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Just when you thought the PAXmoms didn’t have anything else up their rainbow sleeves, BAM; here’s something new and adorable! Our newest PAXexclusive #disneybound design is soaring high! Our combination of a charming house silhouette and a bouquet of technicolored balloons makes the perfect baby carrier for every UP aficionado! Available in TWO colorways and TWO fiber blends, and sewn into wraps, ring slings, totes, blankets and buckle carriers, the sky is the limit on your dedication to this pattern! * Wrap UP * is available for pre order here: http://shop.paxbaby.com/natibaby-wrap-up-exclusive/ ; you may be able to choose between carriers, but how will you ever choose between colorways? Russell is a blue gradient while Kevin is the bolder brighter version. Will you get your Wilderness Explorer Badge? Only by wearing your little Lasseter fan baby in PAXbaby’s UP #cosplay carrier!



We have two sizes of carriers in our offer:

- Infant (smaller) – main panel dimensions: 39 cm x 43 cm (about 15 x 17 inches).

- Toddler (bigger) – main panel dimensions: 45 cm x 54 cm (about 21 x 18 inches).

The waist band is the same length in big and small carrier, but the belt can be extended.

Maximum hip circumference is 135 cm (53,15 inches).
carrier-big carrier-big-1-0-1paxbaby

*100% Cotton*

*happy babywearing*


Emeibaby is coming to PAXbaby.com!



The moment I saw this carrier from Emeibaby, I knew that I wanted to see what it was all about.
How could something be both a woven wrap AND a carrier!?? It just seemed too good to be true.
My one pet peeve, usually, with a soft structured carrier (SSC)  is that they often feel bulky and can be hard to get properly adjusted.  I wanted to see if this new carrier would change my previous conceptions of SSCs.
The second the Emeibaby arrived, I tried it on right away with my tiny (then) 3 month old and my first impression honestly was,
“Wow, this is SO cool!!”
**Please excuse the cell phone photo, this was the VERY first time trying this carrier and I was excited to try it on.**
I had heard that it was a complicated carrier to use, and was surprised that it was anything BUT complicated.
I put the waist band around me high on my natural waist under my breasts, snapped it, tightened it, held  my LO against my chest, pulled the little bit of woven wrap under her bum and between our bodies to get a good seat, pulled up the arm straps, tightened them, buckled the clip behind me, and tightened the fabric through the rings to get a good, tight fit… Then reached in between our bodies and made sure she had a good seat and re-tightened. Snapped up the extra fabric, and tucked under the hood.
That was it.
It was just that simple!!
If my explanation confused you, check out the video below:
*Emeibaby says to tuck the extra piece of fabric under the waistband but I found that with a smaller baby, pulled between you and baby, it makes a really great seat just like you would have in a wrap or ring sling*


Because the wrap is fastened only to the middle portion of the waistband, you can easily bunch the fabric in to get a smaller seat for a smaller baby, or spread it out nice and wide to get a good wide seat for a bigger baby or toddler.

Perfect knee to knee coverage and a  deep seat every time.



“Thanks to its ring system it can be precisely adjusted to the baby’s size from birth (6,6 lbs) and is continuously adjustable to grow with the child. Once the carrier has been adjusted to the baby’s size the aluminium rings on the shoulder straps firmly clamp the fabric in place to maintain the desired position.” – Emeibaby
 With a lot of other soft structured carriers (SSCs) on the market today, you need to add a bulky infant insert, or to fiddle with snaps and such to get a perfect fit with an infant. I love that there is none of that with the Emeibaby, everything you need is in one carrier.
It is easy to use, light weight, and can be used both on your back and front.
**Though, like a wrap, we at PAXbaby.com recommend that your baby is sitting and has good head control before attempting a back carry. **
  I can easily use this carrier with a newborn, and yet quickly throw it on with my 2 year old, do a few adjustments and voila! Great fit with her as well.
No extras needed!
 I love how simple it is: you get the fit of a woven, with the ease of a SSC (soft structured carrier). Perfect hybrid and the best of both worlds!


This carrier fits adults from sizes XXS –  XXL, so not only can I get a great fit, but my husband can, too! He is not quite a wrapper yet, so he loves the ease of this carrier.
We just recently went on a family adventure the other day and he wore our two year old in this carrier.  He was able to get it on, and our toddler situated with no help from me! I had to remind him proper knee to knee positioning and that was it.
He quickly re-adjusted her seat, and we went off on our way. Both were comfortable for hours! She was up high and safe with daddy, and could see everything comfortably.
(He even carried my purse, too… now that’s a real man haha).
Let me address some of the worries/concerns I had previous to trying the Emeibaby Carrier:
Q: Are the rings difficult to adjust and do they slip while the carrier is in use?
A: NO! I was actually surprised at how EASY they are to adjust. The woven slides through the rings to tighten with ease, without slipping throughout the day. I was pleasantly  impressed with that.
Q: Was it difficult to put on straight out of the box? I heard that it is a complicated carrier to use.
A: Not at all. I wish I had taken a video of myself trying it for the first time. I really just opened the box, put it on, grabbed my baby and went with it. It was pretty easy actually. I really wish I could speak to the people that thought it was confusing and see what they had issues with. I cannot see a problem whatsoever!

Q: The shoulder straps cannot cross in the back. Will it still feel supportive after a few hours?
A: The straps are actually quite padded and supportive. I actually think that they are more padded than other SSCs I have tried. I was able to wear my Pumpkin all afternoon with no shoulder pain! That is awesome in my books. Still do wish that the shoulder straps could cross though.
 Q: Isn’t all that excess fabric going to look funny or be annoying after you are done tightening?
A: There are two options to tuck the excess fabric, under the hood and at the bottom of the carrier near the seat. The hood is actually way bigger than I initially thought and pretty much fully hides all excess woven material. When bunched at the bottom, it obviously is still in plain site, but for some reason does not bother me as much as I thought it would.
I hope answering these questions helped a bit. It is hard to invest in a new carrier that is not yet popular in North America. Not too many people have really heard of Emeibaby yet and there have not been a TON of photos, reviews or tutorials etc. out there. I hope that this changes soon because I really do believe that the Emeibaby is a super unique and cool product.
I  have used this carrier nearly every single day since I first tried it out, and that is the truth. I love throwing it in the car for quick uppies with my two youngest, wearing it around the house whilst chasing after the other kids, grocery shopping, and wherever else life leads us.  I also really love that it has a little inner pocket for you to stash your cell phone, keys and/or some cards/money.  SO handy not having to carry around a big bag all the time.
This is the perfect addition to any babywear-er’s stash and has the ability to last your entire babywearing career. Not many carriers, besides a trusty old woven wrap, can grow with your kids!
Pretty good investment if you ask me.
We at PAXbaby.com are SO pleased to have this carrier in stock for you SOON!

Beco Gemini vs. Soleil Part 1:



The Soleil is here, and boy, does it have people talking!

Everyone wants to know the dirt, so we are working on a few extra-special upcoming Beco blog posts dishing the goods on this brand new carrier.

Here’s a great chart that compares and contrasts PAXbaby.com‘s Beco Baby Carriers!

The Soleil versus the Gemini is a tough choice.

 It comes down to so much more than looks with this carrier, definitely weighing out the pros and cons is necessary. Wait, cons… what cons? haha

Things to consider:

How old is your baby?
How heavy is he/she?
Will this be your only carrier?
Will you be needing an infant insert?

If  you need some assistance deciding which buckle carrier will be perfect for your babywearing needs, feel free to email us!




*happy babywearing*


Guess what is coming to PAXbaby?


Does JPMBB mean anything to you??

 je porte mon bebe, or JPMBB as they are known as, are the creators of an awesome new hybrid super wrap from France.

Translated to mean “I carry my baby”.

Intrigued yet??


These wraps are unlike most stretchy wraps on the market today, and are so supportive without being saggy or overly stretchy.

The JPMBB wrap is one of the only stretchy wraps that stretches in every direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally giving you all around support and comfort.



The JPMBB can be used from birth until 30lbs (14kg), and can be used on your front, side and back.

Yes, you read correctly… this wrap can be used on your back.

The wrap itself is 5m long and 70cm wide, and made of a deliciously soft 95% cotton and 5% spandex and comes in a variety of beautiful shades and colors.


Which color would you choose??
Or… which colors?!?!?

Would you not love to wrap a squish in one of these soft and beautiful wraps!?

Like a woven wrap, the same “legs out” positioning is required, though you do not need to leave any slack when tying the wrap on like you do with a woven wrap.

Simply tie the JMPBB wrap on tightly, like the video  shows, and place baby inside using proper ergonomic technique.


Support like a woven, with a softness that is only second to your favorite t-shirt.

Winning combination if you ask me.

That is another great thing about this wrap, you can pre-tie it before you even need it, so no worry about dragging tails through a dirty parking lot or mall floor.

je porte mon bebe seems to have it all together!

Are you excited to try one??

*happy babywearing*



BabyHawk Oh Snap!

BabyHawk Oh Snap CamoBabyHawk, maker of totally awesome Mei Tai baby carriers, announced the addition of a new carrier to their line, the BabyHawk Oh Snap!

I was privileged to be able to test an earlier version of the Oh Snap, a prototype from the design process. Let me first say that I love BabyHawks. I’m a Mei Tai girl, I know them in and out, I know a dozen different ways to tie them. Buckle carriers have a lot of similarities to Mei Tais, but what most don’t have is flexibility, not just the ability to adjust for different users, but real, true flexibility for different carries, different weight distribution, etc. Until now.

The Oh Snap is a Mei Tai improved. And not just any Mei Tai, the cream of the crop BabyHawk. The first thing you might notice about the Oh Snap is that it looks like a BabyHawk. The flip-up headrest is still there, the bold fabric combinations, the comfortably padded straps.

The number one complaint about Mei Tais is all that tying. With the Oh Snap it’s just buckle and go! No straps dragging, no fiddling with knots. The straps connect at the sides with a buckle, and extra webbing length means that you can easily cross the straps behind you for front wearing, or keep them buckled right in to the same side for backpack style shoulders when baby is on your back.

BabyHawk Oh Snap Chest StrapWhen you are doing a back carry and have the straps like a backpack, the chest strap (or sternum strap) can be used to keep the straps well-positioned on your shoulders. You will notice that the chest strap on the Oh Snap is unlike any other on the market. It is dual-adjusting, with two connectors on each shoulder strap. This gives a more customized fit. No twisting buckles, no pulling on the straps so they flip and look bunchy. The Oh Snap chest strap will move up and down on the shoulder straps and adjust so that it lays flat against you and does exactly what it should: keep the shoulder straps on your shoulders.

BabyHawk Oh Snap Back CarryA few notes about the design of the Oh Snap. The size is similar to that of a BabyHawk. Seat darts have been added for a more form-fitting result. The straps will adjust to fit anyone up to a size 22 with no additional pieces necessary. And yes, they will adjust down to fit even a size zero. There’s nothing more annoying than doing a back carry and not being able to tighten in a carrier enough to hold your baby close, and the Oh Snap has taken that into account, making it ideal for small moms who may not have had success with other structured carriers. The Oh Snap is recommended for children 6 months and up. There is no infant insert currently available (although there is one in the works!), but until then, make sure your baby is able to sit on their own and can straddle the seat of the Oh Snap before you use it. Maximum weight is 45 pounds. That’s a lot, folks!

And now I would like to share my favorite part of the Oh Snap. I need to share a little bit of personal information in order to do this. I’m a small mama. Not tiny, tiny, but small. Being small, I’m lacking in one major area, my derriere. I don’t have much of one. Not much hips, either. This makes wearing carriers with waist support belts a little difficult. Most people will wear padded waist straps down around their hips, effectively transferring much their baby’s weight off their back and to their hips. This is a lot more comfortable when baby reaches 25 plus pounds.

Not everyone has the same shape around the hips, though. And those like me, who don’t have much of anything back there to hold a waist belt in place might find that the waist belt doesn’t stay in place, instead it slips down. Others might find that it creates pressure on the sides or becomes problematic with certain clothing. Well the Oh Snap takes this into account! Instead of just having a plain waist belt, or trying to decide between curved or straight, the Oh Snap is the first ever structured carrier with a customizable waist belt!

BabyHawk Oh Snap Waist BeltWith two adjustments on each side of the waist belt, the Oh Snap can be adjusted to perfectly fit hips in all shapes and sizes. The adjustments allow the top of the waist strap to be adjusted separately from the bottom of the waist belt, so you can truly get the belt to sit on your hips, therefore your baby’s weight will be on your hips. Instant comfort!

The BabyHawk Oh Snap carriers are currently available for sale at PAXbaby.  Retail price is $140 and PAXbaby will has a wide selection available for instant shipping.  If you don’t see exactly what you want, let us know or visit the Design Center to pre-order your ideal Oh Snap!

For a limited time we are taking Oh Snap Preorders. Fill out the form below with your choice of strap color and fabric panel and we’ll email you with full details and an estimate of when it will ship.

Custom Orders Closing 1/4/2009

Please see BabyHawk.com for strap color and fabric panel choices.
Additional Fabric Panel Options ($149 each):

Dylan Oh Snap Morgan Oh Snap Jasper Oh Snap
Dylan Morgan
also avail. on RED

Oh, the ObiMama!!!


PAXbaby ObiMama Wrap Converion mei taiLooking for stash nirvana, search no further!  With an ObiMama on the horizon, you can let your artistic wheels start turning because you are about to design one of the most decadent baby carriers in the babywearing world.  You can be assured that every stitch of your custom carrier will be sewn with care and precise attention will be given to even the smallest details because the artist behind the ObiMama baby carrier, Jen,  is a creator of perfection.  Wearable art is a better term for the baby carriers that bear the ObiMama name, and as anyone who has ever worn an ObiMama can testify, this kind of art is extremely comfortable to wear!!!!


The ObiMama herself has been so kind as to send PAXbaby a Traveling Mei Tai to traipse across the USA bringing joy to each family she visits.  The PAXbaby ObiMama Traveler started here in Southern California and almost didn’t make it out on any trip because I love it so much!  My only consolation is to know how it is blessing the families it will visit, but OH, I had the hardest time packing it up to go!  If you would like to host our Traveling ObiMama please email me with your inquiry however please know that she is already booked for the next few months with previous engagements!!!  I took this picture while enjoying the San Diego Safari Park aka the Wild Animal Park!  That is the PAXdaddy on the right with Baby #6 in a Beco Butterfly II and the outstanding Traveling ObiMama on the babywearing daddy to the left who has proclaimed mei tais to be his FAVORITE carrier and not  just ANY mei tai, but THIS mei tai!  And thus another ObiMama addict is born!


PAXbaby Obimama BB Slen Blue Curacao


Having given PAXbaby 2 slots last December, ObiMama has granted my wish and has given PAXbaby another 2 slots for February.  On February 1 which is a Wednesday, PAXbaby will be giving the 2 custom slots to 2 lucky winners via random drawing through FaceBook.  If you are not already a fan of PAXbaby’s FaceBook page, now is the time to become one because only a TRUE fan can win the opportunity of a babywearing lifetime – a customizable ObiMama slot!!!! Choosing your size, waist option, and applique choice, your slot comes with the Kombi wrap style straps, adjustable hood, knee pads, and 100% extreme comfort!!!  Make sure you have read the fine print, a woven wrap needs to be purchased through PAXbaby, custom conversions are non-returnable, and you MUST have fun while designing your one of a kind wrap conversion carrier by the one & only, ObiMama!!!!!!


PAXbaby ObiMama custom Mei Tai wrap conversion


*happy babywearing*


A Preemie Story


In honor of Preemie Month:

Thank you to Alena for her Preemie Story!  I’m sure I’m not the only one who sobbed while reading this!!!  (((hugs)))


As a mom of 4, I never ever imagined I would ever be thrown into any unknown parenting world. After 4 kids, I was pretty sure I had seen or done it all. When pregnant with my 5th, my normal was forever changed by the birth of my first preemie at 34 weeks due to HELLP. All my “attachment parenting” styles were thrown out the window at delivery. No skin to skin contact after birth, no breastfeeding, no holding, not even touching my brand new baby. The once crowded delivery room was immediately empty and I was left alone, feeling helpless. All I could think about was the crucial bonding we were missing. How he needed me. How he must feel so alone without his mother. Once I was transferred to my room I was handed a NICU kit. In the bag I found all the stuff you would expect as a NICU mom. Some pamphlets on preemies, supplies for the breast pump and something called a snoedel. I set those aside and started up my demands for my 1stNICU visit to see my son for the very first time. As they wheeled me in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 34 weekers are late preemies, from what I read, he would be perfectly fine, probably in an open crib asleep waiting to be transferred back to my room.. Boy was I wrong. No one had explained anything to me. I was wheeled up to an incubator, where my precious baby was laying in just a diaper with tubes and wires and a breathing mask. I was devastated. I wanted to hold him, love him, tell him mommy was there and everything would be ok. Only I wasn’t allowed to touch him, wasn’t allowed to hold him. Again I felt as helpless as I did after delivery.


They wheeled me back to my room. After a good cry, I grabbed the NICU bag they had previously given to me. I pulled out the snoedel and read the instructions. This doll would give him what I couldn’t while he was trapped in that incubator. He would be able to smell me, know that I’m there and that I love him. So I put the snoedel in my shirt and went to sleep. I was desperate to do something for him, anything and putting this doll in my shirt to fill it with my smell felt like something at least.


The next morning I ran straight to the NICU. Again I was told I couldn’t hold or touch my baby. Regulating his breathing was more important than bonding. I handed the nurse my snoedel and she immediately opened his incubator and draped it over his little body. It actually covered him from his toes to his neck. Looking in his incubator and seeing this doll that I knew was covered in my scent brought me such peace. To know every breath he took, had mommy smell. The nurses even referred to it as his mommy doll.


As the days passed and as I was able to finally hold, bond and feed my little guy, I also had to continue to leave him there. The peace and comfort of leaving him draped in the snoedel, knowing that he felt me even when I wasn’t there, really helped ease the pain of leaving him. That doll stayed on or beside him his entire NICU stay. Even under the bili lights for jaundice, the nurses made sure that doll was under his little body at least.After we came home, the snoedel stayed in his crib with him. The same way the nurses draped it over him, I draped it over him while he slept.


My son is now 17 months old. You would never know he was a preemie by looking at him. You would also never know that we didn’t have the immediate bonding that I felt so robbed of at his birth. He adores me and is very “attached”. More attached then my other kids who never left my side, who had immediate skin to skin contact, who immediately breastfed. All the things he missed out on.  That snoedel is now tucked away safely in his baby box and has very special sentimental value I could never explain. I am so thankful my NICU provided this and was very sad to find out that most NICU’s don’t. This would be a perfect gift for a new NICU mom.  Actually perfect for any mom that needs a moment away and wants her baby to stay comforted by her scent.

PAXbaby Snoedel


*happy {bonding} babywearing*


New Boba 3G


The newly redesigned Boba 3G has new prints, new strap colors, & new features!  The Boba Soft Structured Carrier has been fabulously remodeled with a few key upgrades:


now wearable with an infant thanks to a set of ingenius inner snaps


easily combined with a diaper bag or purse with the help of the shoulder strap tabs


plenty of storage ON the carrier


and more!!!


PAXbaby Boba SSC 3G


Try a Boba SSC for yourself through PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange or dive right in with a purchase of the new Boba 3G available in 7 fashionable designs:







and the ever popular Tweet


*happy babywearing*


Bamberoo WRAP CONVERSION information


Ever had chills due to excitement???  The expectation of receiving a Bamberoo Wrap Conversion should be one of those moments!  PAXbaby is so excited to be able to offer  this coveted carrier for your own!!!  Just like Beco and Boba are name brands in the buckle carrier world, the Bamberoo is a top notch manufacturer when it comes to wrap conversions.  Best known for Edit’s amazing applique work and her detail oriented Mei Tai design, the Bamberoo comes in 4 styles : the Regular Mei Tai, the Deluxe Mai Tai, the Half Buckle Carrier, and the Full Buckle Soft Structured Carrier.  These are each divine, but have different features so you need to know what you are looking for!  Remember, the more customized you make your Baby Carrier, the more absolutely YOU it will be!!!

The Bamberoo Regular Mei Tai is a modern retelling of an ancient design.  Used for centuries by the babywearing parents of Asia, the Mei Tai is a moldable soft carrier that can fit any style of body and size of child with ease and beauty.  4 wide strap wraps, a rectangular body panel of 14″ x 15″ with leg padding, and a hood keep the design plain and easy to use yet complex in the myriad of ways that the carrier can be worn.  The shoulder straps are 75-80 inches long and open into luscious wrap straps for optimal comfort.  The waistband is 70 inches long to accommodate any size babywearer.  Should your baby be on the larger side, or if you are already wearing a toddler, perhaps you’d like to size up to the Toddler sized body panel which is 17″ wide x 18″ tall.  If you need XL shoulder straps measuring 85 inches, please include that information when you check out through the cart.  The Regular Mei Tai  comes equipped with a curved headrest and attached flat hood.  For babies small to large, this Mei Tai will be a blessing to your family with its ease of use and quiet beauty.

The Bamberoo Deluxe Mei Tai features the same shoulder strap, body, and waistband design as the Regular Mei Tai but with the additional attribute of having seat darts to carry a larger child more comfortably and also the option of detachable hood and your choice of flat hood or adjustable sweatshirt style hoodie hood.  All additional options are also available, including the Toddler sized body panel & the XL shoulder straps.  If you want to ensure that your baby will fit the carrier for years to come or if you prefer the pointed hood, spring for the Deluxe Mei Tai, you won’t regret it!

The Bamberoo Half Buckle Carrier reminds me of an ancient mythological being, part man and part beast!  The Half Buckle is part Mei Tai and part Soft Structured Carrier and is indeed the best of both words.  Enjoy the structured waistband, quick and easy to use, but the beauty of the wrap straps and the unique cradling that the straps will provide your baby are unparalleled in baby carrier features. Featuring seat darts to carry a larger child more comfortably and also the option of detachable hood and your choice of flat hood or adjustable sweatshirt style hoodie hood as well as the options to upsize to the Toddler sized body panel & the XL shoulder straps. Perfect for the babywearer who wants to keep control of the situation but still recreate the wrapping experience, the Half Buckle is the carrier to try.

The Bamberoo Soft Structured Carrier is a buckle carrier similar to those you have seen out & about, on the pages of your favorite parenting magazines, or perhaps in the aisle of your local big box store.  The Bamberoo SSCs however are made with a fine eye for detail, a creative flair, and the personal touch of an excellent artist. Made for you with your baby in mind, babywearing does not get better than this!  Featuring seat darts to carry a larger child more comfortably and also the option of detachable hood and your choice of flat hood or adjustable sweatshirt style hoodie hood as well as the options to upsize to the Toddler sized body panel & the XL shoulder straps.  Amazing for back carrying, easy to breastfeed while front carrying, pull up the hood for more privacy or naptime – clip on your SSC, pull your straps tight, and off you go on another adventure with baby close to your heart.

Faced with all these questions, you may feel like you are at Starbucks with a million decisions to make about your new carrier!  In which case, email me, I can help wade through the options!  These are first and foremost Wrap Conversion carriers so get dreaming about which wrap or wrap combination you will want to use.  Any woven wrap available at PAXbaby will do well for the conversion process  In addition to our gorgeous array of BB Slen, Dolcino, Easycare Rainbow, KoKaDi, and Girasol wraps, available here, we’re also able to offer you a limited number of fabulous Didymos, Hoppediz, and Storchenwiege wraps—just ask us to see what’s available, as the selection can change at any time due to our unique arrangement with suppliers. You will need to choose & purchase a woven wrap from PAXbaby to use for your conversion.   Please also remember that custom orders are non-returnable as stated in the return policy found at http://paxbaby.com/return-policy.


Other (w)rap (w)randomness:


* Timeframe for completion is around four weeks from the time your wrap is received at Bamberoo HQ.

* Bamberoo is only able to work with wraps that have been pre-washed; this is due to the potential of shrinkage when working with natural fibers.  Once all of your payments have been received for your custom, PAXbaby will be washing your wrap in preparation for sending it to Bamberoo HQ.  Please note that refunds will be not be given on your wrap after it has been washed.

* All Bamberoo wrap conversions purchased through PAXbaby require the purchase of a 5.2 meter or longer wrap. This is to ensure that there will be no issues with not having enough wrap fabric to complete all parts of your order.

Thank you & enjoy the process of creating your very own Bamberoo!!!!

It’s a STAR!

In true Beco fashion, the Gemini has the babywearing world on pins & needles waiting for its release!  You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve read the buzz, it’s time for some facts!

Mainstream moms who wear their babies all reach for the same motley assortment of crotch dangling, front facing out carriers.  But once the Gemini arrives, the boring solid colors of the Bjorn or the 80s plaid of the Snugli will pale in comparison to the beauty of the new Beco Baby Carrier! The Gemini will feature a similar array of prints and motifs as the renowned Beco Butterfly starting with the beloved Paige print shown on the model above.  Get ready for gorgeousness because the Gemini is going to win the baby carrier beauty pageant hands down!

Similar to the ever popular Baby Bjorn, baby can face outwards in the Gemini!  Hard core babywearing moms will say that front facing out carries are dangerous, overstimulating,  or uncomfortable, but as experience has shown me, a small amount of forward facing can be perfect!  When I needed to postpone Baby #5’s afternoon nap, I would turn him around to face the world, learn a bit about his surroundings, and be entertained by his siblings.  After about 15 minutes, I would notice the classic symptoms of overstimulation – neck turning, hands coming up to his face, fussing – and I would turn him around to nestle into his favorite spot and get his nap underway!  Just because the Gemini offers the option to carry baby front facing out, babywearers do not have to choose to use this option.  If baby wants to have some time facing out, the base can be snapped smaller to accommodate the narrow crotch of a smaller baby.  If the base is not snapped to the smaller position, the base of the Gemini is as wide as the Beco Butterfly.

The Beco Gemini is on the LEFT, and the Beco Butterfly is on the RIGHT.

Like the Beco Butterfly, there is a head rest, but the Gemini does not include a removable hood.  The padded headrest can flip up if needed for support, but as shown in our Gemini picture, the top is cuffed down and fastened with snaps.  When baby wants to face out, this headrest will also serve as a padded spot for their head or chin to rest against.

You love the padded waistband of the Beco Butterfly II?  You will love the Gemini waistband too! Same foam structure, same safe buckle.  Remember though, since the Gemini doesn’t come with a hood, there isn’t that pocket at the center of the waistband.  The weight limit for hte Butterfly is 45 pounds while the Gemini will only carry 35 pounds, so keep that in mind when choosing your carrier!

There is the option of crossing the shoulder straps with the Gemini which is a throw back feature to the Beco 4th Generation.  For nursing mothers, this option provides the perfect environment to discretely nurse your baby, and for front carries, the X straps can distribute baby’s weight much more comfortably than the backpack style straps.  Thanks to the buckle on each side of the front panel, each shoulder strap can be unclipped and refastened into the X position or a hip carry position.
Beco Gemini

As Beco Baby Carrier’s #1 fan, PAXbaby couldn’t be more excited about the newest Beco edition!  Following in the footsteps of the beloved 4th Generation and the Butterfly I and II, the Gemini promises to be everything that a modern mom would dream of!  Fabulous designer fabrics, maximum comfort for parent and child,  ease of use, and that extra special Beco flair that makes Beco Baby Carriers my FAVORITE baby carrier! To read more about the evolution of the Beco Baby Carrier, follow PAXbaby down memory lane at PAXbaby’s babywearing blog!

*happy babywearing*

Gemini  *pre-order*

Ready to order?  Shop here at the Gemini *pre-order*