Disneyland and Babywearing…

Have you ever wondered about babywearing and Disneyland, and if the two can really go together? PAXmommy Jillian and her family are seasoned vets when it comes to babywearing at “The Happiest Place on Earth”… here are a few tips from the pros:

1. Most rides where baby is tall enough you can wear them (although there are a few weird ones). So go! Have fun :)


2. Toy Story Mania only allows buckle carriers – no RS or wraps, so make sure to bring some options!

3. Carousel in Fantasyland only allows front carries – no back carries!

4. A few they will ask you to turn baby to front facing while seated on the ride which is odd and inconvenient if baby is sleeping but not the end of the world!

All and all, Disneyland is pretty babywearing friendly,  so don’t let it intimidate you. Pack a few of your favorite carriers, grab your kids, and go PLAY!

PAXmommy Jillian gets a lot of compliments from cast members while wearing because they all can see just how convenient it is!

Which Disney character could you see being a babywearer?

Help spread that babywearing LOVE!!

*happy babywearing*




2 thoughts on “Disneyland and Babywearing…

  1. I was just coming to search for this. Our 4yo has won a trip to Disneyland and we’ll be heading there sometime this spring, most likely. I’d love some more tips for what works best…I’ll probably be renting a carrier or two for our trip.

    (We love SSCs and our little one will be 1.5 when we go. Our go-to carrier is an Onya, but I’m Tula/KP curious as well.)

  2. This is just making me so much more excited for my trip in February! It’s been over a year and I miss it so much. I’m just having trouble deciding what carriers to bring!

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