Don’t be boring!

Spice up your babywearing life with a Cutie Cover!  Made to fit your Beco Butterfly or Beco Gemini, Pimp my Carrier’s Cutie Covers are slip covers for your baby carrier!  These smart “T shirts for your carriers” pop over the top of your Beco, fit snugly down the sides and can offer all the same options as your regular Beco front panel plus options like pockets, attached hoods, and coordinating prints!  Don’t be boring, rock your baby carrier with a Cutie Cover!

PAXbaby Beco Cutie Cover

See the videos here for the BBII and here for the Gemini!

*happy babywearing*

6 thoughts on “Don’t be boring!

  1. The more I look at all the different covers, the more I like the idea of being able to change the look of your carrier quick and easy!

    Do you know yet what the next carrier options will be?

  2. Very cute cover . To you only pimp the beco. Or do you pimp any other carrier I have an abc ssc on the way .

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