell us which wrap conversion Tula YOU would LOVE to own.

We will try our very best to make your dreams come true!
Please make sure to read ALL of the instructions VERY carefully :


Please check off every box that you understand. If you are confused, please reread or email the PAXmoms at!



*happy babywearing*


86 thoughts on “ISO Angel – Tula Style

  1. I will do ANYTHING for your Tula toddler Love in your Heart. Please ISO Angel… hear my prayer :D
    Thank you Paxbaby for this opportunity to buy My dream Tula! Hopefuly ISO Angel is looking out for me and granted my wish.

  2. Would love to get one of these beauties. I am just never lucky enough… but we will see.

  3. If I get the opportunity to own a WC Tula I swear I’m going to twirl around my house like Stevie Nicks for a whole day!

  4. I would LOVE the opportunity to own a wrap conversion tula!!! I adore the look of a wrap, but find that it doesnt work for my LO and I. We love SSC’s though! This would be a dream come true to own one!!

  5. No email from the ISO Angel for me :(
    Congrats to all the winners – I can’t wait to see what everyone gets!

  6. Only one can dream, hope and keep their fingers crossed to have one of these beautiful items.

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