Baby Carriers are expensive!
Baby carriers are expensive; are they worth it? I know that asking you to pay $100 and more for a baby carrier seems steep. I know that $100 could buy a lot of other baby gear. However, what baby item are you going to use all day every day for the next 12+ months of your baby’s life? New parents cash out for the perfect car seat, and rightfully so since that is a safety issue, but why spend a lot money on a stroller if you are planning on babywearing? I am still pushing the same stroller we purchased with Baby #1, but Baby #6 has never sat in it once! We use it for the stuff involved for outings with 6 kids! The stroller is a great convenient way to get your diaper bag, drinks, snacks etc from here to there, but paying close to $100 seems outlandish for such a tool! A baby carrier on the other hand is the safety net that will keep your post partum life from falling apart! By wearing your baby you will learn about your newborn quickly and be able to predict their rhythms and diagnose their problems. A great baby carrier will enable your hands to be free for chores around the house because having a new baby means scads more loads of laundry and an unexplainable increase of dirty dishes as well! A superb baby carrier will carry your baby from infant to toddler and beyond then when needed, and at the end of your babywearing career should be tucked away carefully for the next baby multiplying its excellent value over another set of babywearing months. Are good baby carriers expensive? Yes, they are, but you are paying for the excellent craftsmanship, quality design, and high grade materials of a product well worth your hard saved money. Save your pennies while pregnant, don’t buy the trendy baby goods like expensive bathtubs (baby can shower with you!), pricey cribs (baby can sleep with you until they transition to their own bed), fancy strollers, bouncy seats, impressive swings, and unnecessary doodads! Call me old fashioned, but all baby needs is to be held close to a warm, comfortable body, and the perfect baby carrier does just that!
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  1. I am a babywearer. However, I am also a stroller pusher. As a single mom of 3, a stroller allows me to wear my youngest, or my 2.5yr old when she’s in one of those kind of moods, and still get around iwth my other two children. A stroller is a very necessary part to my trips outside of our immediate neighbourhood. With no vehicle, a stroller allows me to use the bus system to go grocery shopping and not have to spend a fortune on a cab ride home. It allows my 2.5yr old to nap while we are out and about. It keeps my baby safe while I am wearing my 2.5yr old.
    I invested in a good double stroller to help me get out and about with the most ease on my own with 3 children. I also invested in a beco gemini and a ring sling. While the stroller allows me to get around the city with my children, my ring sling and gemini are what allow me to get what I need done at home- done.
    All three of these pieces of baby gear, I love for different reasons.

  2. My thoughts exactly! Most decent strollers cost well over $100, whereas for the same amt you can get one top of the line babycarrier or even two if you hit up a good sale. We have a ton of baby carriers and love them! Our poor stroller which I got just in case while pregnant, has been used less than a dozen times and our baby is 17mo! I wrote a little about this on my doula webpage- Babywearing is where it’s at! So many of those baby “necessities” are total waste of money too! My crib still gets used only by our cats and don’t get me started on those UNSAFE and overpriced “crib sets” of bedding. Despite the stroller purchase, we knew we were going to babywear and so have used a convertible carseat from the start. No baby buckets for us! That’s saved us so much over those silly travel systems with those carseats that many babies outgrow by 6 months! Add in breastfeeding and cloth diapering, and we’ve hardly had to buy anything for baby, giving us lots spare change to support my carrier addiction:)

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention- not only can you bathe with baby like you said, but there are water wraps and slings you can use! We love ours!

  4. One of the pricier carriers out there, a wrap conversion Soft StructuredCarrier by Bamberoo using a KoKaDi woven wrap :)

  5. My little one is almost 18 months old & I wish I would have came across this post when I was pregnant. I bought all the baby gear the dept stores offered. What a waste of time & money! My monkey just wanted to be held. A friend told me about carriers & wraps, that’s how I found PAXbaby. My Boba was a lifesaver & now we have a little collection going of SSCs& woven wraps.

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