Did YOU get a visit from the ISO Angel??



Did the ISO (in search of) Angel come visit???

Show us what she brought you from PAXbaby.com!!!

Please post pictures of your special deliveries on our Facebook wall or email us at help@PAXbaby.com; we want to jump up and down squealing from the rooftops alongside you!!!

Did not get a visit this time?
Have no fear!!
We hope to play ISO Angel again, and make your babywearing dreams come true!!!


*happy babywearing*


3 thoughts on “Did YOU get a visit from the ISO Angel??

  1. Well the ISO Angel hasn’t visited me yet – but I hope she does! I love the look of the baby carrier in the picture – lovely color and looks so comfortable.

  2. Aww, sorry Alexis! The link was on Facebook, however it was only posted for 24hours! We hope to do this again one day soon! <3

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