Happy International Babywearing WEEK!



Happy International Babywearing Week

October 8th – 14th, 2012

How cute are these amazing Babywearing cupcakes Sandra Isla-Fiorelli made for International Babywearing Week!? We absolutely looove them.

What are YOU doing to celebrate?

Is this week different than any other week for you?

How are you spreading the babywearing love?

We would LOOOVE to hear your plans!!

*happy babywearing*

5 thoughts on “Happy International Babywearing WEEK!

  1. Amazing how much I have learned over the years about BW..Grateful for Paxbaby and all the new information I have recently learned! thank you!

  2. during the chat I learned that practice makes perfect and everyone has their own individual favorites for which they are comfotable bf in.

  3. Nothing different than any other week- just wore my baby with pride and ignored the strange looks I got walking along mablethorpe seafront while we were on holiday :)

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