Magic Ball recipe!

Magic Balls are magical! OBVIOUSLY! Made with only TWO ingredients, you can whip these babies up in a matter of moments! And they will be eaten that fast too! With a 2 to 1 ratio, you can make as many or as few balls as you like per batch, but let me advise you that you should make many!!!

Ingredients :

2 cups of your favorite hummus (or mashed chickpeas)

1 cup bread crumbs (I used gluten free)

Directions :

Mix together

Form balls

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes

Serve with a fun dipping sauce (or not)



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PAXrecipe for Perfect Parfait!

There’s been record breaking heat here in SoCal the last week or so and cooking with a hot oven on has sounded less appealing as each day comes with new highs and not very low lows! Today I made {almost} all my kids happy by whipping up this yummy and, more importantly, COLD snack! Filled with protein AND fruit, these Perfect Parfaits were so easy to make and even easier to eat!

perfect parfait recipe blog Collage
Perfect Parfait

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: just 1 perfect serving

Calories per serving: 350ish


Ingredients :

  • 3/4 cup granola
  • 1/3 c blueberries or your favorite berry
  • 1/2 T honey or maple syrup (we used agave today but my husband has since explained that agave has more fructose than high fructose corn syrup, yuck!)
  • 3/4 c nonfat Greek yogurt

Instructions :

Layer half of the yogurt, blueberries, and granola! Repeat! Then top with honey or syrup! Then EAT IT UP because as Donkey says, “everyone loves parfait!”


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#babycate is teething!

My sweet, adorable, precious #babycate is teething. My usual happy & energetic baby girl is listless & sad, unable to to console, and obviously in pain! I had a peek at her upper gums, and oh my, that looks just as awful as she sounds! Breastfeeding, cuddling, and taking it slow will help her feel better, but you know what else will too? Essential oils!!! Do Terra to the rescue, I dabbed a little lavender mixed with fractionated coconut oil on the soles of #babycate’s wee feet & watched her mood immediately change! Perking up, she crawled away from me & began to babble in her baby voice a thankful exclamation! The teeth may still be pushing on her gums, but the lavender oil was able to comfort & soothe!

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Dying for a Jack Tula!?!
jack tula wm

For the Halloween lovers and Nightmare enthusiasts, lament no longer; it is time for the Jack Tula stocking! Well, almost time! Enter PAXbaby’s ghoulishly spooky drawings to see if you will be chosen for Wednesday’s stocking – October 1 at noon PDT!  This is a 2 step process : #1 – enter the drawing and #2 – win the stocking! Still confused? Just follow Jack’s directions and you will do fine!
wm jack sally tula haunted mansion nightmare christmas before

Click here to enter the STANDARD size Jack Tula drawing

Click here to enter the TODDLER size Jack Tula drawing.
* Please note that this drawing is not for a free WC Jack Tula, but to be eligible to purchase a WC Jack Tula at the stocking! – See more here & here
**You may enter for both sizes, but you will only win one opportunity to purchase.
*** There will be more names drawn than carriers available to purchase! Receiving an email does not guarantee you a carrier! This is still a REAL STOCKING, so you will need to have quick fingers – we are just improving your odds at scoring!
**** Payment will go through the cart, and PayPal WILL be available!
***** You have until 9 PM PDT 9/30/2014 to enter the drawings. The Jack stockings will take place on October 1 at noon PDT.
******ALL entries must be accompanied with a post here with which size you would prefer!

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#babycate is WALKING!

#babycate is officially WALKING! And falling! A LOT!
Good thing my little one is a tough cookie because her little feet can’t keep up with her body!!!

When did your baby take their first steps??? Were you happy? Relieved? Sad? Yeah, me too…. (((hugs)))

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Whistle while you wrap

Cate Valentina

Just like a dog can smell fear, your baby knows when you are nervous about a new baby carrier! Try taking a deep breath and talk it out with your child! Run through the steps before you attempt the technique, and as you perform the steps, try whistling to set your mind at ease! Your baby will think you know what you are doing and will relax which will then help you to stay calm! Not a whistler!?! Try humming, singing, or chanting, “I can do it, I can do it!” Positive thinking will help you succeed; after this mini pep talk, all you need to do is go and

DO IT!!!

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Austin Powers babywears!?!

Have well meaning relatives or nosy neighbor commented on your new luscious baby carrier or the number of packages arriving on your doorstep?!? Have you felt the need to say in a British accent, “It’s not mine, baby!!!” I think Austin Powers expressed exactly how we feel sometimes when we are asked to justify “needing just one more!”

austin powers meme

Instead of giving into the temptation of giving a  terrible Mike Meyers impression, try one of these phrases instead :

“I’m giving USPS a reason to stay in business” – in regards to the many packages being delivered!

“I am supporting WAHMs” – in regards to why you ordered a new carrier!

“It’s totally different” – in regards to another rainbow carrier!
“I am going to sell the other one” – in regards to a growing stash!

“I like your new hiking/ biking/ sports gear” – in regards why you deserve some new fluff too!

Try a few of these phrases on for size or use your own! If you have gotten creative with your replies, comment here so we can use it next time!


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Sling Ring a ding ding!

Do you need / want / have to have a wrap conversion ring sling this very moment – actually 2 days ago? You have come to the right place because specializes in ring slings!!! Rainbow or patterned, stripes or solids, our gorgeous array of slings has something for everyone! Don’t feel limited to just one sling; pick up an additional to give to a friend, to keep in the car, in case of emergency, or simply because you love it! Cotton, hemp, or linen the choice is yours!!! Dive on in and just choose!!!!

If you ever need help deciding on what you should purchase, the PAXmoms are HERE to help! Pop us an email so we can best choose the carrier for your babywearing needs! is the easiest way to make contact with us!

Tie-Dye Pants

Start shopping for Sleeping Baby Productions Wrap Conversion Ring Slings here!!

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Somewhere over the Rainbow wrap naming contest!

PAXbaby.comRainbow Thread

Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams come true, and here at PAXbaby.comYOUR wildest babywearing fantasy can became a reality too! I am looking for the brightest, cutest, most adorable NAME for a Girasol rainbow wrap that I will design based on the name I choose! Inspire me with your winning name, and see a wrap designed with that name in mind! You may submit as many names as you like, but please, ONE per submission; fill out the form on the PAXnews blog here!

As the winner, you may have first DIBS on the wraps when they arrive (to purchase one at retail) as well as a FREE goodie made from a wrap scrap! Choose carefully and remember that I LOVE color so the winning name will need to seriously reflect the amount of love I have for ROYGBIV! This contest will be open for ONE week : September 12-17, at which time, we will take a poll via Facebook to select the winning name which WILL BE ANNOUNCEDThe designing of the wrap will take a couple more weeks, and the final design will be revealed ASAP. Also keep in mind that an order from Girasol can take anywhere from 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 months to receive so you may need to have more patience than a pregnant mama!

contest girasol name 2 

You may submit as many names as you like, but please, ONE per submission!

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Vice Versa stocking at!



Happy September, PAXfriends! It’s hard to believe that it’s a new month already; where on earth did August go? Let’s celebrate the passage of time with an uber special stocking of especially gorgeous wraps! Here at PAXbaby, we like to have as little drama as possible, so for this stocking, we will be trying something new along with something old!

vice versa cream twill collage

Want to be eligible to purchase a Vice Versa *unicorn* wrap? How about a Vice Versa *cream*???? These beautiful purple & cream weft twill weave Girasols will be available on Wednesday!

To enter, you have until tonight at 8 pm PDT to comment on this blog post. At that time, we will randomly select the winners who will receive an exciting email with a super secret link which will be activated Wednesday at precisely 11 am PDT. You will ONLY be able to access the link and check out for a wrap if you are signed in to your account using the email address that corresponds to your blog comment.

Please note that if you have multiple accounts, now is the time to delete them so you only have one active account. We will not be able to help you with log in issues or technical difficulties on Wednesday, so get your ducks in a row today before the stocking!

Here’s the NEW information, are you ready???

The number of winners who will be contacted with the secret link WILL BE DOUBLE the number of wraps available! This is a REAL stocking, friends, so Vice Versa WILL sell out unless you get there first! PayPal will be disabled, so you’ll have to pay with a debit or credit card, and fingers will need to be fast!

Although unlikely, there is still a possibility that this wrap could oversell! In the event of an oversell, you will be promptly messaged and politely refunded with our apologies.

Our cart software is not able to hold an item until it is paid for! The wrap goes to the first PAXfriend to complete the checkout process – not the first person to cart the wrap.

Only one entry and one wrap may be purchased per household please, and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

We are in the process of transitioning to new cart software, which will help to eliminate many of the extra steps we’ve had to add to our stockings and prevent the disappointments associated with oversells and cart crashes. This process takes hundreds of hours and many months of work to complete, so we thank you for bearing with us and all the necessary fine print in the mean time!

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