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PAXbaby_emeibaby_PAXmommy Brianna_comparison


PAXmommy Brianna is wearing her  47 month,  41″,  36lb daughter Delia and her 17 month, 32″, 26lb daughter Corrina in the same, new Toddler Emeibaby!


If you were a fan of the standard/Baby sized Emeibaby, you will fall in love all over again with the new Toddler size!




Whereas the Baby/Standard size Emeibaby fits babies from birth to three, the Toddler is better suited for older babies, from 34″ (around one year) to around four years of age.

Easy to adjust and easy to use – with an Emeibaby you get a perfect fit every time! It combines everything you love about a soft structured carrier, AND a woven wrap in ONE.

As you can see from the diagram, the Toddler size has a longer and wider body panel, a longer hood, and a broader back panel and waistband.

If your toddler was comfortable in the baby size, just think about how much more cozy he will be in the toddler size… with room to grow!! I love that the body panel is so much longer, especially if you have a little leaner!!

Because the wrap is fastened only to the middle portion of the waistband, you can easily bunch the fabric in to get a smaller seat for a smaller toddler, or spread it out nice and wide to get a good wide seat for your bigger child.

Perfect knee to knee coverage and a deep seat every time.

This carrier often intimidates babywearers,  who think that it is a lot more complicated than it really is.

We promise you! It really is THAT simple. No need to adjust every time you wear it either.

Have you found the Emeibaby love yet??


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A Closer Look at Getting a WCRS.


What IS a WCRS:

A wrap conversion ring sling, is a piece of woven wrap cut, hemmed, and sewn into a custom ring sling.

Why go with a WCRS over a regular ring sling?:

With a wrap conversion, you get the added support of a woven wrap, with the ease of a ring sling.

What exactly does “slingified” mean?:

We use the term slingified, when we refer to sending a cut piece of woven wrap over to either Zanytoes, Sleeping Baby Productions, or Kalea Baby to be sewn into a ring sling.

A good wrap conversion ring sling (WCRS), is the perfect addition to any babywearer’s stash.

Small enough to fold up and tuck into any bag or purse, easy to use, and great for all sizes.

Let’s take a closer look at two of the “slingifiers” that we, at PAXbaby.com, have partnered up with.



Kalea Baby:


Small/Medium: 76″

Medium/Large:  80″

Shoulder: Pleated/gathered hybrid

Can be worn on either shoulder?: Yes.

How much wrap is needed?:  The Kalea shoulder needs 4.5″-5″ to create, so be sure to factor that number in.






Small: 68″

Medium: 74″

Large: 80″

Shoulder: Pleated & Gathered

Can be worn on either shoulder: No. Please specify which shoulder.

“The Zanytoes standard shoulder is a wide gathered shoulder that can be spread wide across your shoulder and upper arm, or ‘scrunched’ for a custom fit. We also offer a symmetrical pleated shoulder for a narrower and more structured fit. You might prefer this option if you are petite.”

Which ring sling piece have you been drooling over:


Step #1 – Choose your wrap!
Step #2 – Choose your length!
Step #3 – Check out at PAXbaby!
Step #4 – Check out at Zanytoes Boutique or Kalea Baby with the SAME name as you used at PAXbaby.com for simplification!
Step #5 – Wear your baby happily ever after!

- See more at: http://shop.paxbaby.com/girasol-aglaia-diamond-weave-wcrs-piece/#sthash.brvk4Uq0.dpuf

Step #1: Choose your wrap

Step #2:  Choose your length

Step #3:  Check out at PAXbaby.com

Step #4:  Check out at Zanytoes or Kalea Baby with the SAME NAME you used at PAXbaby.com for simplification.

Step #5: Wear your baby happily ever after

Visit PAXbaby’s You Tube channel for Ring Sling video tutorials. – See more at: http://shop.paxbaby.com/girasol-aglaia-diamond-weave-wcrs-piece/#sthash.brvk4Uq0.dpuf

See how versatile a WCRS can be, and fall in love with babywearing all over again!

Step #1 – Choose your wrap!
Step #2 – Choose your length!
Step #3 – Check out at PAXbaby!
Step #4 – Check out at Zanytoes Boutique or Kalea Baby with the SAME name as you used at PAXbaby.com for simplification!
Step #5 – Wear your baby happily ever after!

- See more at: http://shop.paxbaby.com/girasol-aglaia-diamond-weave-wcrs-piece/#sthash.brvk4Uq0.dpuf


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ISO Fan Reviews




Do you have two or more of the buckle carriers that PAXbaby.com sells?

If so, please contact us about a blog opportunity!!!!

We are looking for comparisons, action shots, and real life feedback from babywearers all over the world!

Email us via help@PAXbaby.com so we can chat about this fun opportunity! THANK YOU!


This is a great way to get real-life reviews from YOU, and see exactly what you LOVE about your soft structured carrier and how it may or may not differ from another!

** THANK YOU, Keri, for this adorable babywearing family photo**


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Beco Gemini vs. Soleil Part 1:



The Soleil is here, and boy, does it have people talking!

Everyone wants to know the dirt, so we are working on a few extra-special upcoming Beco blog posts dishing the goods on this brand new carrier.

Here’s a great chart that compares and contrasts PAXbaby.com‘s Beco Baby Carriers!

The Soleil versus the Gemini is a tough choice.

 It comes down to so much more than looks with this carrier, definitely weighing out the pros and cons is necessary. Wait, cons… what cons? haha

Things to consider:

How old is your baby?
How heavy is he/she?
Will this be your only carrier?
Will you be needing an infant insert?

If  you need some assistance deciding which buckle carrier will be perfect for your babywearing needs, feel free to email us!




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A closer look at Angel Pack vs. Tula

Angel Pack vs. Tula

Angel Pack versus Tula

Still on the fence?

Need a closer look at the similarities AND the differences?

In the photos below we have Angel Pack on top of Tula:


PAXbaby: Angel Pack vs Tula



Still confused?

Why not email the PAXmommies for a babywearing prescription:


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Ever wish that you could compare two awesome PAXbaby.com carriers side by side BEFORE, purchasing to see which one would be the best fit for you and your little one?
Either way you are going to have a super-amazing wrap conversion carrier, but let’s break down the nitty gritty for everyone.


Angel Pack versus.  Tula:



  • Height of carrier from tip to waistband top
    Angel Pack = 18″  Tula = 15″
  • Depth of waistband at center
  • Angel Pack = 4 1/4″  Tula = 5
  • Maximum length of shoulder strap
  • Angel Pack  = 42″  Tula = 43″
  • Length of padded shoulder strap
    Angel Pack = 19″  Tula = 20″
  • Angel Pack = straight CROSSABLE shoulder straps
    Tula = curved FIXED strap straps



  • Width of front panel at shoulder strap
  • Angel Pack = 15″  Tula = 16″
  • Width of front panel at waistband
    Angel Pack  = 12 1/4″  Tula = 12 1/4″
  • Waist strap cinches down to
    Angel Pack = 30″ Tula = 29″
  • Waist strap extends to
    Angel Pack = 52″  Tula = 53″
  • Width of shoulder straps                                                                                          Angel Pack= 3.3/4″thick                                                                                                                                       Tula= 3.5″ish thick


Both of these buckle carriers are excellent choices for little ones from 8-35ish pounds! Angel Pack buckle carriers are manufactured in fair trade facilities in the Dominican Republic while Tula carriers are made in Poland and eventually in Mexico as well! Both crafted by expert textile workers, the quality of sewing on these carriers is excellent!
Supportive, long lasting, and lovely, the wrap conversion carriers compared here will be your reason to babywear EVERY SINGLE DAY!


*happy babywearing*


The PERFECT SSC is like the PERFECT pair of jeans!  What may fit your bestie GREAT, is not going to look so hot on you because you have different body shapes – not to mention different babies, babywearing needs, and breastfeeding abilities!  When I fit a parent with a buckle carrier, it is so important to ask a few key questions that help me to narrow down their options!  Prescribing a carrier over the phone or email after getting these answers is absolutely possible, and since I don’t believe in a “blanket” answer (1 carrier works for everyone) my survey is crucial for the best results!  I will ask you things like your personal stats, your baby’s age, weight, and stage, your breastfeeding status, your weather… you may think that some of the questions aren’t pertinent but do you know how much it tells me if you say you are concerned about back carrying!?!?  Or that you do a lot of hiking!?!?  These clues can make the difference between an okay baby carrier and the IDEAL carrier for your babywearing needs!

A quick low down on PAXbaby’s favs :

Beco Butterfly II Riley

The Beco Butterfly is our hands down favorite carrier for most any baby and any parent!  Complete with all the bells & whistles, the Butterfly features an internal harness, infant insert, sleeping hood, and can carry babies from newborn through 45 pounds!  Perfect for warm weather babywearing due to the internal Y panel, and featuring a huge selection of prints, PAXbaby ? the Beco Butterfly!
Beco Gemini Paige

The Beco Gemini is Beco’s other buckle carrier, and it is a throw back to an earlier Beco model that was well-loved!  Front carries, front facing out also, on the hip, or as a back carrier, the Gemini does not have the sleeping hood or infant insert and internal harness like its older sister, the Butterfly, but has a more streamlined look with a folding headrest and body that can become smaller for petite babies or front facing out.  Keep in mind that if your goal is to find a carrier to wear your infant now through kindergarten, the Gemini can only hold 35 pounds, but it features more wearing positions than the Butterfly!.

Babyhawk Oh Snap! No Guts Stone

BabyHawk’s Oh Snap! is a favorite at PAXbaby due to the comfortable padding in the waistband and shoulder straps, the seat darts designed for toddlers, and the cutting edge style.  The Oh Snap! is not intended to be used for carrying young babies so start thinking about the smooth ride of the Oh Snap! around baby’s first birthday, and if you are larger proportioned!

Boba 2G Tweet

Specially designed for toddlers, the Boba Baby Carrier 3G features a removable hood and also removable foot stirrups for your child’s ergonomic positioning.  Comfortable for both baby and parent, from infancy through toddlerhood, the Boba is PAXdaddy’s go-to carrier for our toddlers!

Olives & Applesauce Flourish

Want a baby carrier that will earn you the prize at the fashion show?  Olives & Applesauce soft structured carriers, or “O & A” as we affectionately call them, are just gorgeous with the attached hood, wide waistband, and curved shoulder straps.  The contour of the shoulder straps means you can back carry without using the chest strap – eliminating “babywearer’s cleavage!”  These baby carriers are 16″ tall and have the new perk of a baby insert built within the O & A, for babies or toddlers up to 30 pounds!  If you are carrying extra baby weight, THIS is the buckle carrier for you!!

Scootababy Hip Carrier

Scootababy is the one and only HIP carrier that we adore! It can actually be used on the front or back, but it shines as a hip carrier!  Super comfortable with a supportive waistband and soft fleece shoulder strap, the Scootababy is easy to nurse in and attractive to dads with its sleek design.

Last but not least, I can truly say that MOST parents who try the Tula, fall in love immediately and never look back!  Made in Poland with a very thorough eye for design, the Tula has been a local favorite for years and is now gaining momentum across the country and the WORLD!  Pocket, hood, comfort, the Tula is basic but thorough!  The Manduca is another favorite, but not as easily accessible to us in the USA!!!!


FFO situations!


Most babywearers are introduced to babywearing with the uninspired big box “crotch dangler” style of baby carriers –  the Infantino, the Bjorn, the Chicco – and most babyworn babies are indoctrinated to their babywearing career by being subject to the unsupported and uncomfortable method of FFO (Front Facing Out!)  With these mass produced baby carriers being so common, most civilians don’t bat an eye at a newborn drooping pitifully from its new mother’s baby harness with its wee arms extended over the front flap and its legs in an unnatural & flaccid sag.  Most admire baby’s hair, or lack of hair, or sweet outfit, or cute hat, but what we babywearers know with every babywearing bone in our body is that these carriers are not good for our babies!  They don’t support – they suspend!  They don’t cradle – they dangle!  They don’t hold – they hang!  As a friend of mine says, Friends don’t let friends FFO!


PAXbaby Baby Bjorn Beco Gemini


Front Facing Out is not a popular way to wear your baby in the stricter world of babywearing, however I’d like to point out that there is always the exception to the rule!  I have a handful of exceptions in which case a baby carrier with FFO capability is invaluable!  I was thrilled when Beco introduced to the babywearing population the Beco Gemini which features the ability to forward face because not only will that option lure in the unsuspecting parent who would usually buy a Bjorn but the Beco is “so much cuter,” but the Gemini also allows me to use an organic, Made in the USA, ergonomic carrier in a FFO position without needing to own a “crotch dangler”!!!  These circumstances happen very rarely, but when they do, I’m grateful for my Gemini!


FFO circumstance #1 - Sitting to view a sibling’s class or play.  You need to be able to sit back so you can’t have baby on your back!  Baby wants to see the happenings as well!  FFO your baby so that they can interact with the world but be very observant of their signals to you of discomfort or overstimulation and limit their FFO time to about 10 minutes at a time!


FFO circumstance #2 - Wearing an older baby while they are eating.  I can clearly remember the first time I wore my Gemini to Disneyland!  When Baby #5 got hungry and PAXdaddy handed him a messy granola bar, I simply turned him around and all the crumbs went cascading onto the ground outside Pirates of the Caribbean instead of down my cleavage!  What a relief and easy clean up that made!  These days we can use a custom Flat Hat to act like a bib to protect the Gemini itself as well!  Urge baby to finish up quickly because wearing an older baby with his spine against you is NOT going to feel good after a while and certainly is not ergonomic for babywearing participant!


FFO circumstance #3 - Wearing a baby who wants to be included in a craft!!!  Crafting with children is always a challenge, but add into that messy mix a baby who wants to be involved, and you have a recipe for disaster!  Luckily, by inviting baby to help while being worn lessens the catastrophic demise that usually occurs when baby “helps!”  Strap baby onto your front and put in his arms reach harmless tools that will help him create his masterpiece without damaging your crafting area permanently!  In our case this past week, the kids & I were making a Christmas surprise for the PAXdaddy!  Every year, we make him something with their hand prints, and this year, a friend inspired me to help the kids create Homemade Salt Dough Ornaments featuring their very own paw prints!!!  Of course we couldn’t leave out Baby #6, so into the Beco Gemini he went, and we imprinted his very own ornament with his tiny hand print!


THANKS for reading, and keeping an open mind when you first read the blog post title!!!  Remember, the main purpose of babywearing is to bond with your baby and remain available to them as they grow so if you need to fudge the rules once in a while, I understand!  I’ve been there & done that, and have made the decision to FFO with a happy baby then try to back carry with a screaming one!  Let baby participate, and you will be a better babywearing team for it!


PAXbaby Christmas Craft Beco Gemini bjorn infantino crotch dangling

Homemade Salt-Dough Ornaments


Ingredients & tools needed:

  • 4 Cups Flour
  • 1 Cup Salt
  • 1 1/2 Cups of water
  • Rolling Pin
  • Parchement Paper
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Toothpick
  • Ribbon
  • Acrylic paints


1) Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees F.

2) Prepare your cookie sheets by lining with Parchment Paper.

3) Mix Flour, Salt and Water together. The dough will be sticky at first.   If it’s crumbly, add a little bit more water. If it’s too sticky, add a bit more flour.

4) Knead the dough by hand or use your mixer for  25 minutes. This will eliminate “most” of the air bubbles.

5) Roll the the dough out to about 1/4 of an inch thick.

6) Use cookie cutters to make desired shape, or trace a bowl like we did!  Place cut-outs on the cookie sheet. Don’t forget to make a hole for hanging!  We used the end of a glass straw to make uniform holes in each ornament.

7)  Press baby’s hand firmly into the dough, or use their fingertips to mark the small ornaments.

8 )  IMPORTANT: Salt-dough has a tendency to “bubble”, which will cause the ornament to crack. To help prevent bubbling, take a toothpick and lightly poke tiny random holes all over the ornament or in a creative pattern. This will help release the air.  The holes may be noticeable so make ‘em pretty. Once the ornaments come out of the oven you can poke holes on the bottom as well to release some of the trapped air as well. This may help prevent them from cracking in the future.

9) Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until they are a very light golden brown on the bottom. Keep a close eye on them, because they can burn quickly!

10) Take the ornaments out from the oven and let them cool.

11) Paint them!!!

12) Give them to your loved ones & hang on your tree!


Hope you have a wonderful time crafting with your little ones, and feel free to use this recipe!  It was given to me by Andrea!!!


*happy babywearing*


It’s a STAR!

In true Beco fashion, the Gemini has the babywearing world on pins & needles waiting for its release!  You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve read the buzz, it’s time for some facts!

Mainstream moms who wear their babies all reach for the same motley assortment of crotch dangling, front facing out carriers.  But once the Gemini arrives, the boring solid colors of the Bjorn or the 80s plaid of the Snugli will pale in comparison to the beauty of the new Beco Baby Carrier! The Gemini will feature a similar array of prints and motifs as the renowned Beco Butterfly starting with the beloved Paige print shown on the model above.  Get ready for gorgeousness because the Gemini is going to win the baby carrier beauty pageant hands down!

Similar to the ever popular Baby Bjorn, baby can face outwards in the Gemini!  Hard core babywearing moms will say that front facing out carries are dangerous, overstimulating,  or uncomfortable, but as experience has shown me, a small amount of forward facing can be perfect!  When I needed to postpone Baby #5’s afternoon nap, I would turn him around to face the world, learn a bit about his surroundings, and be entertained by his siblings.  After about 15 minutes, I would notice the classic symptoms of overstimulation – neck turning, hands coming up to his face, fussing – and I would turn him around to nestle into his favorite spot and get his nap underway!  Just because the Gemini offers the option to carry baby front facing out, babywearers do not have to choose to use this option.  If baby wants to have some time facing out, the base can be snapped smaller to accommodate the narrow crotch of a smaller baby.  If the base is not snapped to the smaller position, the base of the Gemini is as wide as the Beco Butterfly.

The Beco Gemini is on the LEFT, and the Beco Butterfly is on the RIGHT.

Like the Beco Butterfly, there is a head rest, but the Gemini does not include a removable hood.  The padded headrest can flip up if needed for support, but as shown in our Gemini picture, the top is cuffed down and fastened with snaps.  When baby wants to face out, this headrest will also serve as a padded spot for their head or chin to rest against.

You love the padded waistband of the Beco Butterfly II?  You will love the Gemini waistband too! Same foam structure, same safe buckle.  Remember though, since the Gemini doesn’t come with a hood, there isn’t that pocket at the center of the waistband.  The weight limit for hte Butterfly is 45 pounds while the Gemini will only carry 35 pounds, so keep that in mind when choosing your carrier!

There is the option of crossing the shoulder straps with the Gemini which is a throw back feature to the Beco 4th Generation.  For nursing mothers, this option provides the perfect environment to discretely nurse your baby, and for front carries, the X straps can distribute baby’s weight much more comfortably than the backpack style straps.  Thanks to the buckle on each side of the front panel, each shoulder strap can be unclipped and refastened into the X position or a hip carry position.
Beco Gemini

As Beco Baby Carrier’s #1 fan, PAXbaby couldn’t be more excited about the newest Beco edition!  Following in the footsteps of the beloved 4th Generation and the Butterfly I and II, the Gemini promises to be everything that a modern mom would dream of!  Fabulous designer fabrics, maximum comfort for parent and child,  ease of use, and that extra special Beco flair that makes Beco Baby Carriers my FAVORITE baby carrier! To read more about the evolution of the Beco Baby Carrier, follow PAXbaby down memory lane at PAXbaby’s babywearing blog!

*happy babywearing*

Gemini  *pre-order*

Ready to order?  Shop here at the Gemini *pre-order*

Gemini Info

As Beco Baby Carrier’s #1 fan, PAXbaby couldn’t be more excited about the newest Beco edition!  Following in the footsteps of the beloved 4th Generation and the Butterfly I and II, the Gemini promises to be everything that a modern mom would dream of!  Fabulous designer fabrics, maximum comfort for parent and child,  ease of use, and that extra special Beco flair that makes Beco Baby Carriers my FAVORITE baby carrier! If you are interested in the differences between the Butterfly and the Gemini, please read my detailed blog post comparing the 2 Beco carriers!

I can’t tell you any more than this: The Gemini is wonderful, elegant, and you won’t be disappointed!    Are you excited?  I thought you would be!  So while you are waiting ever so patiently you can decide what to do about the new Gemini!  Here are some options:
Since your husband already told you “no more baby carriers,”  why not “borrow” the Gemini to see what you think!  Then, if you love it and have to have it, you can work out the details later with the man of the house!

Sign up for the Traveling Gemini, a Beco Gemini will start here with the PAXbaby mama and then will begin its National tour delighting babywearers across the USA!

Or simply buy a Gemini for yourself and enjoy the Beco goodness with your very own Gemini baby carrier!  Remember, if you don’t absolutely love it, you have 90 days to return your Gemini to PAXbaby for a refund or an exchange!

I can’t tell you when exactly the Gemini will make its appearance, but I am about to burst with the surprise, so stay tuned!

This is an early Gemini prototype, worn with my 10 month old last September!

Beco Gemini Beco Gemini Beco Gemini Beco Gemini

And new action shots from Katie and her 30 pound toddler!

Beco Gemini Beco Gemini

And a very early prototype demonstrating the front facing out capability

Beco Gemini

*happy babywearing*