Hey Ladies! Are you watching?

Remember our little double dare? The one where we asked you to destroy a bag sling?

Well we’ve got an entry that we think is just fab and we can’t wait to show it to you! Here’s an entry from Brandi, repurposing an Infantino SlingRider that she found on Craigslist.

Isn’t it just wonderful? Think you can top this? Maybe you can! Get out there, search and destroy!

5 thoughts on “Hey Ladies! Are you watching?

  1. thanks lava, the kids had a lot of fun and still are with the punching bag, surprised it has lasted so long. too bad this is over. I saved 2 more off Craigslist and the 10 yr old and the neighbor 11 yr old found another good use, handled pillows holders, stuff a pillow in the sack part and hold by the strap near the plastic so it doesnt swing and hit anyone then you can easily swing your pillow for a pillow fight. Now what to do with these 2 since Infantino has now changed the recall choices to junk

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