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Beco Butterfly II Isis

With the approach of the Beco Gemini‘s release getting closer day by day (no date announced yet, just “end of Spring”) PAXbaby is getting more & more excited!  As I’m sure you are!  I have been receiving a lot of questions about the differences between the 2 Beco baby carriers, the Gemini and the Butterfly!  As a baby carrier expert and Beco aficienado aka SuperBecoGirl, I can help you figure out which Beco will be right for you and your family’s needs!  As soon as the new Gemini is ready, PAXbaby will be shipping same day thanks to being practically next door neighbors to the Beco headquarters in Southern California, and our stock of Beco Butterflies is growing daily thanks to some special new Exclusive Editions that have just arrived!

The Butterfly weight limit is 45 pounds, but the Gemini is weight tested for up to 35 pounds.  If you are looking to carry a larger child, the Butterfly II will last you longer than the Gemini, however both carriers can be used starting with 7 pound newborns.

Beco Gemini

Beco Gemini

The Gemini has the ability for baby to be front carried facing forward and also towards you, so breastfeeding is a cinch, but if your babe wants a few minutes facing out to see the world, that is possible also.  The base of the front panel snaps back making the crotch narrow  enough to allow small babies to sit comfortably.  Neither Beco Baby Carrier nor PAXbaby recommends front facing out for extended periods of time due to baby’s overstimulation and the fact that it is more comfortable and more ergonomic to have baby’s body curving into the parent’s body instead of away in a front facing out position!

Beco Gemini

The Butterfly II has the removable infant insert and the integrated internal harness for older babies.  The infant insert is a nice option, but truly usable for a short period of time before it lifts baby up too high and needs to be removed.  The internal inserts hold baby within the carrier so one parent can easily take baby off to put on the other parent or to lay a sleeping baby down without disturbing their rest.  The Y shaped piece of fabric which is the integrated insert means that putting your baby on your back is simple and easy with a basic hip scoot or putting the Butterfly on like a back pack!  Babywearers have worn their babies for hundreds of years with out this option so with the Gemini, the babywearing parent will be required to learn to put baby on with either the Superman or Santa toss, the hip scoot, or with older children, simply having them climb onto the parent’s back.  Believe me, it IS easy once you learn, don’t be intimidated by the Gemini because of this,  but do keep it in mind!

The Butterfly II has an intense # of buckles and rings present on the carrier – 8 in fact, and while you don’t have to buckle each clip every time you put the carrier on or take it off, for the babywearing parent looking for a soft structured carrier with more simplicity, the Gemini is your style!  Safety is still top priority so the Gemini features the safety buckles first introduced on the Butterfly I, but it is less complex than the Butterfly!

One feature of the Gemini that I am really looking forward to is the crossing of the shoulder straps!  Each shoulder strap can be unbuckled and rebuckled across your back, and this X position of the straps is delightfully comfortable especially with a heavier baby!  The Butterfly straps can be unthreaded and rethreaded in the same position but because the Butterfly carrier wasn’t designed with that in mind, it is not particularly comfortable and not recommended by this Beco mama!

Beco Gemini

Ideal for shade or napping, the Beco Butterfly hood attaches to the body of the carrier with snaps and can be completely removed when not in use, folded, and stored in the pouch at the front of the waistband. The Gemini features a headrest which can be folded down for when baby is front facing out, or for better viewing purposes for baby, but it does not come with a hood.

Beco Butterfly II Alice

In a nutshell:

Butterfly II

  • removable infant insert
  • integrated insert
  • possible to pass baby in carrier to other parent
  • breastfeeding is possible
  • sun shade/ napping hood
  • chest strap for backpack style wearing
  • easy back carrying
  • carries children up to 45 pounds

Beco Gemini

  • no removable infant or integrated insert
  • breastfeeding is easy
  • possible to cross shoulder straps
  • chest strap for backpack style wearing
  • foldable headrest
  • front panel folds in and secures with snaps for front facing out position
  • relatively easy back carrying
  • carries children up to 35 pounds

Both the Gemini and the Butterfly II are beautiful, organic,  versatile, comfortable baby carriers.  The Beco Butterfly provides all the bells and whistles for all babies up to 45 pounds.  The Gemini is a tribute to an old favorite Beco style, the 4th Generation, and is equally comfortable but more basic.  You and your baby will be happy in either Beco style, but if you still need help deciding, why not think about renting both the Gemini and the Butterfly to see which you personally prefer!  Please let me know if you have any more questions; you know I am happy to help!

*happy babywearing*

10 thoughts on “Beco Gemini versus Butterfly II

  1. Oh darn it I seriously hate those safety buckles!! (If I am holding the baby to keep him in, I do not have two more hands to unclick the buckles!) LOL oh well. THANK YOU so so much for the details!

  2. I love Beco, cant wait for the Gemini. I read the Gemini will be Beco first front carry/baby facing out carrier. It looks great and it looks like it has the famous Butterfly lumbar support, that’s great. I cant stand that other baby carrier that looks like a diaper with back pack straps.

    P.S. I love those saftey buckles, piece of mind is everything!!!!!

  3. I like the safety buckles too. And I love my Beco 4G, sometimes I prefer its simplicity to my Butterfly II, so I think the Gemini is a nice step “back.” I personally won’t be wearing baby front facing, why take the risk with baby’s spine? But otherwise it sounds like a good carrier!

  4. I’m a Beco lover at heart. I am little disappointed to see the 35 pound weight limit as my DD seems to grow like a weed! Still, I am anxiously waiting the release of the Gemini.

  5. I am wondering if you are able to comment on how the Gemini is easier to breastfeed in? Also, I have a 4G and I hated the hood. It just didnt fit right. I was looking for a new carrier that had a higher head rest so the Gem might be helpful. I do however like the idea of the insert but the sound of all the buckles etc that you have to do sounds complicated. My 4G is simple….but loosens a bit around the waist and babe slips down…so I can’t figure out if the insert is better or….going without. I like the cross strap option as well. Can you comment on the price point difference? Much higher, same? Thanks!

  6. Hahaaa, lotsa questions I can’t answer yet… But, if you prefer your 4G, you will prefer the Gemini over the Butterfly ;) Easier to nurse in, YES! Fewer buckles, YES! Cross straps in the back, YES! Same gorgeous Beco product, absolutely YES!

  7. Do you ever find that small babies do not get enough head support in the butterfly II? Do their heads bob backwards?

  8. If the baby is teeny weeny, then the front panel of the Butterfly is sufficient to cradle baby’s neck and head. When baby grows taller, the infant insert can be lowered so that the same support is available. When your baby outgrows the infant insert, the hood can be used to add extra support! It’s the perfect carrier for birth through big kid ;)

  9. I it safe for the babies spine to be front facing? I know you can wear baby forwards in the Gemini but does that mean it is made to be safe for their spine? If my baby is facing me she wants to nurse or suckle and she loves to face out where she can see everything.

  10. How old is your little one?? Have you tried wearing her up in a high back carry?? Buckle the straps under your breasts and then have her ride on your back where she can see up and over your shoulder. <3

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