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  1. Hi there!
    I’m in an interesting position. My current “stash” consists of a linen ring sling and a featherweight obimama mei tai. My bub is 10 months and around 22 and I use the ring sling at least 5 times a week if not daily, but the beautiful mei tai sits by the way side mostly because I don’t like bothering with the straps for short trips. So considering the serious obimama fever out there I would pass on the obilove to someone else and replace it with something I’d get more use out of. I absolutely love the comfort of the mei tai (once I finally put it on) especially for long term wearing sessions so I was thinking an ssc would probably be the next best thing. But that’s where my problem starts, that’s a pretty broad category, tula, beco, how to choose? ! So please help me narrow down what’s going to be the best fit for us!
    General info:
    Me: I’m a tall momma at 6″1 and that height comes with proportioned width so definately not petite!
    The bubs: long and lean around 21 lbs. And 30 in. In the obi, I usually end up double rolling the waist cuz he likes to be arms out or close to it.well, unless he’s being snuggly then he doesn’t mind being all squished in. They want it all!

    Thanks in advance for any insight!! I love baby wearing and want to continue as long as possible!

  2. Need help finding the perfect wrap or ring wrap or sling to wear during the day just to be able to do household chores. My daughter is 3months 2weeks old.

  3. Hi!!! So excited to be writing this! I seen Coping With LM’s announcement tonight and I am so interested! I never put my guy down because of his LM. I want to wear him! But I’m a bigger gal, most slings I’ve looked at aren’t for bigger mommas!
    Does Paxbaby fit bigger mommas?


  4. Hi! My son is 3 months old, 15 lbs and EXTREMELY hot natured! I’ve been using a Moby wrap since he was 2 weeks old and have loved it but my son gets too hot in it now. I thouroughly enjoy wearing him but after 15 minutes he’s sweaty and miserable. I need a lightweight, durable, breathable wrap or carrier. Any recommendations? :)

  5. Hi, Samantha!

    You might like a Wrapsody Breeze, or a wrap conversion ring sling. :)
    If you email us at the PAXmommies can set you up with your very own Babywearing Prescription. Thank you!! <3

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