Happy Easter from PAXbaby!


Happy Easter, friends!  I hope your day was as wonderful as ours and you have a lovely Easter season!  We celebrated with church in the morning in my Double Rainbow Ring Sling followed by a yummy lunch and rainbow-y Easter egg hunt in my new Ocah pod!!!!  A holiday isn’t a holiday without a new baby carrier from PAXbaby!

*happy babywearing*

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter from PAXbaby!

  1. Jillian, in the picture of you and your little guy on the left hand side, middle picture, you look so comfy with him on your back! Just wondering how you wrapped him like that! Do you have a video? Thanks for all you do!

  2. Heidi, thank you! I’m wearing a Pod – also known as a Podegai! It’s an Asian style carrier with 2 shoulder straps and a body panel and no waistband! It’s super comfy, and yes, I’d love to make a video!

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