12 thoughts on “Happy Heart Day!!!

  1. It’s a…. wait for it…. custom Beco Butterfly slip cover!!!! And it reverses to black twill with a Halloween print!!!! Squeeeeeeee!

  2. How are you doing front carry with #5 in a BBII with the baby belly, I am very intrigued at the possibilities. Please teach. I can’t imagine it being comfortable, but then again, #5 is full asleep in those pictures.

  3. really does it really reverse to a halloween print. I think i’d totally want a winter print and a umm idk maybe a fall one ooh that’d be so fun! Oh goodness stop coming out with cute stuff you’re killing me.

  4. Baby #5 LOVES riding on my front OVER the baby bump! He is such a snuggly fella! And yes, the moment I put him in my Beco Butterfly, he PASSED OUT! Just in time for our pictures, heeeheeee!

  5. The slip cover is 1 solid piece so the snaps are built in to the cover at the perfect spots to snap in your existing Beco hood!

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