Counting Down Until the PAXretreat


Do you dream of spending a week with the PAXmoms, learning all about babywearing from Canadian Babywearing School, taking home FREE and amazing carriers and goodies from BabyHawk, Je Porte Mon Bébé (jpmbb), TULA Baby Carriers, GroVia, and MORE??

What if there was even a massage, a personal chef, and a professional portrait session?? How about a BRAND NEW PAXbaby exclusive Girasol?!

There are just a few spots left for our spring PAXretreat at the Beach! Reserve yours now and come play with us!!

PAXfriend Erin, pictured here, had such a great time at our last retreat, she is coming along for the fun again!! Can’t wait to spend the week with you, Erin!!


*happy babywearing*


New to Babywearing? Try our Sling Exchange!

Are YOU new to babywearing and overwhelmed with alllll of the options available???

We are here to HELP!

Contact our babywearing experts at for a custom Babywearing Prescription TODAY!

We want to help you find the perfect carrier for you and your specific needs! Are you fluffy? Petite? Very tall? Have a HUGE baby? Have a teeny baby? Have twins???
We will work with you to help you find the best fit.

Did you know that also offers a Sling Exchange program??

Try before you buy, and rent a fabulous carrier directly from us!
You can read more about this amazing program here:


*happy babywearing*


Baby Cate in a Stretchy Wrap video

*** A new babywearing video is available on our very own YouTube channel ***

Did you receive a stretchy wrap, such as the Moby, from a friend at your baby shower but still have no idea how to use it???

PAXmommy Jillian demonstrates the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry with #babycate in a stretchy wrap!

There is nothing really quite like wrapping a newborn in a good quality stretchy wrap. Your squish will love being snuggled in  tight to your body  in the nice soft, stretchy material and you will love the feeling of their little breath on your chest.

I always find a good tip to remember with a stretchy wrap, is to pre-tie it on you, tighter than you think you need, almost so it feels too tight to be able to squeeze a baby in. ;) Your baby should be up high under your chin, and close enough to kiss the top of their head.

Regular stretchy wraps are really best for babies 15lbs and under, though the Je Porte Mon Bebe and Wrapsody hybrid stretch wraps will last longer.

A lot of babywearers first started out babywearing with a stretchy wrap, and often call them “gateway carriers”. Was your first carrier a stretchy wrap?


*happy babywearing*

Take me to France!

Oh, how I wish that I could transport myself back to Paris, France at the snap of my fingers.



A girl can dream.

Transport yourself to France without leaving your own living room by babywearing in a Je Porte Mon Bébé (jpmbb) wrap from

Wrap yourself up in this amazing hybrid wrap and come dream with us!


*happy babywearing*



je porte mon bebe back in stock!




How cozy does this little one look??

This could be YOUR baby.

No, no, you can’t have this one… however, you can duplicate this look with a  Je porte mon bebe wrap of your very own!

This French hybrid wrap is back by popular demand,

See what everyone is raving about!


*happy babywearing*


Looking for a stretchy wrap??



Oh how many minutes/hours/days are spent dreaming of wearing your future squish when you are pregnant?

Ahh, to feel their heart beating against yours, their breath sweet on your chest, their tiny coos … and oh, that newborn smell.

The anticipation is second to none.

Wrap your little squish in a wrap as soft as they are, ok not AS soft as they are, but close to it.

Choose from an array of beautiful, soft, snuggly and supportive stretchy wraps for your newborn:

What better way to hold your precious new one “close enough to kiss” than snuggled up close to you in one of these amazing beauties from

 Boba, Moby® Wrap, Anaju, Je Porte Mon Bébé (jpmbb), or Wrapsody: The Wraparound Baby Carrier


*happy babywearing*


Guess what is coming to PAXbaby?


Does JPMBB mean anything to you??

 je porte mon bebe, or JPMBB as they are known as, are the creators of an awesome new hybrid super wrap from France.

Translated to mean “I carry my baby”.

Intrigued yet??


These wraps are unlike most stretchy wraps on the market today, and are so supportive without being saggy or overly stretchy.

The JPMBB wrap is one of the only stretchy wraps that stretches in every direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally giving you all around support and comfort.



The JPMBB can be used from birth until 30lbs (14kg), and can be used on your front, side and back.

Yes, you read correctly… this wrap can be used on your back.

The wrap itself is 5m long and 70cm wide, and made of a deliciously soft 95% cotton and 5% spandex and comes in a variety of beautiful shades and colors.


Which color would you choose??
Or… which colors?!?!?

Would you not love to wrap a squish in one of these soft and beautiful wraps!?

Like a woven wrap, the same “legs out” positioning is required, though you do not need to leave any slack when tying the wrap on like you do with a woven wrap.

Simply tie the JMPBB wrap on tightly, like the video  shows, and place baby inside using proper ergonomic technique.


Support like a woven, with a softness that is only second to your favorite t-shirt.

Winning combination if you ask me.

That is another great thing about this wrap, you can pre-tie it before you even need it, so no worry about dragging tails through a dirty parking lot or mall floor.

je porte mon bebe seems to have it all together!

Are you excited to try one??

*happy babywearing*