Amazing Amber

A jingle for Baltic Amber

Got an ache or pain?

Baby getting teeth?

Toddler has an owie?

Wear some amber

Feel the comfort

Soothing relief

And natural care

Baltic Amber, Baltic Amber

Love it, wear it, enjoy it!

Available in mama lengths in size 17-18 inches and 20-21 inches!  Child lengths of 10 1/2 – 11 1/2 or 11 1/2 – 12 1/2!  Need something custom?  Something for daddy?  A bracelet for mommy? Let me know!

PAXbaby Amber Necklace

4 thoughts on “Amazing Amber

  1. I am totally getting one of these… Baby girl is 5 months and is in NEED of this. My friend has had one for her baby and swears by it! I’ll be ordering SOON :)

  2. I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot about these lately, maybe because people who have babies my baby’s age are all about to go through the teething stage. Anyway, I’ve heard all good things, but putting a small beaded necklace on a baby seems like it could end badly to me. I just don’t know.

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