Free Beco Butterfly II, thanks, Mama Ash!

Last day to enter to win a Beco Butterfly II from Mama Ash!  No videos, no tricks, just enter!

Good luck, babywearers!

*happy babywearing*

5 thoughts on “Free Beco Butterfly II, thanks, Mama Ash!

  1. I am expecting my second baby this July– I am going to be wearing my 1yr old on my back and my newborn on my front. Please help me accomplish this!:)

  2. Hi…I’m entering, I guess! :D
    Had a great day wearing my Beco 4th Gen…sure could use a new Beco!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My wife is making me enter this to increase her chance of winning the Beco. I’ll wear it too if it ain’t too girly. Anything for my daughter.

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