Breastfeeding Instructions

To be able to breastfeed in your carrier is the ultimate goal since, especially in those first months, a smooth transition from feeding to napping to awake time is critical.  If you can succeed at keeping baby content during those times, you are golden and your baby is happy!  But, if you have to go somewhere, or if you need to help your older children, your baby needs to be able to do these things with you on the go!  Thus, the importance of an excellent baby carrier that you can nurse your baby in easily and quickly.

Beco Butterfly II breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in the Beco ButterflyWith the Beco Butterfly, you can choose whichever is more comfortable for you, to nurse your baby within the upper part of the Y shaped panel or push the fabric to the center to feed baby.  Either way works fine, and depending on your body structure, you will know which way is more feasible for your body type.  This also depends on how many babies you have nursed and how elastic your breast tissue is!

Breastfeeding in the Beco Butterfly

This mama found it easiest to simply push the fabric to the side, lower her nursing tank on the appropriate side, and latch on her 6 month old in a very upright position.

For a lower position, unbuckle the shoulder clip for the side you want to start on, and loosen the shoulder strap by pulling on the buckle under your arm.  Pull the Y up, push the nursing tank down, and get baby’s head low enough to be able to latch on properly.  Once you have latched on, with a smaller baby, you will be able to rebuckle the top buckle to hold baby’s head in place, but as your baby’s noggin grows bigger and heavier, you may find that you will need to hold baby’s head to support the weight and keep baby from pulling your breast.  Once baby is finished, rebuckle the top clip and tighten the shoulder strap again by pulling down on the dangling strap under your arm.

Beco Butterfly II breastfeeding

Beco Butterfly II breastfeeding

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