“No one ever looks back when their child is grown and says, ‘I wish I’d held my baby less.’”

Everywhere you go, to everyone who sees you, you are an example!  An example of good parenting, an example of true love, an example of perseverance!!!  You are an inspiration to moms-to-be, to other parents, to your own children!!!  You are making a statement: babywearing is SAFE!  Babywearing is COMFORTABLE!  Babies are little for such a short time, and the closeness from a carrier can’t be replicated with a stroller!  Wearing your baby may not always be the easy choice, but in the long run, it is often the BEST CHOICE!

Be an INSPIRATION to your children who literally look UP to you, and teach them to BABYWEAR!

PPAXbaby Dolcino Wrap babywearing

*happy babywearing*

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