Almost Famous?

This isn’t the first time that PAXbaby has been blogged for their fabulous baby carriers, but this blog post was so

  • straight forwardly refreshing
  • absolutely RIGHT ON
  • correct in every way
  • funny
  • concise
  • TRUE
  • and best of all, about my favorite topic of conversation: PAXbaby + BECO BABY CARRIERS!!!!

Thank you to the babywearing blogger over at UrbanBaby for this entertaining shout out featuring the PAXbaby mama and my top pick *custom* Beco Butterfly II, the rock ‘n rolling favorite, DYLAN!!! 

It’s always refreshing to read about babywearing in “mainstream” society!  Here’s to babywearing & of course, to Dylan!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II Dylan

2 thoughts on “Almost Famous?

  1. Love it! I laugh at the selections of baby carriers in most major retail stores. They try to be fashionable but fall way short, usually in style and support. Which leads to parents giving up on using a carrier since they get uncomfortable. Get a nice stylish comfortable carrier and everyone will be happier!

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