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  1. I don’t like to put labels on myself and by extension my methods of child rearing but there are some aspects of parenting that go along with the method of attachment parenting style. I don’t co-sleep but my baby slept in a co-sleeper in my room for the first 6 weeks because it was convenient. I also like baby wearing for the cuddles and the convenience (and the super cute wraps/carriers) I don’t know much else about the method because I have never researched it but we just do what works for us :)

  2. I would def. consider myself an attachment parent. I do occasionally put my baby in his crib, he always falls asleep on me first tho. i think of parenting styles its much better to be attached than detached! I always babywear when we are out. My beco gemini is amazing. I would recommend it to anybody! My husband is 300 pounds and 6 foot. I am 5’4″ and 115 lb. So it is VERY versatile, we both wear him in it. The funny part is tho, that i already felt and was implementing attachment style parenting before i ever heard of it! I think AP is a very instinct driven way of doing things. And how can ignoring ur instincts give way to anything positive? Also i have only really recently been wearing him a lot, BUT i considered myself AP before i was wearing all the time, so no i dont think someone who babywears is def AP. They might CIO, or do something else very non-AP. I also think ppl who dont babywear at home on an all day basis aren’t AP. To each his own, def. my son is the very typical best AP kid. LOVES to b worn. Lives for boobie.

  3. Lets see, i meant If someone doesnt baby wear all day everyday, i think they could identify as AP even without constant contact. Some babies like more alone time then other babies. Sorry that wasnt very clear. My son is on my lap nursing lol :)

  4. I think there are many things that define AP. I dont think doing one and not the others or fitting AP to work with your lifestyle and family makes you any less of an AP parent. I think the one thing AP parents have in common is they all believe and practice gentle parenting. But we are most definately crunchy AP parents in this house. We are pretty textbook too. We cloth diaper, practice EC when we can (tho we have had our fair share of misses), we co-sleep, we babywear, we breastfeed, we will practice baby lead weaning. We do not hit, we try to be gentle and patient. I stay at home and I LOVE the closeness and naturalness of AP. It makes me feel so good about my choices, bcs well its what we FEEL is right for OUR family. Its not for everyone and thats okay there are many ways to raise a child this is just our choice.

  5. I guess I wouldn’t really call myself an AP parent, although I like the sound of it. I don’t wear my daughter all day everyday, only when the occasion calls for it. We don’t co-sleep either. My daughter tends to sleep better in her own bed. She’s a very private little thing. Only recently, she’s now 2, has she decided that cuddling is okay. I mean, she’s always given out hugs and kisses freely, but when it came to cuddling for longer than a minute, she always had better things to do. She’ll actually cuddle up with me now on the couch to watch her favorite shows, or ask me to hold her and dance to her favorite music. I love those moments. But sometimes, she just wants her space. I wonder if that’s because I didn’t wear her all day, every day, or co-sleep when she was little. She’s a very independent little two year old, but I kind of like that part of her personality, yet at the same time it makes me nervous for the future. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, No, I’m not really an AP parent, but I wish I had been.

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