Babywearing in the Snow
Staying warm in the snow means layers and layers for both mom & baby plus the right babywearing gear!  The PAXbaby Mom wore a Beco Gemini over a 30 week baby belly bump + 27 month old Baby #5 and topped off with a Peekaru – sized up to accomodate for the extra bulk!
Babywearing Snow Peekaru Beco Gemini
We had a great time visiting the snow for the day, but WOW, so glad we don’t have to bundle up everyday; that is hard work to keep warm and dry!  More power to you, babywearing moms in cold climates!!!!

*happy babywearing*

5 thoughts on “Babywearing in the Snow

  1. My oh my! I can not believe you did that at 30 weeks. I can’t believe you are carrying facing out in a gemini at 30 weeks. You amaze me with this babywearing while pregnant thing. #5 looks absolutely stunned from going down that hill. I think after seeing that I am just going to stick with one baby, and have no more after this, I can’t imagine babywearing while pregnant, what you do blows my mind.

  2. LOL, babywearing mamas, you know you have to do what you have to do as a parent! Night time feedings, dirty diapers, wearing your little one even when it’s not as “convenient” for you, we are moms with a job – to do right by our children!

    BTW, Tiffany, cute blog! I enjoyed reading, but I’m confused! In your post from Christmas, you say Baby Pix is your husband’s family’s first grandchild! What about sweet Andrew RIP? ;(

  3. We are starting over again, the best we can. And so we decided to do it this way for that reason. And after the year we had last year, its what works for us. Not forgetting, and not passing over, but starting over on a new slate, in a new year, with a new baby. A lot of things are different with this baby, and so for everyone its like a new baby.

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