Beco Baby Carrier AlisaMarie Hanks

AlisaMarie, you had me at “hello!” What an incredibly adorable homage to Beco Baby Carriers! You are fantastic, and I love how Levi just hung out on your back in every “scene!” My favorite part? The dish towel tucked into your waistband while you were cooking! Steve was so cute when you put the Scooters Butterfly II on him!

*happy babywearing*

8 thoughts on “Beco Baby Carrier AlisaMarie Hanks

  1. Oh I just loved that one, so very true that it rings so close to home, makes me thing of all the everyday but also unique things we do while bwing

  2. I love it so much, super cute! That girl rocks! i have not seen any others where do u find them?

  3. Hahaha thanks mommas!!!! We had fun doing it. Isn’t my husband a crack up. He helped me a lot with this but hated being in front of the camera :)
    can you tell we LOVE our beco?

  4. Videos! I just bought my first used beco like 2 weeks ago and I’m so in love! I want more but my wallet tells me no, haha! Jillian I have seen u on babycenter. Your post convinced me to buy the Beco so I bought one off a mama in the area. But when i buy a new one, it will be from you, a O&A. Thanks for the advice; I have not picked up my wrap. The Beco is amazing.

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