PAXbaby turns NINE!


Happy NINTH birthday to!

We are celebrating by giving YOU the presents!
9 years = 9 fabulous present PACKAGES!

PAXbirthday Present #1
PAXbirthday Present #2
PAXbirthday Present #3
PAXbirthday Present #4
PAXbirthday Present #5
PAXbirthday Present #6
PAXbirthday Present #7
PAXbirthday Present #8
PAXbirthday Present #9
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Thank you for loving us, and all of your support over the years! We are SO excited to be embarking on a brand new year FULL of friendship, love and RAINBOWS!

A special, and gigantic THANK YOU goes out to all of our AMAZING and most generous sponsors for making these amazing PAXBIRTHDAY PRESENTS happen! Please, please if you are able, go and like all of their companies on Facebook and show your support for these talented WAHMS!!!




The PAXmoms

*happy babywearing*

Enter, enter, enter, and cross your fingers that YOUR name will be drawn.
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The winners will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, October 14th at 11:59pm PDT!
Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!!
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The Carrying On Project and the VV Ring Sling

PAXbaby_the carrying on project_wcrs_VV_raffle
Happy birthday to The Carrying On Project!!!

PAXbaby has donated a gorgeous Vice Versa sling to help celebrate!

Learn more about what The Carrying On Project is all about here!
“For generations, the practice of babywearing has made caring for children easier while helping them develop or maintain life-long bonds with caregivers. The goal of The Carrying On Project is to help get carriers to the families of our military so that they may better obtain secure attachments with their children, something that deployment and injuries will often interrupt. We seek to assist both the service members and the families left behind in “Carrying On” while both home and away, to make something that is difficult for the whole family a little bit easier.”

How YOU can donate:!donate/c1gtk

How YOU can apply:!apply/c1at0



Congratulations, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Keep on doing what you are doing!!!



*happy babywearing*




Welcome to our #PAXretreat2016 event group! I love planning for this epic annual event, so I am tremendously excited to share the details we have set in stone so far! #PAXretreat2016 will be hosted from September 15-19 in wine country Temecula, California. I found an AMAZING house that will fit all of us comfortably and will provide ample opportunity for relaxing during retreat time. Arrival will be Thursday morning, when you will have a couple of hours to settle in and meet everyone. Thirty hours of class will be spread out over the FOUR days of PAXretreat with plenty of time to soak up the beautiful scenery by day and enjoy the social atmosphere at night. The pricing structure will be based on the privacy and size of the various rooms available; assigned first come first serve as you pay your deposit.



ALL food will be included in the cost of the retreat, with special attention given to guests with dietary restrictions. Childcare will NOT be included; however, this year we are offering the option, at additional cost, to bring a caregiver for your little one, so you can fully invest in your education. PAXretreat is a certification course and moves quickly; our goal is to provide a distraction-free learning environment so you can focus on Joanna’s teaching and not worry about your child’s needs. Nurslings under 6 months may attend class with you, but older babies would need to be attended to by an accompanying adult. The cost for an additional adult is $600 which covers all food, and $300 for a child over 2. There are many more details that need to be finalized, but I hope the overview provided so far gives you an idea of what to expect and how to plan!
Because of the beautiful array of rooms available at our PAXretreat house, the cost differs depending on which room you choose! These are first come, first serve so get your deposits on in! Each #PAretreat2016 ticket will cost between $2,250-$2,650+ based on your childcare situation as well as the room chosen. A deposit will be due by May 19, PAXmommy Jillian’s birthday, and the remainder will be due in July. Swag Bags, a swanky spa service, and some super fun PAXexclusive goodies designed just for #PAXretreat2016 are included in the cost of your retreat as well 1 free ticket to our BIRTHDAY BLESSINGWAY event held on Monday, September 19th, after our retreat has officially ended.** “Childcare will NOT be included; however, this year we are offering the option, at additional cost, to bring a caregiver for your little one, so you can fully invest in your education. PAXretreat is a certification course and moves quickly; our goal is to provide a distraction-free learning environment so you can focus on Joanna’s teaching and not worry about your child’s needs. Babies under 2 are therefore welcome if they are accompanied by an adult caregiver, and nurslings under 6 months may attend class with you. “

Wrapsody’s Kristi at our PAXbirthday Bash!

Hearing Kristi from Wrapsody speak is going to be the highlight of my YEAR! This babywearing mompreneur is a founding mother to our growing industry and has more knowledge of our community in her pinky finger than most of us do added together! This lady put together the BCIA, the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance, which has saved babywearing from its demise MANY times! In addition to her work for the BCIA, her thriving wrap manufacturing business, Wrapsody: The Wraparound Baby Carrier, employs a family-owned company under fair trade conditions in Bali. What an amazing woman, right?

    Kristi is a natural public speaker, and when I first asked her months ago about coming to be our guest speaker for our upcoming birthday party, she immediately said YES and sent me a list of interesting topics that would be fascinating to hear! We’ve chosen 2 sessions for our #PAXbirthdaybash8, one geared towards babywearing educators called Branding for Businesses which will delve into the topic of how to make YOUR brand stand out among the crowd, a trait that Kristi has mastered! Her second session is applicable for everyone who wants to improve ANY relationship whether that is parenting, business, teaching, or marriage! Personality for Peace will bring happiness to you personally and closure to some of the issues you have been facing in your day to day life.

Are you unable to attend to our Birthday Party? You can buy our PAXbirthday Present – link available this week – to experience these inspiring talks via recording; you will be able to watch Kristi teach over and over!

kristi headshot wrapsody paxparty

*happy babywearing*


Lift Me Up Benefit – VV Cream Edition


As a benefit to Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive, is selling this gorgeous set of Vice Versa *cream* with the extra special, extra purple stripe!

This Slingyroo bag and wrap conversion ring sling will be available as a package only, for $475, at 2pm PST today!

Read more about this amazing organization and the work they do to bring carriers to families with special needs, here:

$220 from the sale of this listing will be used to donate carriers, at wholesale cost, to Lift Me Up.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for helping spread the babywearing LOVE to families with special needs!!

*PayPal will be disabled for the first 10 minutes, as we do anticipate the possibility of oversells for this beautiful set. Please have a debit or credit card, gift certificate, available for payment.


*happy babywearing*


International Babywearing Week 2014!

The PAXmommies have a few things still up their sleeves for IBW, so adding them all to a blog post seemed like the best thing to do!

Lots of you took advantage of our free wrap scrap keychains on Monday! Yay!


Tuesday, we began something extra special for the leaders on our Groups Near You Map! If your group isn’t on the map, you’ll want to add yourselves, so you don’t miss out on future awesomeness! ;)

Babywearing Groups

Wednesday, we opened a drawing for a FREE Girasol tote! Find the details here

PAXguys collage

Thursday – #TBT = Post your earliest babywearing picture on our Facebook page with a story about how you got hooked on babywearing!
PAXmommy Jillian Babywearing #1 Eli
Friday – Every order receives TWO PAXpunches when you mention your babywearing group, as listed on our Map!
Saturday – Selfie Saturday – post a picture of yourself doing something that wouldn’t be possible without babywearing, and get entered for a the rights to purchase a wrap conversion Tula!
PAXfriend CharLee C Fan Pic

*happy babywearing*

EXTRA SPECIAL Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo bag to benefit the BCIA!


The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance needs our support!

There is a lot happening in the small world of the babywearing industry at the moment. New standards are being enacted which will change the way baby carriers are regulated in the US, and ultimately, around the world. The BCIA works tirelessly to provide a voice for businesses, like PAXbaby, and consumers, like YOU, in the creation of this legislation.

The lobbying, the attorneys, traveling to ASTM meetings around the country, representing babywearers and the babywearing industry as a whole does not come cheaply and the BCIA is desperately in need of additional funds so that they can be sure the new standards protect both babywearing and babies!

To learn more about these regulations, please watch this short video:

Understanding Who’s Who in the World of Babywearing Regulations

We are urging all babywearers to consider a direct donation to the BCIA, in the form of membership. Join the BCIA here.

To show our support, in addition to our membership, PAXbaby is hosting an auction through Spot’s Corner, with all funds raised beyond the opening bid going directly to the BCIA.

What are we auctioning, you ask?

Vice Versa RS and Slingyroo


This beautiful Girasol Vice Versa *cream* Ring Sling and Slingyroo Bag! These aren’t just any VV, though! These are EXTRA SPECIAL! See that purple stripe, in between the yellow and orange? That’s a bonus stripe, and we all know that more purple is always better!

Bid on this beautiful pair over at Spot’s Corner, and do your part to support the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance!

Best for Babes is proud to host THREE  Uppymama *After Midnight* Auctions, to benefit Best For Babes!

100% of the proceeds from these auctions, beyond the opening bid, will be donated to Best For Babes!!

These auctions will run from Monday, March 24th, 2014 to Friday, March 28th, 2014.


Auction #1:

Auction #2:

Auction #3:



Best for Babes

Beating the Booby Traps that prevent Moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals!


 ** About section taken from: **


About the Best for Babes Foundation

What We Believe  (for more about our Credo, click here)

  • Parents & caregivers deserve to be inspired, motivated, coached and cheered on!   Parents don’t need to be judged or told what to do.   Finger-pointing and judging only fuels the “mommy wars” and “breast vs. bottle” debate.   Becoming a parent is tremendously challenging, and deserves empathy, compassion and respect.
  • Parents & caregivers deserve to have access to positive, inspiring, and evidence-based facts so that they can make informed decisions about infant feeding. We are working to make sure that the information parents receive is free from undermining influences or conflicting agendas.
  • Our focus is on making sure expecting mothers are prepared for breastfeeding, know what to expect, and have the tools to overcome any hurdles.  We are mostly concerned with supporting the 86% of women who want to breastfeed to get through the 6-8 week learning curve so they can go on to nurse for as long as they desire, or have better access to donor milk, feeding at the breast, and breast milk alternatives if they can not breastfeed.
  • Regardless of whether a mother breastfeeds for one week, one year, or not at all, her story has value in helping more mothers succeed and accomplish the breastfeeding goals they set for themselves.
  • We believe in moms. We never forget that once we were squeamish about breastfeeding, struggled with it, and had to find our way.  If we could do it, so can you . . . we’ve got your back, Babe!
  • We believe that breastfeeding is a foundation of human health, and as such, is a cause that deserves significantly increased funding and resources.paxbaby
Best for Babes is the first-ever consumer-driven, corporate and celebrity-backed Cause for Breastfeeding.  We are a Trusted Gateway to Resources, News and Education and a Voice for Moms in the Social Media sphere and the Mainstream Press.  We reach more moms with evidence-based information than any other breastfeeding non-profit through our Celebrity Champions for Moms (and Interviews),  our educational Campaign to Beat the Booby Traps®,  and our six-column blog which includes our Booby Trap Blog Series and our Science You Can Use  column.  We are harnessing the power of moms to end discrimination and remove barriers through our Take Action hub and Team Best for Babes.  We are raising awareness of the power of human milk as both prevention and treatment, and inserting breastfeeding into the breast cancer conversation (and other epidemic diseases) through our Miracle Milk™ Fund.  We are helping to grow a more ethical marketplace by marketing businesses of all kinds that truly Protect Healthy Infant Feeding and Families by meeting our core standards and joining our C.A.R.E.-WHO Alliance.  
The Miracle isn't the Bra.  It's you -       Whatever your race,    whatever your pace, you can help beat the booby traps and put prevention in first place!


“ALL moms deserve to make a truly informed feeding decision and to be cheered on, coached and celebrated without pressure, judgment or guilt.

ALL breastfeeding moms deserve to achieve their personal breastfeeding goals without being undermined by cultural & institutional “Booby Traps “.”


“In even plainer english, that means that if you have done evidence-based research, weighed your options, and hopefully understand how you are being influenced by marketing and cultural norms, and you decide not to breastfeed, we support you whole-heartedly.   We will defend your decision and will point you in the direction of resources to support you.

It also means that if you do decide to breastfeed, and you have set a goal based on doing the same evidence-based research, as well as understanding how your decision is influenced by marketing and cultural norms, we will support you to achieve that goal, no matter if it is to breastfeed for two days, two weeks, two months, two years or beyond… “

You can read more about Best for Babes Credo here:


Get help for expecting moms and new moms:
Nursing in Public:
Nursing at Work:
Want to donate or get involved??

Babywearing Ballet

Good morning! Happy Monday! 

What are you doing today that will be full of JOY?

Why not start your day with some Babywearing Ballet?!

What do you do to stay active with your kids? Do you walk together? Hike? Take a yoga class together??

Are there any programs near you that incorporate babywearing specifically?

Babywearing Ballet, is an amazing program in California created with babywearing mamas in mind. Not only is it a great workout, but such an amazing experience for both mommy and baby!!



If you are in the area you just HAVE to check it out… or perhaps, come to a PAXbaby Playdate and you just may luck out. ;)

Hope to see you soon!!!


*happy babywearing*