Gifts for the new baby…


This cartoon is soooo hilarious and accurate.

Did you hire anyone to assist you after your birth? Which did you find the MOST helpful? Did you hire them for subsequent births, or only the first?
It is so funny how many “THINGS” we think we need with the first baby, then we actually give birth and find out what we reallllly need. Haha!

Diapers. Milk. Sling. Clothes. and HELP!


*happy babywearing*

Vice Versa OH MYYYY


Vice Versa really is the perfect rainbow!
Cuervo, cream, OH MY!!!
Which will YOU choose???
*happy babywearing*

WIZ KID at PAXbaby!

What better time to debut the arrival of PAXbaby‘s newest buckle carrier than today! Kindercarry has been a long time fan favorite, and the PAXmoms are thrilled to be able to toot our horn and guide you to the Kinderpack which is a great choice for the majority of babywearers looking to wear their baby in a buckle carrier! Clip on this Soft Structured Carrier, and off you go; it truly doesn’t get easier than this to wear your baby in comfort and style!

With your purchase of the Kinderpack, you will receive :

The much anticipated return print, “Wiz Kid” is sure to be any fans favorite! Black background with stars, and white and gold lightning bolts! Paired with black straps and a matching print hoodie hood.

Infant: up to 2 years, 8-35 lbs, starting at 22″ tall

Standard: 8mo-3 yrs 20-40lbs, starting at around 30″ tall

Toddler: 18mo-4+ yrs, 25-45 lbs, starting at around 32″ tall

Preschool: 3-5 years, 35-55 lbs, starting at 38″ tall

Sizes for the adult: 
The Kinderpack is available in 2 sizes, standard or plus size, for a custom fit for you:

 Standard: Size 0-22 (19-20? straps+ 13? of webbing; waistband fit 26"-60")

 Plus size: Size 18 and up (24? straps+ 13? of webbing; waistband fits 26?-60?)- great for large busted women, and tall men.

  *Plus size straps on infant and standard sizes can be used by parents that may not meet the minimum recommended clothing size


Straps and Waist
The shoulder straps are slightly contoured with an integrated, quick adjust chest strap.

Kinderpack first innovated the “Perfect Fit” strap length adjusters. This feature can shorten the length of the shoulder strap for your “Perfect Fit”. If tightened, you can also loosen them to create more space for nursing.

The shoulder strap is generously padded for optimal comfort and is shaped just enough to avoid the dreaded underarm rub.

The semi curved, 3 part waistband conforms to most body shapes without pushing your pants down (this is a common problem with many other carriers!)

Hood or Sleep Shade
All full panel (non-Koolnit) have a 2 piece lined hood that is aviator shaped. Very cute! The hood features the completely exclusive ‘stuff and snap’ hood design. Simply stuff the hood inside the body when not in use and snap the 2 piece structured headrest together!

This also creates a pocket for soft items such as a diaper. Very convenient! You dont have to choose between a carrier with a headrest or a hood- the Kinderpack has both! The Kinderpack hood also features a buckled hood tie.

*Note: Kinderpacks with Koolnit, or mesh of any kind, have flat, rectangular sleep shades instead of the shaped hood.

Body panel
The 3 piece shaped contoured body is the first of its kind. The curved pieces form a bulbous seat pocket for baby’s bottom that curves in at baby’s back. This exclusive shaping promotes proper support and follows the shape of their little bottoms and backs, making their wearing experience as comfy as it can be. There really is a difference!

As with all Kindercarry baby carriers, canvas is the main fabric used for straps, body, and internal layers. Our carriers are some of the most supportive and sturdy on the market. All structural components are made from 8 oz Brushed Canvas, and then paired with a fashion print for style. Each Kinderpack has an internal layer of canvas or twill inside the body. Shoulder straps, webbing, and waistband are reinforced with bar tacking internally and X or V box reinforcement you can see on the outside at all joining points. All of these details make for an extremely strong and durable baby carrier.

** Please be advised that soft structured carriers are made to be worn more loosely than mei tais and wraps. This may take a little getting used to if those are the kinds of carriers you are used to wearing. Tightening your straps as far as they go, and then easing back on the buckle slightly, will give you your best fit. Avoid tightening straps too tightly- this will cause neck strain and underarm rub.

*Consult your instruction booklet for more detailed wearing information, as well as tips and tricks.
*happy babywearing*

On the 4th day of Birthday Week…


On the fourth day of PAXbirthday9 Week gave to me:

Please check out through our website for a $100 purchase and specify in your notes what you need, want, or are ISO! We will do our best to make your dreams come true! Be as specific as you can be, and look for a response from the PAXmoms in your email! Granting wishes is our favorite hobby; bring them on!

* Your ISO will be plucked by our amazing PAXshipper so please leave your wishes in the comment section of our order <3
** While supplies last
** Ends tonight at midnight PDT

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Milk sharing aka wetnursing



Milk sharing aka wet nursing or cross-nursing is really common among my group of friends! Many of us have nursed each other’s babies, toddlers, and kids out of necessity or even just to boost our little ones’ immune strength! It’s a truly wonderful way to bond with your most cherished friends; my kids now have milk siblings. Their milk mamas have shared the bond of physical closeness as well as the antibodies that comes from one’s own milk. I can’t think of a more perfect way to show love as a mommy friend!

It’s sad but true that for many years, I felt tethered to my babies who were each exclusively breastfeed for almost 12 months. Until I found my community here in Southern California, I couldn’t physically leave my children without a back up feeding source but once I found my village, I allowed myself to leave my young baby in the care of dear friends who would breastfeed her as needed. My plight of not bottle training and yet desperately needing to go on a date with my husband was solved with one simple statement. “Please feed her when she seems hungry!” Suddenly, our options widened, and PAXdaddy and I have enjoyed quite a few dates since the birth of our daughter in 2013 by leaving she and our 6 older children with friends as well as having provided childcare for other friends wanting to escape the clutches of their little milk monster for a few hours!


I myself have been able to feed many of my friends’ babies for a plethora of reasons! I was very proud to put my lactating breasts to work one night when I was a doula at a friend’s birth. She had a trauma shortly after delivering her baby so I nursed her newborn through the night while also taking care of my own sweet 5 month old baby. The next morning I put out a call for help, and an army of mutual friends arrived to help with the new baby and also to keep baby’s tummy full of 100% breastmilk! I still marvel at that amazing week and how a group of women could come together to keep one little baby well nourished, clean, comforted while her mommy was under the weather.

At 32 months old, my daughter, Cate, was still breastfeeding and enjoying the mommy cuddles that it’s hard to find in a large busy family! When our 8th baby, Blaise, was born at just 15 weeks, my milk dried up leaving Cate high and dry. Luckily for her, an entire herd of lactating friends came during the month of May to care for me, my husband, and my children as I recovered from the loss of our beloved baby. She nursed from several mothers over the course of the month and now refers to one of our closest friends as “Mama Milk.” I am so grateful to each and every friend who offered to breastfeed my sweet girl. It means so much to me and made the transition to being a non-lactating mother much easier and less emotional.



At PAXretreat last week, PAXfriend Evonne had a little snuggle time with #toddlerCate. My lovie was over the moon with the fresh milk, and Evonne was happy to fill her little tummy with liquid gold. I cannot wait to have another baby, have my milk come in, and be able to feed someone else’s baby straight from the tap!



*happy breastfeeding*



Back by popular demand… WRAPSODY!


Back by popular demand at PAXbaby.comWrapsody: The Wraparound Baby Carrier!!! Which new print is YOUR fave??

Introducing: *kirsten*

One tail is blue. One tail is green. The center pocket is a beautiful purple. And the Wrapsody dandelion dances whimsically along only one rail of this wrap, carefully designed for teaching babywearing. Perfect to wear on its own merit, this will also make a fantastic addition to a teaching stash, sling library, or enthusiast collection.

Babywearing siblings

PAXbaby_PAXmommy Christina_Double rainbow_RR_ring sling_wcrs_rainbow

How sweet are PAXmommy Christina’s biggest and littlest!? *swooon*
I suppose there is one advantage to your kids growing up! ;) Do your older siblings babywear??



*happy babywearing*


HALF wrap conversion Vice Versa Emeibaby!


We still have a few of these AMAZING half wrap conversion Vice Versa Emeibabys left :

The Emeibaby buckles on like a soft-structured carrier, but the unique wrap panel adjusts to ensure excellent knee-to-knee support at every stage as your baby grows!

It’s important to note the difference between a full wrap conversion and a half wrap conversion; a full doesn’t use any canvas fabric while the half ONLY has wrap on the front panel with a lining, shoulder straps, waistband and hood of black canvas!

Special features of the Emeibaby include :

A padded & highly-adjustable waistbelt and shoulder straps.

An attached sleep hood

European manufacturing and design

Baby-size is recommended from newborns (6.6 lbs) to toddlers (up to 33 lbs). No infant insert needed!!

Toddler-plus is recommended for ages 1-3+ (up to 39.6 lbs). The back panel is 2.8″ longer and 1.2″ wider than the baby-size carrier.

The Emeibaby can be used for front or back carries, and includes chest clip

PAXbaby recommends hand-washing with mild detergent (no fabric softener, please!) and air drying to protect the soft fabric.



*happy babywearing*


Day 3 IBW2015 – PAXbaby’s Day TWO

PAXbaby_IBW2015_international babywearing week_beco gemini_win_BECO_day3

We would LOVE to thank our most GENEROUS sponsors:

Maya Wrap
Beco Baby Carrier
Crane Humidifiers
Ergo Baby
Sakura Bloom
Solly Baby
Squeen’s Beads


TODAY, make sure to enter to win a Beco Gemini for you, a friend, or for your local lending library! A Gemini is an awesome carrier for a smaller baby, or a new babywearer. It is easy to use, and does not require an infant insert as the body of the carrier can be snapped smaller! Fall in love with babywearing today, with a Beco Gemini!!!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Tuesday, October 6th!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!! For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!) (Free shipping in the USA; actual shipping costs for our International friends)
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What came first?

What came first, the baby or the baby carrier??

Did you plan your stash before your baby was even here??

What did it include?? Did it change once baby arrived?

PAXmommy Christina is on Baby #4, and has been anxiously prepping her stash to welcome a newborn in a month! The wraps she uses with her toddler very well may be usable, but there is something so fun about shaking things up and dreaming about the “perfect stash” for the perfect little squish!!



PAXbaby_PAXmommy christina


 *happy babywearing*