FREE Friday Giveaway hosted by Sweet Pea Boutique‘s FREE Friday Giveaway, hosted by Sweet Pea Boutique, is a stunning crocheted and wooden nursing necklace in the buttercream half covered universe design!!! The winner will be emailed after bedtime on Friday, January 24th!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen. International PAXfriends are encouraged to enter this spectacular giveaway; however, they will be required to pay shipping.

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Good luck and *happy babywearing* 

14 thoughts on “FREE Friday Giveaway hosted by Sweet Pea Boutique

  1. Sweet pea boutique is my “go to” for teething/nursing necklaces, her items are beautiful! & excellent quality. My baby girl loves her wrap scrap teething ears too!

  2. My 10 month old son has 6 teeth and counting! I’d love something to help him out and also keep him occupied while eating besides pinching my face or other nipple haha

  3. I’ve not had the chance to really purchase a teething necklace for my dd. This would be amazing to win!!

  4. My little Olivia loves to tug on everything while nursing and I’ve never tried a teething necklace before! This looks so pretty to wear and interesting enough to distract my little bug from pulling my hair, clothing, etc!! I would love to win this and be able to try it out :)

  5. My 16 month old didn’t cut his 1st tooth until he was almost a year! Now they all seem to be coming in at once! I think this would be great for us :)

  6. Omg this is very cool I never seen this before it would be super nice to win it!! No more teething on my Hair shirt or my neckless!!!

  7. Yes please just what I need to stop my little one using my face as a tether and my hair to hold onto whilst feeding. ????

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