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Are YOU new to babywearing and overwhelmed with alllll of the options available???

We are here to HELP!

Contact our babywearing experts at for a custom Babywearing Prescription TODAY!

We want to help you find the perfect carrier for you and your specific needs! Are you fluffy? Petite? Very tall? Have a HUGE baby? Have a teeny baby? Have twins???
We will work with you to help you find the best fit.

Did you know that also offers a Sling Exchange program??

Try before you buy, and rent a fabulous carrier directly from us!
You can read more about this amazing program here:


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This way you are able to try a few carriers, and find the PERFECT one for you and your baby.

Everyone is different, and what is the best fit for you, may not be the best fit for your friend. has established this awesome program, as a way for you to get your dream carrier, and be confident and happy with your purchase.

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Monday morning crossword
You have never played a crossword puzzle quite like this before!!  Chock-a-block full of PAXbaby trivia, can YOU solve the PAXpuzzle!?!  Think hard, and when you have completed the exercise in brain stretching, email me a photo or send me the saved image so you can be entered into PAXbaby’s weekly drawing for a PAXprize!!!  Have fun, enjoy your Sunday,

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PAXbaby.comPAXbaby puzzle


2. Carrier with rings
5. Name of the Beco slip covers
7. Years PAXbaby is old!
8. Children in the PAXbaby herd
9. Position for nursing on the go
11. Organic wrap brand at PAXbaby
12. Create a custom carrier at PAXbaby

1. New Boba Carrier
2. A brand of linen & silk ring slings
3. PAXbaby #6
4. PAXbaby mom
6. PAXmama’s baby carrier fetish right now
10. Organic baby carrier brand made in SoCal
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Closed for the Holidays!


Here at PAXheadquarters we have some good news… and some bad news. Everyone’s favorite “try before you buy” Sling Exchange program is closing for the holidays, but…  all existing orders will be shipped in the order they were placed!  We are busy as Santa’s elves getting all current orders caught up on and shipped out ASAP.  Thank you all SO much for your patience, but don’t worry our wonderful rental program will open again in the NEW YEAR.

Until then please direct all your babywearing questions to:

Phone: 1-888-PAX-0003



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New Boba 3G

The newly redesigned Boba 3G has new prints, new strap colors, & new features!  The Boba Soft Structured Carrier has been fabulously remodeled with a few key upgrades:

now wearable with an infant thanks to a set of ingenius inner snaps

easily combined with a diaper bag or purse with the help of the shoulder strap tabs

plenty of storage ON the carrier

and more!!!

PAXbaby Boba SSC 3G

Try a Boba SSC for yourself through PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange or dive right in with a purchase of the new Boba 3G available in 7 fashionable designs:







and the ever popular Tweet

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PAXbaby to the rescue!
A babywearing testament by Vanessa!

When my son Lincoln was born I knew that I wanted to carry him in a carrier as long as I could. So being new to the babywearing world I went out and bought a hotsling. I loved it until he was 3 months old then it became too painful to have him in the sling and so I sadly stopped carring my son and he went back to the carseat  for our outings.

When I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter, Solei, I knew I wanted to try again so this time I choose a Moby wrap and that also worked until she was about 2 months old . Then I realized it wasn’t gonna work for chasing my son around. The Moby was good for breastfeeding, but it didn’t feel safe enough when I was chasing my 3 year old. So right before I went to Target to pick up a bjorn (YUCK) I decided to research some more because this time I was determined to wear my little one.   I found some blogs that mentioned PAXbaby for renting carriers. I was at first bummed that they didn’t have any Bjorns to rent then I started reading reviews and realized why the Bjorn wasn’t on Jillian’s website.  I loved how all the carriers were described with such detail, and  I  was so excited to be able to try out a carrier  to find the perfect one.

I rented the BECO Butterfly for 2 weeks and fell in LOVE !! Carrying 5 month old Solei and chasing Lincoln was a breeze !  I ordered the BECO butterfly and haven’t looked back I get lots of comments from strangers wondering what I am wearing and if it hurts . I love being able to tell them about the BECO! It truly is a shame that it isn’t carried by more mainstream department stores like Target and Babies R Us. I never would have known about this carrier if I hadn’t stumbled on Jillian’s website. Now I rave about my carrier and PAXbaby!!!  I want to share to the world how awesome it is to wear babies. Thank you, Jillian and BECO : )
PAXbaby Beco Butterfly babywearing blog

Why babywear?

by babywearing mama, Megan

I thought I wasn’t the babywearing type. I had tried everything, or so I thought. I went through countles babies’r’us carriers, a moby x 3, Ergo, 2 different ring slings. I was frustrated and after basically giving up on being able to wear my child, I found – I found Jillian! She is so helpful, and patient. I tried the rental program, and found out that I need a Beco.

Not all carriers are made equally.

Now I am able to wear my LO, any time and all the time. I LOVE IT!   It improves my mood, when I am able to accomplish chores, and not have a baby crying at my leg.

If you haven’t heard of babywearing before, or think you aren’t the babywearing type, you need

*happy babywearing*

2 weeks left!
Only 2 weeks-ish until the newest PAXbaby makes his appearance!  While balancing family and work, the PAXbaby mama is waiting patiently for a few last baby carriers for #6’s newborn stash!  (wait until you see the pix!) and getting the last kinks worked out for delegating PAXbaby business while taking a well deserved babymoon after our 5th home birth (cross your fingers for our success!!!)
Great news for all of us is that the PAXbaby’s mama’s mama (that’s right – the PAXbaby grandma!) will be packing and shipping orders from our Southern California studio, PAXbaby Kristie will be organizing Sling Exchange and taking care of rental inquiries, & PAXbaby Laura will be available to answer any babywearing questions!  Also good news, the wait time for Pimp my Carrier is at around 2 weeks for custom carriers & accessories and will continue to function thanks to our wonderful, dedicated seamstress!  Thank you for your understanding if things don’t go as smoothly as usual, & please do specify if you need a package shipped within our normal 24 hours, as I expect our shipping time will stretch to 48 hours.
As you can see from this picture, PAXbaby often delivers a load of packages directly to the Post Office secret back door in order to ensure that your order gets shipped super duper quickly, but pending Baby’s arrival, I won’t be making my daily visit to my local PO!  I can’t say thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm about our newest little one!  I know I can’t wait to wear a new squishy baby, and I know you are all looking forward to living vicariously through the babywearing pictures I will be posting!!!!
(((hugs))) & *happy babywearing*

Rent a Beco Butterfly!

Congratulations to Meghan in VA for being Sling Exchange‘s 100th Beco Butterfly II renter since September 2010!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II Sling Exchange

The PAXbaby moms are die hard Beco fans and have enjoyed helping so many babywearing parents find the Beco love through our Sling Exchange program!  Exploring the depths of the baby carrier world can be a harrowing ordeal, but Sling Exchange has simplified the process and offered many many babywearers the opportunity to try out the carriers first hand to see which they and their baby prefer in person.  Not having to rely on another person’s experience when making such an important decision is the key to a successful baby carrier purchase and a long lasting babywearing career!

PAXbaby Sling Exchange

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange!

When I first started researching better babywearing options for Baby #4, there were maybe 4 viable SSC options for me to choose from. It took me 4 months to decide on which carrier to get for my new lil’ fella and by that time, my husband had listened to hours of chatter from me regarding the different options.  How I WISH there was a Sling Exchange back then so that I could have tried all the options without the heavy commitment!  Laying out $129 for my first Beco 4th Generation seemed like a HUGE investment!  What if it didn’t fit right?  What if my baby didn’t like it?  What if I was making the wrong decision????  I agonized over the choices until finally, my husband told me we were going to pay Gabby at Beco Baby Carriers a visit and have her fit me in a Beco, and that was that!  Thank goodness he finally put an end to my misery!   Gabby was wonderful, the Beco was an instantaneous success, and we all lived happily ever after!

However, thanks to PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange, you don’t have to agonize like I did!  You don’t have to put all your eggs in 1 basket!  You can take your time, compare your top choices head to head, and make an informed decision based on wearing the carriers in person and not just relying on what other moms have to say!  Try before you buy and take the pressure off getting it right the first time!!  Being able to see each carrier’s designs with your own eyes and getting to wear each carrier and weigh the differences and similarities between each one is a fabulous way to make the decision making process that much simpler!  Now, if you fall in love with more than 1 carrier, I can’t help you there….

PAXbaby's Slng Exchange

If you know any moms looking to invest in their first major baby carrier purchase, send them PAXbaby’s way so we can help narrow down the options and figure out which carriers would suit their needs the best!   Then, PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange is a great option so that new babywearers don’t have to take the plunge right away, but slip into our wonderful (and addicting) world of babywearing slowly, with lots of information, and hands on experience with each of the different carriers on their list!  THANK YOU for helping to spread the babywearing love!!!!

PAXbaby Beco love

*happy babywearing*