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To Dawn F. – THANK YOU for sharing your babywearing story with our PAXbaby blog readers!!!!

“On the second day of my parents’ visit last month, I left them with 7 month old Amelia, so I could run a few errands.  I returned a few hours later to a happy baby, bouncing on her Grandpa’s knee.

“She started to get a little fussy,” Grandpa reported, “so I had your Mom tie her onto me with that carrier.”  He was referring to my Freehand Mei Tai.  My jaw nearly hit the floor.  They had watched me use it the day before – exactly ONCE!  They must have seen how content Amelia was in it, and decided to try it out for themselves.  I don’t know how they “tied her on”, but I guess it was good enough for her, because she quickly fell asleep and stayed that way for over an hour!

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My Dad wore Amelia several more times throughout my parents’ week-long visit.  (I showed him how to wrap her securely!)  I treasure the photo that I snapped of the two of them.  My parents live across the country, and don’t get to see their grandchildren very often.  Using the Freehand allowed Amelia to share a special closeness with her Grandpa, one which she can dream about until they can be together again.”

*happy babywearing*

5 thoughts on “Babywearing Grandpa

  1. Oh that’s a wonderful photo! My mom wore my son once, and it opened her up to my “babywearing” finally!

  2. That’s a fantastic photo and a lovely story. My mum has worn my daughter a couple of times on walks and when she saw how content L was and how she subsequently fell asleep, that’s when babywearing clicked for her :) Sometimes we can teach our parents a thing or two ;)

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