BB Tai-licious


Bet you didn’t know that one of the most well known European wrap companies also makes a Wrap Conversion Mei Tai!

Babylonia, parent company of the BB Slen and the Tricotti, has designed a simple, yet highly functional mei tai manufactured in Europe with woven wrap components keeping the style sleek, compact, and multi purpose!

Front carry, hip carry, back carry, infant carry, toddler carry, high carry, low carry : you name it, the BB Tai can do it!


BB Tai – Lotus Blue


The BB Tai packs a lot of bang for your buck, and weighs in at under $100 making them one of the best priced carriers on the market.


Mei tais are a great, lightweight option for babywearing on the run. Roll it up and store it anywhere you are: the back seat, diaper bag or purse, backpack, suitcase, parent’s house, trunk of the car. They are stylish, easy to use and comfortable not only for YOU but for your little traveler.

A mei tai is everything you need and want out of a wrap, but in a more compact and “user-friendly” package.



The body of the Mei Tai is a generous 18 inches wide and 15 inches tall, and the slide up headrest adds another 5 inches of height & support to last you and your little one well into the toddler years. Each waist strap in 30 inches long, allowing for accommodation of a wide variety of body sizes and shapes.

I love stashing my mei tai in our car, for quick uppies while out and about, in fact, ours will be used today for a chilly walk at the beach. Brrrrr.

Where do you wear YOUR mei tai?

*happy babywearing*

3 thoughts on “BB Tai-licious

  1. BB slen fits all size of baby and parent? or do I have to pick a different size? I weigh around 160 to 165 and my 2.6 yr old is about 27 or 29 IBS. I need something easy and I’ve been eyeing the BB Slen for a year.

  2. Hi Holly :)

    With a bigger baby you won’t be able to tie behind you but you can tie in front. Your baby will need the extra support of the shoulder straps tied across in order to go from knee to knee with your little one. Hope that helps!!

    Please email us at if we can further assist you <3 <3

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