Gifts for the new baby…


This cartoon is soooo hilarious and accurate.

Did you hire anyone to assist you after your birth? Which did you find the MOST helpful? Did you hire them for subsequent births, or only the first?
It is so funny how many “THINGS” we think we need with the first baby, then we actually give birth and find out what we reallllly need. Haha!

Diapers. Milk. Sling. Clothes. and HELP!


*happy babywearing*

Rainbow WRAP SCRAP Pillow


PAXmommy Mel LOVES using wrap scraps in her sewing projects. She has made quilts, throw blankets, toys, bags, and NOW this fabulous wrap scrap floor pillow out of PAXexclusive Surprise RAINBOW!
Want to make one just like it?

Tutorial can be found HERE.

** PAXmommy Mel used the width of the wrap, and used flannel for the contrasting fabrics.

We can’t wait to see what YOU create with YOUR PAXscrap!

*happy crafting and babywearing*

FREE FRIDAY with PAXbaby & Whimsy!

Win a FREE wrap at PAXbaby TODAY!

PAXbaby has our very own babywearing club on Facebook called PAXbaby LOVE. We recruit the most PAX-y members for our group, and welcome all who love rainbows, unicorns, and Disneyland as much as we do! This month, our members welcomed home our first PAXbaby LOVE Girasol exclusive, Whimsy, which is a cavalcade of purple pin stripes and a big bold rainbow! You can win a size 6 ultra exclusive woven wrap for yourself by entering here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

PAXbaby LOVE! looks forward to meeting you and adding a little sunshine to your life! A FREE Whimsy wrap is a dream come true; please share the love and invite other babywearers to participate in our event as well! Good luck & see you at PAXbaby LOVE!
*happy babywearing*

*****Shipping in the States will be free; International winner will pay exact shipping costs!

The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, November 4th, 2016!!
Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!!
For this reason, make sure to check your email(including your Junk folder!!)

Love, the PAXmoms


Happy birthday, PAXbaby!
Today PAXbaby is celebrating NINE YEARS of rainbow sunshine, perky unicorns, and an over the top imagination that has been expressed in thousands of creative baby carriers from handwoven wraps to soft structured carriers! Today we reminisce on the years of planning and designing and dreaming that has brought forth a legacy of brightness so vast that we are having trouble cataloging it all! Each custom textile has been a beauty; it’s hard to choose a favorite from all these amazing carriers such as our iconic Double Rainbow, gorgeous Vice Versa, Once Upon a Tula (1, 2, 3, and 4!), Sally and her counterpart, Jack… Thank you to everyone who has made PAXbaby the epitome of success; we appreciate YOU and are so grateful for your love & support on this magical journey that has made so many babies happy.
With gratitude, the PAXmoms!
Read more about PAXmommy Jillian’s humble beginnings here at the PAXblog!
*happy babywearing*

Leave us a FEEDBACK review, be entered to WIN!


Have you shopped with us before?? Have we helped you in some way over the years with our positive Facebook posts?

Leave us a FB review TODAY and we will choose one lucky PAXfan to win a Migaloo TULA RING SLING, after our littles are in bed!!

Thank YOU for supporting and loving!!!
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Ask PAXmommy Jillian
PAXbaby_PAXmommy Jillian_elemental rainbow

PAXfriends, I want to add some personal writing to our blog!

Do you have questions about my family? I want to share my knowledge and love for parenting, homeschooling, eating healthy, being a doula, and all things crunchy!

What would you like to learn or read about??

Please comment with your wonderings here so I can begin to compile my responses to share!


*happy babywearing*


Toddler Worthy

PAXbaby_rio_girasol_toddler worthy meme

This is a phrase we hear in the babywearing world quite often…what does toddler worthy mean to you?

We all know that the majority of stretchy wraps (not including JPMBB or Wrapsody) are outgrown at 15lbs, but what about woven wraps? Can your baby be too big, too heavy, too long for a woven wrap?  The answer is kind of up in the air, and really seems to all boils down to personal preference.  If a wrap is tightened carefully, strand by strand, it should be “toddler worthy”.


*happy babywearing*


PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge 2015!!!

Get your kegel in gear with PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge!

30 days of work to achieve a strong kegel! Keep it up after the challenge and you will be amazed at how awesome you feel!

PAXbaby smartballs ralph waldo quotepaxbaby

PAXbaby‘s SmartBall Challenge! Each day in January 2015, PAXmommy Jillian will help you get on the great habit of using your SmartBalls to strenthen your Kegel muscle! By the end of the 31 days, you can expect to feel stronger, have better bladder control, and be able to say I TOOK PAXBABY’S SMARTBALL CHALLENGE!!!

#1 – Get your SmartBalls out of the packaging and wash with warm water and gentle soap. Let them air dry to get ready for Day #2! The hardest part is getting started, so let’s START!

Day #2 – Lather up your SmartBalls with your favorite personal oil and insert them, leaving the pull string out of your body. After a few moments, pull the string to remove! Wash again and air dry! That’s it; easy!!!

Day #3 – Insert your Smart Balls as previously described but this time, set a timer for 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes, just stand or walk around. Don’t try to clench, but let the Smart Balls sit within your body; get comfortable with how they gently move within you! I’m not going to remind you each day to wash and dry your SmartBalls so don’t forget on your own!

Day #3 – Today during your 5 minutes, walk and stand and add in a little sitting. See how your body reacts naturally to your movements.

Day #4 – Repeat Day #3.

Day #5 -Today is Day #5 of PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge and we are going to celebrate by inserting your SmartBalls and instead of letting gravity do the hard work, fight against that pull, and kegel kegel kegel during your 5 minutes. Try to kegel at least 5 times during this time!

Day #6 -Insert your SmartBalls and instead of letting gravity do the hard work, fight against that pull, and kegel kegel kegel during your 5 minutes again. Try to kegel at least 5 times during this time holding to the count of 10 each time!

Day #7 -Repeat Day #6.

Day #8 -Insert your SmartBalls and instead of letting gravity do the hard work, fight against that pull, and kegel kegel kegel during your 5 minutes again. Try to kegel at least 10 times during this time holding to the count of 10 each time! This time, do a few squats while exercising your Kegel muscle and feel how much strength your body has. If you find that you don’t have much strength, do a repeat later in the day.

Day #9 -Repeat Day #8. It’s crucial at this point that you do a repeat later in the day if you are unable to hold the kegel for 10 seconds! Please don’t pass over this important step!

Day #10 – Today we up the ante! Keep your SmartBalls in for 10 minutes while doing a variety of activities – standing, sitting, and squatting!! Try to get 20 awesome clenches in and count to 10 while holding the kegel!

Day #11 – Repeat Day #10!

Day #12 – PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge BIG day! Since your goal is to have more control over your bladder, you are going to test and see how your kegel is doing! Today, instead of using your SmartBalls, you are going to practice starting and stopping your pee as you urinate. Crazy talk, I know, but as you let your kegel release, you will be able to feel how much power you have! Can you stop your pee multiple times? Does it come to a trickle or does it fully stop? Take notes if you want, and remember to drink lots of water to give yourself multiple times to practice!

Day #13 – Keep your SmartBalls in for 10 minutes while doing a variety of activities – standing, sitting, and squatting!! Try to get 20 awesome clenches in and count to 10 while holding the kegel!

Day #14 – Repeat Day #13!

Day #15 – Repeat Day #13!

Day #16 – Repeat Day #13!

Day #17 – Repeat Day #12 and gauge whether your control has improved! Can you completely halt your pee? Does it take a LOT of effort or is it pretty easy???

Day #18 – Keep your SmartBalls in for 10 minutes while doing a variety of activities – standing, sitting, and squatting!! Try to get 20 awesome clenches in and count to 10 while holding the kegel! Keep up the good work!

Day #19 – Repeat Day #18!

Day #20 – Repeat Day #18!

Day #21 – Repeat Day #18!

Day #22 – Let’s celebrate with a SNEEZE! Choose your most effective way to stimulate your olfactory senses and SNEEZE! Hopefully you have been practicing so much and so hard that your kegel will know JUST what to do! But if not, here’s a reminder : clench and squeeze as you sneeze to avoid having wet pants!!!

Day #23 – How did you do yesterday with the SNEEZE challenge? If you did awesome, enjoy a day off! If you need a repeat, try again!

Day #24 – There’s not much time left in PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge! Let’s get back to our kegels : 10 minutes, 20 kegels, 10 seconds each, and… GO!

Day #25 – 10 minutes, 20 kegels, 10 seconds each, again! Is this easy for you now? Can you reach the goal of 20 kegels easily? How about 30?

Day #26 – Here’s a question for you! If you set a timer for 1 minute and do quick kegels with your SmartBalls in, how many can you do? Now, remove your SmartBalls and set the timer again! Can you do more or less with the SmartBalls in????

Day #27 – Need to practice again? Let’s do this! Stay active for 10 minutes! 20 kegels should be an easy goal by now; can you do 30? Whoa, what about 40???

Day #28 – Keep going strong. PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge is almost over but not quite yet! Repeat Day #27!

Day #29 – It’s PEE day! Can you bring your pee to an absolute stop today? 1 time? How about 5 times? Stop and release, stop and release! Your kegel can do this; you’ve been practicing!!!

Day #30 – In 2 days, I won’t be reminding you to kegel, but you will need to remember on your own! What can you do to keep practicing? Will you set an alarm on your phone? Will you ask someone to remind you? Will you leave your SmartBalls under your pillow??? Today did you practice? Because look, I didn’t remind you!!!!

Day #31 – The struggle has been real, but with PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge of January 2015, you are on your way to a tighter, stronger year! Keep those SmartBalls handy; please use them every other day starting today for just a few minutes to remind your kegel who’s boss! Good luck & thank you for taking the Challenge with me!


*** Awesome hints about your SmartBalls*
No time is too short to practice! Got 5 minutes? Pop em in!

No time is too long to practice! If you are enjoying how the SmartBalls feel, keep em in! A few hours maximum!
You can pee with your SmartBalls in! Remember, these bad boys are inserted into your vagina; your pee comes out your urethra! Different holes for different purposes!

Keep your SmartBalls clean!

SmartBalls love coconut oil; it reminds them of sunbathing in Hawaii! But if you have a difference lubricant preference, just double check that it is appropriate for silicone products!

And one last though, have fun with your SmartBalls!

They can be very useful in many different ways!

Don’t have Smartballs?
Get some and begin the challenge!

*** Please refer to your midwife or doctor’s advice before starting to use SmartBalls or following a birth. The PAXmoms are not medical professionals, just helpful moms who want your kegel to grow nice ‘n strong!***


*happy babywearing*


Brrr Bundle Up!


Winter babywearing is somewhat of an acquired skill, that involves a bit of trial and error, and quite a few layers!

As the temperatures drop, your babywearing safety knowledge should not.

Here are a few tips to keep YOU and YOUR little ones warm, toasty and safe this winter!

Visible and Kissable:

Baby’s face should still be visible and free from blankets, or zipped up jackets to avoid suffocation.

This can be accomplished by either, you yourself wearing a thin base layer under the carrier (thermal shirt, fleece jacket, woolie sweater etc),  and a specified babywearing coat, hoodie or vest that your little one’s head sticks out of over top.


Dressing baby warmly, and you putting the carrier directly over your winter coat… which can be done, but also is pretty entertaining. If you have not witnessed the sweat that is worked up while wrapping over a puffy coat and snow suit… well, you are one of the lucky ones. ;)

Ensure that your little one’s chin is off his chest, and that his airways are nice and clear at all times.

What is your “go-to” winter babywearing routine?


*happy babywearing*


Meet PAXmommy Christina

PAXbaby_PAXmommy christina_RR_interview

We thought that it would be nice for our PAXfriends to get to know our amazing PAXmommies that work so hard behind the scenes.
Introducing: PAXmommy Christina
Q: How long have you been a PAXmommy??
A: A little over 2 years now! Baby #3 was just a little peanut in my tummy when I joined the team.

Q: What is your job, here at
A: I have the honor of helping mamas find the babywearing love by giving “prescription” advice. Customers ask for help in picking out a carrier, they answer a list of questions, and based on their answers, I suggest what I think will work best for them and their needs. I also take care of some of the general customer service inquiries, and answer voicemail messages.
Q: What was your first PAXbaby purchase???
A: It wasn’t even a baby carrier, actually! I purchased some amber necklaces for myself and my little one. Shortly after, I bought a Beco Butterfly II.

Q: What was your “gateway carrier”??
A: A Sleepy Wrap – I bought it when my first was teeny, but hardly used it with her. Then when #2 was born, he lived in that thing! But it was the middle of summer, so I’m very thankful that a leader from the local babywearing group spotted me at a mommy meetup, about to put it on, and she rushed over with a Didymos linen blend wrap and showed me how to use it… I fell down the rabbit hole *very* soon after that!

Q: How many babies do you have?? Can you tell us a little about them?
A: Three! My oldest is 5 and a very spunky, free-spirited little lady who speaks like she’s going on 30, my second is 3 and is my sweet snuggly little guy, and my youngest is 21 months and quite the sassy little diva toddler!

Q: Does your husband baby wear??
A: He does occasionally! Usually when we’re at Disneyland and I want take one of my older kiddos on a ride, or whenever he’s parenting solo.

Q: What advice would you a brand new babywearer??
A: Find a local babywearing group! Not only will you get some guidance to help you choose a carrier from the hundreds of options that are out there, but you might also find an incredible community of like-minded mamas and source of support to help you along your parenting journey. It takes a village, and I’m so thankful for the mama tribe that I’ve found through babywearing!

Q: Tell us a little known fact about you!
A: I have this insane ability to memorize lines from movies and tv shows – I probably know every line from every episode of Friends that ever aired! But I’m awful with names. When I meet new people, their names slip from my memory almost instantly, it’s SO embarrassing!

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: You mean besides babies and babywearing? I love to surf! Before we had kids, that’s how my husband and I spent most of our spare time. I’m a bit out of practice now, so it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to getting back to as my kids get older (*if* we don’t have any more babies, that is!).

Q:  If you had to choose between wraps, buckles, or a wcrs what would you choose??
AL Definitely wraps! I love that I could use one wrap to comfortably wear any of my kids, and that I can choose from a variety of carries to do with it.  I absolutely love geeking out over all the different designs, fiber blends, textures, etc.

Q: How do you manage your time as a WAHM?
A: I try not to do work when my kids are awake, other than a quick check in here and there – not that they would let me concentrate much anyway! I do what I can during nap time, and I’m a night owl, so I don’t mind staying up late to work. The hot spot feature on my phone and indoor play spaces are so wonderful when I do need to get stuff done during the day. The hardest thing is making sure I have a quiet moment for returning phone calls, because I can’t really do that at 11pm, like I can with email!

Q: As a self-proclaimed wrap lover, do your kids each have a legacy wrap??? If so, which is it?
A: I’m a terrible churner, because I just have to #tryallthethings! But I do have a few wraps now that I don’t think I could ever sell, no matter how badly I need to de-stash, so I will probably let them each choose one to keep from those that are left when my wearing days are over.
Thanks for letting us get to know you, PAXmommy Christina!!