Milk for Sailor
PAXbaby_milk for sailor
PAXbaby.comMilk for Sailor

“Sailor Avonlea was born via emergency c-section on June 13th in Las Vegas, addicted to and withdrawing from the effects of a pregnancy filled with heavy methenphetamine use, homelessness, and mental illness. After a 13 day long fight between the hospital at which she was delivered, Child Protective Services, and a large team of adoption professionals and lawyers, we were finally granted the right to adopt her and bring her home to California! We are the adoptive parents of her 18 month old full biological sibling, Lachlan, who was also born addicted to and withdrawing from meth, and while we were not anticipating adoption again so soon, when the opportunity was placed in our laps, we could not say no to another little love who would otherwise be lost to the foster system.

We have two older biological daughters whom I breastfed well into their first year; I was actually such an overproducer that I ended up donating several thousand ounces of breastmilk to a local milk bank over a period of several years. When we decided to adopt initially, I knew immediately that I wanted to feed our new baby with donor milk, as I fully believe in its amazing powers to heal the damage inflicted on a newborns tiny body and brain. When I initially approached the milk bank that I had so lovingly handed thousands of ounces of breastmilk to years prior, I found out quickly that I’d have to be made of money in order to afford their “non profit” price of $3 an ounce for breastmilk! Not satisfied with this answer, I turned to the internet, and quickly found “Human Milk 4 Human Babies” as well as “Eats and Feets.” Through both of these peer to peer sharing forums, we were able to provide breastmilk to our son for 13 months! Despite being born a drug addicted baby, he is now 100% free of health issues and is developmentally completely typical, things that I believe the power of breastmilk has made possible.

We hope to provide these benefits for our Sailor as well, especially given the abuse she suffered at the hands of so called medical professionals; for the first fourteen days of her life, she was fed formula, left in a plastic bassinet, and only held every 3 hours to be fed and changed. If she cried for milk before those 3 hours were up, she was left to cry, alone and hungry until her scheduled feeding time came along. No one was allowed to see her or even touch her for 14 days,  and when she finally was allowed to leave the hospital, she weighed a full pound less than when she was born. Our sweet girl has had a very hard time transitioning due to her drug dependency, but she IS gaining weight quickly and eating like a champ on all the milk donated by friends. Our freezer supply is quickly diminishing however, and we are feeling desperate to provide her with the nourishment she needs to heal and grow. We have witnessed firsthand the power of breastmilk to heal the damage that drug addiction, lack of prenatal care, and dangerous maternal behavior can have on a baby, and we desperately want our daughter to be the recipient of as much of this liquid life that she can.”

- Robert and Kirstin
Please consider milk sharing with Sailor in any way possible! Her family lives in the Bay area but has set up milk drop off points in Southern California as well! Email Kirstin to set up a donation at, and thank you for keeping this amazing family in your prayers! Much love from the PAXmommies <3
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As an 80s baby, I was indoctrinated with a love for rainbows far before rainbows were “a thing!” I can vividly remember my favorite backpack, denim with rainbow straps, stationary with rainbow hearts dancing across the top, and my Lisa Frank sticker collection featuring brightly hued puppies and rainbow styled stars and lightening bolts! Wearing 2 differently colored socks bunched over my differently colored Converse sneakers, my ten year old nerdy self had no idea where my passion for color would lead my future self!

Twenty years later, my closet is still full of the brightest of the bright tank tops, tee shirts, loud leggings, mismatched socks, and an amazing collection of rainbow textiles! Who knew that my dabbling art studies in high school would take me to designing baby carriers, but if you think about it, this really does make sense!

From a creative spirit with a passion for photography to a mother with the need for an artistic outlet, I evolved naturally over time; my babies only helped to enhance my love for bright color and bold designs!!!

If at the end of my life, my one and only claim to fame is my collection of rainbows woven across the world, some by hand, some by machine, it will be a happy end for me and my rainbows, but the love created by my rainbows will love on forever <3



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A Baby Carrier Storage Solution
PAXbaby_storage_wrap conversion ring slings_WCRS_STorage_PAXmommy Jillian

Any collector will tell you, that storing wraps, ring slings and carriers is half the fun/battle haha!!
Do you fold yours? Roll them into cubbies? Store them in baskets??

An interesting way to store a collection of ring slings is to use this wall storage rack originally designed for pants!
Sliding the rings of each sling onto the bar is a space saving solution that can get your slings up off the floor and arranged in a beautiful way to display of your gorgeous baby carriers for the world to see!

PAXmommy Jillian has a sling for each day of the month, but thanks to this wall rack, she can actually find the one she wants when she wants it! For the babywearing nerds, you will geek out to see that the manufacturers are organized by pole!
KoKaDi, Girasol, & Natibaby each have their place! Oh, so fancy!

How do you store your stash??
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A Mermaid Collection

PAXbaby_PAXmommy Jillian_mermaids

PAXmommy Jillian may have a slight mermaid obsession…. Growing up with The Little Mermaid and visiting Disneyland regularly has surely fueled her love for anything mermaid, and these buckle carriers all have been absolute “must-haves” for her growing stash!
As Ariel herself says, “My collection’s complete!” Well… at least until the next cute mermaid baby carrier comes out!!!!
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Stars and Stripes

Each Independence Day, our family celebrates with a tradition filled with streamers, flags, hot dogs, laughter and sunshine! The PAXfamily opened our home to another family a while back, and now we can’t think of having 4th of July without the Browns. Our children have grown up together over the years, the mamas have breastfeed each other’s babies, the dads have exchanged parenting advice, Volkswagon tips, and Star Wars inside jokes. Not related by blood, but by the friendship and the knowledge that the bond created by listening,caring for each other’s children,and being available any time, any where, our friends have become our family.

When we get together, our children romp and bicker while the parents try to have a conversation over the chaos and uproar that is 10 children under 13 years old. We eventually have to give up, and give in to the conversation that is the loudest – that is the one that the children want to have. Singing Let It Go at the top of our lungs, launching rocket fire crackers in the back yard, creating Pinterest fail patriotic fruit skewers, our little gathering is food for our souls.

Days after this celebration is over, my cheeks will still hurt from laughing, and my husband and I will most likely still have a private giggle over something hilarious said between the parents. In such busy times, such a friendship is a commitment, a unity not easily broken. This year we have high hopes for another amazing holiday spent in the company of friends who have helped to create a nonstressful, generous atmosphere in which our children can be themselves unhampered by the outside world’s perspective.
Here, in our happy bubble, our friends join us and make us feel ever grateful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave!
Have a happy FOURTH of July, PAXfriends

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PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge 2015!!!

Get your kegel in gear with PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge!

30 days of work to achieve a strong kegel! Keep it up after the challenge and you will be amazed at how awesome you feel!

PAXbaby smartballs ralph waldo quotepaxbaby

PAXbaby‘s SmartBall Challenge! Each day in January 2015, PAXmommy Jillian will help you get on the great habit of using your SmartBalls to strenthen your Kegel muscle! By the end of the 31 days, you can expect to feel stronger, have better bladder control, and be able to say I TOOK PAXBABY’S SMARTBALL CHALLENGE!!!

#1 – Get your SmartBalls out of the packaging and wash with warm water and gentle soap. Let them air dry to get ready for Day #2! The hardest part is getting started, so let’s START!

Day #2 – Lather up your SmartBalls with your favorite personal oil and insert them, leaving the pull string out of your body. After a few moments, pull the string to remove! Wash again and air dry! That’s it; easy!!!

Day #3 – Insert your Smart Balls as previously described but this time, set a timer for 5 minutes. During these 5 minutes, just stand or walk around. Don’t try to clench, but let the Smart Balls sit within your body; get comfortable with how they gently move within you! I’m not going to remind you each day to wash and dry your SmartBalls so don’t forget on your own!

Day #3 – Today during your 5 minutes, walk and stand and add in a little sitting. See how your body reacts naturally to your movements.

Day #4 – Repeat Day #3.

Day #5 -Today is Day #5 of PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge and we are going to celebrate by inserting your SmartBalls and instead of letting gravity do the hard work, fight against that pull, and kegel kegel kegel during your 5 minutes. Try to kegel at least 5 times during this time!

Day #6 -Insert your SmartBalls and instead of letting gravity do the hard work, fight against that pull, and kegel kegel kegel during your 5 minutes again. Try to kegel at least 5 times during this time holding to the count of 10 each time!

Day #7 -Repeat Day #6.

Day #8 -Insert your SmartBalls and instead of letting gravity do the hard work, fight against that pull, and kegel kegel kegel during your 5 minutes again. Try to kegel at least 10 times during this time holding to the count of 10 each time! This time, do a few squats while exercising your Kegel muscle and feel how much strength your body has. If you find that you don’t have much strength, do a repeat later in the day.

Day #9 -Repeat Day #8. It’s crucial at this point that you do a repeat later in the day if you are unable to hold the kegel for 10 seconds! Please don’t pass over this important step!

Day #10 – Today we up the ante! Keep your SmartBalls in for 10 minutes while doing a variety of activities – standing, sitting, and squatting!! Try to get 20 awesome clenches in and count to 10 while holding the kegel!

Day #11 – Repeat Day #10!

Day #12 – PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge BIG day! Since your goal is to have more control over your bladder, you are going to test and see how your kegel is doing! Today, instead of using your SmartBalls, you are going to practice starting and stopping your pee as you urinate. Crazy talk, I know, but as you let your kegel release, you will be able to feel how much power you have! Can you stop your pee multiple times? Does it come to a trickle or does it fully stop? Take notes if you want, and remember to drink lots of water to give yourself multiple times to practice!

Day #13 – Keep your SmartBalls in for 10 minutes while doing a variety of activities – standing, sitting, and squatting!! Try to get 20 awesome clenches in and count to 10 while holding the kegel!

Day #14 – Repeat Day #13!

Day #15 – Repeat Day #13!

Day #16 – Repeat Day #13!

Day #17 – Repeat Day #12 and gauge whether your control has improved! Can you completely halt your pee? Does it take a LOT of effort or is it pretty easy???

Day #18 – Keep your SmartBalls in for 10 minutes while doing a variety of activities – standing, sitting, and squatting!! Try to get 20 awesome clenches in and count to 10 while holding the kegel! Keep up the good work!

Day #19 – Repeat Day #18!

Day #20 – Repeat Day #18!

Day #21 – Repeat Day #18!

Day #22 – Let’s celebrate with a SNEEZE! Choose your most effective way to stimulate your olfactory senses and SNEEZE! Hopefully you have been practicing so much and so hard that your kegel will know JUST what to do! But if not, here’s a reminder : clench and squeeze as you sneeze to avoid having wet pants!!!

Day #23 – How did you do yesterday with the SNEEZE challenge? If you did awesome, enjoy a day off! If you need a repeat, try again!

Day #24 – There’s not much time left in PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge! Let’s get back to our kegels : 10 minutes, 20 kegels, 10 seconds each, and… GO!

Day #25 – 10 minutes, 20 kegels, 10 seconds each, again! Is this easy for you now? Can you reach the goal of 20 kegels easily? How about 30?

Day #26 – Here’s a question for you! If you set a timer for 1 minute and do quick kegels with your SmartBalls in, how many can you do? Now, remove your SmartBalls and set the timer again! Can you do more or less with the SmartBalls in????

Day #27 – Need to practice again? Let’s do this! Stay active for 10 minutes! 20 kegels should be an easy goal by now; can you do 30? Whoa, what about 40???

Day #28 – Keep going strong. PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge is almost over but not quite yet! Repeat Day #27!

Day #29 – It’s PEE day! Can you bring your pee to an absolute stop today? 1 time? How about 5 times? Stop and release, stop and release! Your kegel can do this; you’ve been practicing!!!

Day #30 – In 2 days, I won’t be reminding you to kegel, but you will need to remember on your own! What can you do to keep practicing? Will you set an alarm on your phone? Will you ask someone to remind you? Will you leave your SmartBalls under your pillow??? Today did you practice? Because look, I didn’t remind you!!!!

Day #31 – The struggle has been real, but with PAXbaby’s SmartBall Challenge of January 2015, you are on your way to a tighter, stronger year! Keep those SmartBalls handy; please use them every other day starting today for just a few minutes to remind your kegel who’s boss! Good luck & thank you for taking the Challenge with me!


*** Awesome hints about your SmartBalls*
No time is too short to practice! Got 5 minutes? Pop em in!

No time is too long to practice! If you are enjoying how the SmartBalls feel, keep em in! A few hours maximum!
You can pee with your SmartBalls in! Remember, these bad boys are inserted into your vagina; your pee comes out your urethra! Different holes for different purposes!

Keep your SmartBalls clean!

SmartBalls love coconut oil; it reminds them of sunbathing in Hawaii! But if you have a difference lubricant preference, just double check that it is appropriate for silicone products!

And one last though, have fun with your SmartBalls!

They can be very useful in many different ways!

Don’t have Smartballs?
Get some and begin the challenge!

*** Please refer to your midwife or doctor’s advice before starting to use SmartBalls or following a birth. The PAXmoms are not medical professionals, just helpful moms who want your kegel to grow nice ‘n strong!***


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paxbaby’s HTF Wrap Conversion Ring Sling PARTY!’s HTF Wrap Conversion Ring Sling PARTY!

Due to confusion with the review section on each product, a comment left here at the PAXblog will also count for your entry!!!!


PAXfriends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears… today will stock at 8 am PST TODAY  an epic assortment of wrap conversion ring slings! Some of the listings are easy peasy; choose your sling, add to cart, check out! But others will take some luck & skill! Jan at sleeping baby productions has converted a handful of GORGEOUS HTF (hard to find) slings for us that will be sold via random winner here!!!! The fine print is :  you will need to fill out the form on each of the product listings that you would like to purchase AS WELL AS commenting on the product page itself so that we can read how much you really really really need this sling! This sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it, but believe you me, these steps won’t take you long and the pay off is BIG TIME! Today you will see slings listed that you don’t see sold at retail prices very often, and they will be yours for the winning!

Please note that if you are chosen via random drawing to purchase a sling listing, you will be contacted through the email address you have used on your PAXaccount so be sure to have that updated! Also, your link will be live for 24 hours after the emails are sent out. Failure to check out is your loss, but another mama’s chance at winning!!! PayPal will be active, and any gift certificates you may have can be used as well!

Do NOT forget to enter AND comment on as many slings as you love!!! 

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Want a SURPRISE?!?!?!

PAXbaby is super duper excited to have #babycate’s Girasol legacy wrap back in time to stock for her FIRST BIRTHDAY! This has been the fastest year, and to celebrate her amazing 365 days being earthside, #babycate would like to give away a *freeeeeee* WRAP CONVERSION RING SLING!

The rules are simple – comment here with which weft you would prefer AND make sure that your name at the PAXblog and account information at the PAXwebsite are the same so we can send you your gorgeous prize!


**Fine print :

  1. The Surprise Rainbow ring sling is one size (around 78″ inches.)
  2. The weft choices are *cuervo* (black) or *rosa fuschia* (pink!) You may choose one or say either and we will choose for you!
  3. You may only enter once, but as many people in your household with a PAXaccount may enter.
  4. Shipping is FREE in the USA, but if our winner is International, we will let you know how much the shipping will be.
  5. Enter, share, and please stay updated for our SURPRISE stocking next week! Details will be announced soon!

PAXbaby_surprise rainbow_collage

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PAXbaby’s ISO Angel presents VICE VERSA!

PAXbaby Girasol Exclusive Vice Versa twill weave

THANKS to PAXfriend Marisol H, for the adorable VICE VERSA in action photo! See more on the go VV here at PAXbaby’s Facebook page!

You’ve seen the wrap, you’ve loved the design from afar, you’ve heard of this idyllic unicorn, perhaps you’ve never lain eyes on her before in person… but all of you are here now because YOU LOVE VICE VERSA! Here is a poem dedicated to the lovely VV penned by enthusiastic PAXfan, Sara L! Enjoy!

How do I love VV?
Let me count the ways.
I love VV for its warp and weft and weave
Soft brand-new, like you can barely believe
Its stunning jeweltones, the way the colors are so bold.
My love for VV is worth its weight in gold.
Enough to write poems about it every day
And pray the ISO Angels will see fit to send one my way.

Oh, you aren’t here for a sonnet? Don’t be impatient!!! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for :

Last call for entering PAXbaby’s Vice Versa ISO Angel will be 10:59 PDT on Thursday October 23!

Good luck from the ISO Angel to each one of you! Chase one of these beauties down to make her your own, and you won’t be sorry for the time you spent convincing, conniving, corralling, and collaborating! Vice Versa can be yours – and in your eager hands in a matter of days!! Just fill out the form, share with your friends, post a photo on the PAXbaby wall, hold your breath, wish on a rabbit foot, throw salt over your shoulder, cross your fingers, cross your toes, cross your legs….. actually, just fill out the form and the PAXmoms will do the rest for you!

If your name is chosen by the ISO Angel, you will receive a link to a private stocking for Vice Versa on Friday October 24 at 1:00 PDT. There will be the same number of wraps as names chosen, so shop early for the best selection of sizes!

Vice Versa ISO Angel Stocking Fine Print:

*Only one entry per household

**Vice Versa wraps will only ship to the name and address on file for the accounts chosen by the ISO Angel!

***Vice Versa wraps will only be sent to PAXfriends who have filled out the form and received our email with the stocking details! All other orders will be cancelled and refunded!

****One Vice Versa wrap per account will be shipped. Any subsequent orders will be cancelled and refunded!

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Magic Ball recipe!

Magic Balls are magical! OBVIOUSLY! Made with only TWO ingredients, you can whip these babies up in a matter of moments! And they will be eaten that fast too! With a 2 to 1 ratio, you can make as many or as few balls as you like per batch, but let me advise you that you should make many!!!

Ingredients :

2 cups of your favorite hummus (or mashed chickpeas)

1 cup bread crumbs (I used gluten free)

Directions :

Mix together

Form balls

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes

Serve with a fun dipping sauce (or not)



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