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10 Gifts from

10 Gifts from to Ensure Happy Babywearing

Have a new mama or papa on your Christmas list??

Let be your one stop online shop!

1. Wrapsody Bali Stretch

The Wrapsody: The Wraparound Baby Carrier STRETCH has width stretch – not length – so these are actually suitable for any number of more advanced carries like the Double Hammock or the Poppins Hip Carry! An awesome hybrid stretchy wrap that is not only perfect for your little squish, but will also work with your toddler, unlike other stretchies out there!

2. Wrap Conversion Ring Sling

A WCRS is the perfect carrier to last your entire babywearing career from day one until your little one is not so little anymore. Versatile, beautiful and durable, WCRS are a must-have in every babywearers stash.


3. Beco Gemini

The Beco Gemini features a padded waistband and structured shoulder straps that can be worn as backpack style or can cross on your back for discrete nursing and better weight distribution!  The padded headrest can flip up for neck support, or can be cuffed down and fastened with snaps.  Nice and lightweight, and no separate infant insert needed!

4. Little Alouette Wooden Teether

Though your newborn will not need this right away, why not be prepared and pick one of these beauties up?! Teethe in style, this wooden peace sign from Little Alouette does not only look super cool but is great on your little one’s gums.

5. Snoedel

Help your baby transition in their own bed or be peaceful in the car with the help of a Snoedel bonding doll!  This is the perfect gift for every new baby. Sleep with it before your baby arrives and get it smelling just like mama. This is also a perfect gift for little preemies, or babies that are spending time in NICU.

6. Wrap scrap teething necklace

These beautiful creations by Sweet Pea Baby Boutique not only look like a funky piece of jewelry but double as an awesome teether and nursing necklace for your little one to play with whilst you wear and/or nurse them.

7. Rainbow Babylegs

 Why not keep your little ones warm in rainbow Babylegs?! There are 101 different uses for Babylegs. Let’s see what you can come up with!

8.  Rainbow Girasol

Nothing says PAXbaby like a rainbow wrap from Girasol.

Choose from a variety of beautiful rainbows at

9.  Custom Cutie Cover

What better way to encourage your husband to babywear along side you than to create a cutie cover for your carrier that suits his taste?! What will you choose for the man in your life???  Or Spice up your own, get the most bang for your buck and give your current carrier a little make over (hey … you’ve been good this year… why not!?)

Email us to start your custom design :

10.  Mai Poketto

No diaper bag? No problem! Babywearing and big bulky bags do not always get along… try a Mai Poketto, which is perfect for storing all of baby and mama’s essentials.


Hey, if you still are stuck for that special someone there is always:

PAXbaby gift certificates are now available!!!

Happy shopping, friends!!

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Babywearing History

My babywearing “history” by Jessica

With my first two kids…I tried a Baby Bjorn…YUCK! Got rid of it. It hurt my back and was terribly uncomfortable, and I had a hard time adjusting it.  Then, my mother made a Maya Ring Sling from the pattern on their website. We had a time getting the rings with the right specifications/gauges and stuff. BUT, I really didn’t know how to wear it that well because it would KILL my shoulder. I still wore my first around all the time and I have pics of him in it, but I should’ve pulled the fabric over my shoulder and I didn’t, but I didn’t know.

Then with my second baby I used my Ring Sling and I got a Maya Pouch sling, LOVED it a lot better because it naturally draped over my shoulder a bit which relieved some of the shoulder pain. I have pics of her in the ring sling AND the pouch. Still wasn’t 100% satisfied with fit and extended wear but we made it work! :) I also tried a Solarveil RS but still wasn’t wearing them correctly so I sold it.

Then along comes Lincoln and I start cloth diapering, then I find Diaperswappers and see ALL these people talking about Ergos and Becos…so I posted a question (what feels like FOREVER ago) about ERGO or BECO??? And I got SOOOO many responses saying to get the Beco. So I started my search and found a baby carrier store (I have NO idea which one now) that let you fill out this cool little survey with your activities and preferences and what would be most important to you and at the end it gave recommendations of what carrier would suit you best, then one of the people there would contact you through email to give personal help. The website and team member recommended the BBII for me. I about stroked when I saw the price, so did my husband. So I got back on DS and found an AWESOME mama who sold me her used Beco Butterfly II Panthers (now my Pimped out Scooters) for $81. :) However, after hubby saw how happy I was with it and how much I use it and how much they go for resale he’s never questioned it since!!! And neither have I!!!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini pimped

I still have my original Maya Wrap RS

THEN, I found PAXbaby! And yeesh how my little stash has expanded since then! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much, Jillian, for all your tips and tricks, advice and helpful videos! I now I have Pimped BBII and a Pimped Gemini, a Cutie Cover, an Easycare Rainbow Ring Sling, Mai Pokettos, Strap Wraps, a Carry my Carrier bag, Mai Zoo….I’m obviously a fan of your delicious babywearing goodies, and I still have my original Maya Wrap RS! :) Thanks again for helping me in my babywearing journey!!!! I’m LOVING it!!!!

*happy babywearing*

Mai Poketto Info

As the creator of the Mai Poketto, I have to love them – they are my babies!!!!  But as an avid babywearer, I can tell you that the Mai Poketto is the must-have accessory to make every outing with baby in a carrier a SUCCESS!   The key clip helps to keep your keys from disappearing to the bottom of the bag like usual, and the hidden cell phone pocket on the outside of the bag keeps your phone safe, dry, and easily accessible!!!  Did you know that the back loop can be made smaller depending on the size waistband your carrier has!?!  And as 1 mom pointed out, you could even hang your Mai Poketto off your belt to carry your things without a bulky purse!  use it at half size – perfect for my wallet, phone, & keys – or full size to fit my wallet, phone, sunglasses, lip gloss, toy car to entertain my toddler, & Target list!!!!  Big enough to double as a small diaper bag, the inside lining is PUL (water resistant fabric) so us cloth diapering moms can stuff a wet diaper in the Mai Poketto without fearing stink or wicking!   Never leave anything behind with a Mai Poketto!!!!

As Corinne said about her new Mai Poketto, “Got the Mai Poketto! Love it! It’s so plain, so basic, so perfect for me, LOL!  I love the addition of the velcro on the cell phone pocket.  I did some errands and grocery shopping today so it came just in time. It carried my keys and stuff all day!! THANKs, Jillian!”

Choose from a standard Mai Poketto print or solid for $29 or design a custom Mai Poketto through PAXbaby’s Pimp my Carrier custom program using this selection of custom fabrics or send in your own!  Get inspired by browsing completed customs!

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Vote, & you could win!

What is this secret that you are being tantalized by???  Only the sweetest, cutest, most functional baby carrier accessory pocket!  Designed and manufactured in the USA, the adorable Mai Poketto fits any baby carrier & solves all your problems!  Where to stash your stuff when babywearing?  In a Mai Poketto, of course!

And you could win a Mai Poketto before they are available online just by voting on the BabyHawk Double Dare contestants.  The more votes we get, the more accessory pouches we are sending out, so bring on your babywearing friends!

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