PAXbaby *happy babywearing*

With 6 kids under the age of 9, my baby carriers have been put to the test! Unsure of which carrier will work for you? Ask me! I love helping babywearing families reach the “ah ha!” moment when their hands are free and baby is snuggled close and secure.

I wear my children everyday in a sling, carrier, or simple piece of cloth, so please feel free to take advantage of my knowledge and expertise!  PAXbaby is located in Southern California, and I am available for baby carrier consultations, custom fittings, and babywearing classes from San Diego up the coast to Santa Barbara.  I love babywearing and spreading the word about Safe Slings, proper positioning, breastfeeding while wearing baby, twin & tandem wearing, and extended toddler babywearing!  These are all subjects that I am passionate about, so please feel free to ask me about babywearing topics, or about raising twins, homeschooling, growing natural gardens with kids, or cloth diapering too!  My husband is an avid babywearer also, so send your man this way if they need manly carrier advice!  Thanks!

Enjoy shopping & learning at PAXbaby!
*happy babywearing*

peace, jillian

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