30 weeks with Baby #7



Wednesday marks 30 weeks pregnant for PAXmommy Jillian.

That means there are only 10 short weeks left *give or take a few days/weeks*

The PAXbabies are SOOO excited to meet their new baby sister.

Does anyone have some amazing ideas for introducing a new baby to the family? What are some tricks or tips to help the youngest get used to a new baby in the house? How do you deal with jealousy issues?

We want to hear what YOU have to say!

What has worked?
What has not worked?


*happy babywearing*




One thought on “30 weeks with Baby #7

  1. You and your family are absolutely breathtaking. Congratulations on #7. I hope I can have a family as large and beautiful as yours. We are currently on baby #1 and it is the best experience we’ve ever had, made even better with babywearing. Thanks for spreading the word on babywearing and helping mamas like me :)

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