Babywearing retreat with PAXbaby & certification by CBWS!!!!

You’ve seen the fun, you know the faces, how would you like to spend FIVE days with the PAXmoms learning about babywearing, relaxing in wine country Temecula, getting a massage, eating yummy food, and best of all, getting certified by CBWS!!!! 5 days spent talking about my favorite subject is my idea of a GREAT vacation; come join us by winning the lottery draw! There are only TWO spots remaining for the August 2014 Babywearing Retreat with; enter by clicking the link below. Our two guests will be chosen on July 23 and notified via email.

Joanna from the Center for Babywearing Studies is teaching our certification course with Jillian and the PAXmommies (& #babycate) from! From August 4-8, you will eat, talk, and sleep all things babywearing!!! Get ready to LEARN because this will be a five day adventure with a big goal at the end; babywearing consultant certification will be yours!!!!!

$1400 – total including :
4 days of classes
class materials
4 nights at our retreat estate in wine country Temecula
a massage
fresh & organic food prepared for you at every meal
and best of all, a VERY HARD TO FIND Girasol wrap as your souvenir!

* You may also choose and purchase your very own Wrap Conversion Tula, right at the retreat, from our giant pile of Tula fluff! *

$50 – daily nanny fee for 0-24 month babies if applicable

$200 – photography mini session with Sons & Daughters Photography

* Please only sign up for the drawing if you are available from August 4-8 & willing to pay the total fees of the retreat.

** We love all the babies, but only are able to have children under 24 months with us at the event.

*happy babywearing*


Everyone needs a Double Rainbow!

Everyone needs a Double Rainbow! PAXbaby is making dreams come true with a small stocking of amazing dark weft RR Girasols! Jump through the hoops and get chosen to purchase one of our famous exclusive woven wraps! Ready, set, gooo!
dw rr cap diamond weave double rainbow capitan swirl


Pssst, don’t forget to comment on the Facebook picture AND enter the spreadsheet below! Our winners will be drawn and emailed Tuesday night after the children go to bed – Pacific time! Update – emails will be sent out on Wednesday; I’m too tired from our date night!!!!

*happy babywearing*

Nurturing a love for books!

Reading with your child is a small investment with a HUGE pay off! Reading the same book over and over teaches directionality and provides comfort, & the repetition of the story leads to deeper assimilation of the content.  So the next time you are ready to pull your hair out from reading that same Sandra Boynton book “just one more time,”  just remember that you are helping your child’s vocabulary, their sense well being, and their love for literature!

Reading a book to your child can take only a few minutes, but cultivating that love of books will be wonderful later. My oldest children are 11, 9 and 7 years old now and will happily spend hours reading to themselves and to their younger siblings! Take the time to read to your child today, and tomorrow you AND your child will be so happy!

A few of our personal favorites are : If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Policeman Small, The Hungry Caterpillar, and Make Way for Ducklings! What are your family’s top choices of young children books???

*happy babywearing*

Tula delivery to!

Knock, knock! The mailman has arrived with a HUGE box for, and on the corner of that HUGE box is the familiar sticker that indicates the exciting contents of that HUGE box. It’s orange, and square, and cute, and the logo is like  a little bear or a dog….. it’s from TULA!!!!

#babycate assisted in the sorting of the wrap conversion Tulas. What a helpful baby!

The first dibs will be given to special PAXfriends who have won the right to buy a WC Tula from various PAXplaydate events or oversell debacles, and then PAXbaby’s ISO Angel will be announced to spread the love of babywearing over the rest of the world! Fingers crossed for you; these are SO cute!

*happy babywearing*

Tandem breastfeeding!

PAXfriend Samantha P is proud to be bringing this ray of sunshine to our day today!

Tandem breastfeeding her two children (nearly 3.5 years old and just turned 1) has been her way of giving them a “home base while they explore” the world in a safe environment! Samantha says that “it is also a big lesson in patience for all of us!”

I just love her outlook and the love for her children that you can see in her eyes <3

*happy babywearing*

Make your own wipe solution!

Cloth diaper users love to save a little money, and my favorite way to pinch a few pennies is by making my own wipe solution! This can be used for bum wipes, but isn’t just for bottoms, I use this economical solution to clean faces, counters, and toys!!! All you need is your favorite essential oil (I prefer lavender or lemon for #babycate,) and a peri bottle or nail polish remover pump bottle like you can see in my photos! Add water and your own cloth wipes and you are ready to go!

Step 2 : put 2-4 drops of essential oils into your bottle.

Step 2 : fill the bottle with water.

The last step is the easiest : use to clean everything and anyone who will hold still long enough to get wiped down and cleaned up! HAVE FUN!

*happy babywearing*

Going Greener!

In celebration of Earth Day 2014, is proud to announce that we have been working with our manufacturers to make our product manuals available online!  Just think of it!  You’re out and about sharing your new wrapping skills with a friend and you can’t quite remember that last maneuver.   You’ve got your link to our manuals page saved on your phone (or better yet, you’ve downloaded the pdf!!).   You’re good to go!!

Not only will it be easier for you to have that manual in digital form, it will be easier for us too.  Our shipping department will be faster and more efficient!  And we’ll be able to keep all the unwanted manuals from being tossed in a landfill!!

It’s still a work in progress as we wait on several of our manufacturers, but we’re off to a good start with the manuals for:


Natibaby (Cross Carry instructions only)

BB Slen

BB Tai

As we get more manuals in pdf format, you know where they’ll be!!  Right here!!!

When you purchase a carrier from PAXbaby made by one of the manufacturers listed on the page, you will be given 2 choices at checkout: you may select to have a hardcopy shipped to you, or, if you prefer, choose to use the digital version! Pretty cool!

Thanks for going green with us!


*happy babywearing*

Win, win, win a FREE wrap from!!!

Oh happy day, you can win a FREE wrap today! Love in Your Heart is being rereleased at on Friday April 11 at 4 pm PST, but YOU could win a size 6 today by asking a friend to tag you here :

Hurry though, bedtime is just around the corner – I wish – and our winner will be chosen then!!!

Good luck and *happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s ISO Angel for Wrap Conversion Tulas!

It’s ISO Angel time, friends! has a lovely selection of WC Tulas to sell; if you are ISO (In Search Of) a wrap conversion Tula, please fill out the form and cross your fingers that you will receive an email by April 3! Fine print and more details can be read here :

Good luck & please share the love!

*happy babywearing*

Anna’s Story

Dear Jillian,

I’m Anna from Budapest,Hungary. I wrote you a comment on IG (@szannae), about thank you for inspiring me. But I think that’s not even close to enough.

Me and my baby boy had a really painful birth story. Long story short,after two days of contractions,being alone in hospital,without my husband, I was allowed to call my family, then the doctor gave me enema,epidural (I asked for it because after two days I was exhausted and I really wanted to have a small piece of break to have strength to push),pitocin and he broke my water. Then I felt that I have to push. They told me what to do, I was so happy, I knew that I’ll meet my baby in a few minutes. Then the doctor said something’s wrong, let’s go to the surgery… So that’s it.

They didn’t even show me the baby, they took him immediately to wash him. I saw him for a few seconds after that but then they took him away for 7 hours! Just because that’s the protocoll. I cried constantly in the hospital. My milk came in just on the 5th day. He was mostly on formula for almost 3 months. I had supply problems, I pumped and nursed, pumped and nursed. My baby and I were so unhappy. I felt I failed. I wasn’t able to give birth naturally and to feed him.

Then I found loads of blogs of wonderful mummas all over the world, sharing their stories. And it gave me hope that I can do this.

You, Jillian, gave me the idea of wearing him in a ring sling (in this country it’s not very common…) and a I’ve read a lot of posts so I decided to quit pumping, I grabbed the baby and didn’t get out of bed for almost two weeks. I nursed/wore him 24-7. And after that two weeks we never used bottle again. I realized that the key was not pumping or any was the silence, the intimate days of constant cuddles. It was locking the world,the doctors,the bad advice out. And just focusing on my baby and me. That helped me not to cry always when I thought about birth or the first 7 hours of knowing nothing about him… Here, attachment parenting is not very common. Parenting traditions are way too old-school. And every third birth ends in cesarean.

So that’s why I found so much relief in your posts! I cannot even thank you enough for helping me and my baby boy to not just survive the first months, but healing enough to find joy and happiness in being with each other. I thank you oh so much, all of you, wonderful mummas, sharing your thoughts, experiences, now I know, I’m not alone.

I hope you all the best!

And for Jillian, special thanks for transforming me into a babywearing-addict.

With love and respect,

Sincerely, Anna



*happy babywearing*