Beco Surprise!

With all the hustle & bustle of family, friends, and spring being here, sometimes I forget to keep you updated on the newest babywearing news at PAXbaby.  But this time, I’m ahead of myself!  I have news!  About Beco!  Not the Gemini, but the Butterfly II!!!  What could it be?  Any guesses?

3 thoughts on “Beco Surprise!

  1. New designs? Or a giveaway? A sale? Any of these would be fabulous in my book ;) I think i want to buy two more. I have a friend who tried mine on last night and LOVED it and she has been using an infantino carrier!!!! SO I need to get her something better. Plus I was wanting a new one for us (that I would probably share with her because she has two little ones under 2) but I cant decide if I can wait for the gemini.
    Okay, enough blubbering. WHAT IS THE SECRET!!!!??? :)

  2. I dont know what the surprise it but I hope its good : ) I just got a Lovey Dud and now I am ready to order a Beco…. so if this will impact my buying decision, I’d love to know whats up! : ) Thanks!

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