Badass Breastfeeding…



Are you comfortable nursing in public?

Do you nurse your baby whilst wearing them in their carrier?

What is your feeding style?

Do you cover yourself beneath a blanket?


Do you  “whip it out” and feed your baby breasts-to-the-wind?

Nursing in public definitely takes practice, both for you and your baby and

not everyone is comfortable with it.

Abby, at The Badass Breastfeeder, has a 7 day program that will give you the tools to be able to feel confident & strong! is featured as well, as a resource to get a baby carrier that will help breastfeeding on the go!!!

Check her out here:

After all, breastfeeding is natural… ever since there were breasts and babies, there was and WILL be breastfeeding.



Isn’t this Vintage breastfeeding postcard amazing?

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*happy babywearing


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