Beco Gemini vs. Soleil Part 1:


The Soleil is here, and boy, does it have people talking!

Everyone wants to know the dirt, so we are working on a few extra-special upcoming Beco blog posts dishing the goods on this brand new carrier.

Here’s a great chart that compares and contrasts‘s Beco Baby Carriers!

The Soleil versus the Gemini is a tough choice.

 It comes down to so much more than looks with this carrier, definitely weighing out the pros and cons is necessary. Wait, cons… what cons? haha

Things to consider:

How old is your baby?
How heavy is he/she?
Will this be your only carrier?
Will you be needing an infant insert?

If  you need some assistance deciding which buckle carrier will be perfect for your babywearing needs, feel free to email us!


*happy babywearing*


One thought on “Beco Gemini vs. Soleil Part 1:

  1. Hi,

    So i was reading about the BEco and i cannot decide which one is good for me and my baby. I have a BB and a Wrap. With the BB my shoulders hurt and a bit my back. With the wrap (depending how i wrap my lil one) i don’t feel her weight after 2 or 3h. But I want to get a carrier that is easy to wear and where she can seat properly for her hips.
    So my lil one is 10 months and she is over 17lb.
    In the Beco website doenst talk about the Butterfly II, just about the Soleil and the Gemini. Or the Soleil is the Butterfly II??

    Looking forward to hear from you

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