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Does your little one want to be a babywearer just like YOU!??
Are they constantly asking you to wrap their stuffies to them with scarves, swaddles and blankies??

Now is YOUR chance to score a mini LIYH *dude* woven wrap in just the right size for your littlest love!

The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, July 31st, 2015!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!! For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!)

Best of luck to all of you!
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PAXbaby at MILK


Will you be attending MILK: An Infant Feeding Conference???

Don’t forget to come find us and say HI!!! Look for the RAINBOW umbrella!!!

Which speaker are YOU most looking forward to hearing from??

If you will be pumping at the event, and will not have your own baby there, Baby Sailor  and her mommy will be in attendance and accepting milky donations!! Read more about Baby Sailor here:

Hope to see you there!!
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LIYH *dude*

PAXbaby_LIYH_dude_black wrap_rainbow

Last year, you fell in love with‘s KoKaDi exclusive woven wrap, Love In Your Heart. Woven with a cream weft, PAXmommy Jillian called this adorable wrap girlie, and today marks the return of LIYH but with a new look! Our weft this time around is a midnight black, and it’s official name is dude! Wear your baby OR toddler in this supportive wrap and enjoy the vivacious colors that LIYH has to offer! A totally reversible design, one side shows more bold stripes and the other shows off better the bright hearts! 100% cotton, woven in Germany, and sold ONLY at, Love In Your Heart is one of our best selling exclusive designs!!!!

Stocking Friday, July 31st at 8:00am PDT!


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Summer HEAT

Sweating under layers of woven wrap??

If you haven’t tried a Wrapsody Bali Breeze before, now is the time!
Who wants to sweat any more than they have to, am I right??

Try a Bali Breeze in PAXmommy Brianna’s own edgy design – EXIT!!!
Supportive, light, airy… ahhh!!!

See how a Wrapsody Breeze can change YOUR Summer wrapping for GOOD!

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Delta PAX Double Hammock Freshwater and Saltwater Finish Tutorial

Delta PAX Double Hammock Freshwater and Saltwater Finish Tutorial

by Adrienne Miller


Middle marker at your chest. It won”t ever be this close to center again. Soak it in.


Look down at your child holding your phone watching Super Simple Songs and question your parenting tactics. Bribery, screen time and crying just so you can create a tutorial. Let”s justify it by saying it makes people laugh. Totally okay, right?


While he’s distracted, quickly put the wrap over him with the middle marker at the back of his neck.


Nope, that”s wrong. I”ve done this a thousand times and still get it wrong. Place the middle marker at your chest, bring the wrap around your torso and find the spot where the wrap hits the middle of your back.


THAT spot goes on the back of your child”s neck. Thank goodness for phones.


And…Heave! Actually, Linus has lost weight since he started running everywhere. 24lbs. But it still feels like 40.


Start him up nice and high, cause he”ll lower himself drastically. His face says it all.


No mama, I”m not even going to watch your phone, I hate this so much.


Just kidding, i can”t resist.


Just kidding again. It”s going on the floor. Thank goodness for Otterbox.


Do what you can to create a deep seat. WHATEVER YOU CAN. Aaaaaaaand it will never be deep enough.


Bring the right pass over your right shoulder. Gather, pleat, accordion, whatever you’ve got in you to make it happen!


Place that right pass between your feeble thighs that really don”t hold anything. Smile because you can just imagine the joy on your child’s face as this is happening.


Now bend down and pick up the phone. No not that show mama. That one. No, that one. Noooooooo thaaaaaat oooooooone!


Use your right hand to reach behind and support him. Rather, to keep him from purposefully popping his seat.


With your right pass held between your knees, grab the left pass from behind you and bring it around your torso to the front to begin making your chest pass. Gather it tightly into your right hand. So sad, Linus!! It’s almost over, buddy. Just kidding, we are so far from over.


Bring that chest pass BEHIND the right pass that you are holding between your knees.


Bring that chest pass around to your back. Because I’m such a mediocre wrapper, I always hold onto the top rail and let the rest go, which then loosens all of the tension in my chest pass. Don’t do as I do. Learn from my mistakes.


Bring that pass around to your back. Reach behind you with your left hand to grab the top rail. Hyperextend your wrists to take that wrap far enough behind you and behind your baby’s bum to get it up and over HIS ENTIRE BODY.


You can also do the towel dry move where you bring it from side to side up your baby’s back, all the way to his neck. Bend your elbows to pop it over his back.


That pass will now come up and over your left shoulder. Attempt to make a second seat, by tucking in the bottom rail under his bum.


Finally. We are half way done. This is like the longest Lord of the Rings journey ever. Grab both rails coming over each shoulder.


This is what we call an “L” pull. Except don’t copy me, because I’m doing a backwards “L”. OF COURSE. I’m thinking about what an L would look like facing forwards. Think about an L if  I were facing you. Your right arm should pull up and your left arm should pull horizontal to the left. This will help tighten your horrendously loose chest pass.


OMG even after my photographer told me to do it again, I still did it backwards. I don’t do well in dance classes with a mirror either. I get my rights and lefts mixed up. I’m 30 years old.


Put the pass coming over your left shoulder between your thighs. Filled with glorious food. Take the pass coming over your right shoulder and feed it behind and down through your chest pass.


He gets his resting rude face and death stare from me.


Now you have the left pass in front and the right pass behind your chest pass.


Now take your left pass and cross it behind your right pass.


Lol. Linus is still not happy at all. Now that you have crossed your passes, take them both behind your back OVER your baby’s legs.


Now, tie under your baby’s bum, which is virtually impossible. If you have a longer wrap, cross the passes and bring them around to the from going under your baby’s legs and tie in front.


As you tie the knot, jump up and pull the tails out to the side. Jumping and bouncing your toddler up in the air will lift his weight and you can pull the knot tighter. Obviously, do this safely and only with an older toddler.


Always double knot for safety!


Back view! Your stripes will never be vertical. Just accept that.


Voila! Your Double Hammock with a Freshwater Finish is complete!


Untie the knot under your baby’s bum and uncross the passes in front.


Place the pass coming over your right shoulder in between your knees.


Take your right hand behind your right pass and grab the pass coming over your left shoulder.


Pull that pass behind and all the way through over your chest pass and let it fall to the ground.


Now, take that pass (that came over your left shoulder, behind the right pass, over the chest pass) and cross it behind the right pass. It will go to your right hand.


Take both passes and bring them around to your back, making sure to go over your baby’s legs.


Tie your knot under bum (or bring it around to tie in front if you have a longer wrap). Do the bounce n’ pull!


Double knot for safety!


Darn those stripes! Always showing the world how subpar my wrap jobs are. Meh, that’s alright. Perfection is overrated.


And that’s it! Don’t do what I did and twist your right pass to show the wrong side of your wrap. Keep them untwisted. I was just showing you what not to do. WINK.


Doesn’t a Saltwater Finish look awesome and super complicated?! But it’s not so bad, is it? You did it! Congratulations! And, if you didn’t, then you are like me and it took you 3.492 times to get it right.


This wrap is just so happy! And that little chubby toddler hand!! Squeeeee!


Bye, bye Shana. Now get out of my house and get me out of here, mama!


*happy babywearing*

Free Friday with and MILK

a Rafflecopter giveaway

FREE Friday from MILK!
Milk is a breastfeeding conference coming up on July 31 and August 1 with speakers, give aways, and a surprise announcement from PAXmommy Jillian! Join Jessica from The Leaky Boob and celebrate boobs and milk as never before! YOU could win TEN free tickets for the event by entering PAXbaby’s FREE Friday raffle!!!
You and your ten “breasties” could be our guests at MILK; get ready to WIN BIG!!!!!

The winner will be emailed once the drawing comes to an end on Friday, July 24th, 2015!! Shipping address must be confirmed via email within 24 hours, or a new winner will be chosen!!

For this reason, make sure to check your email (including your Junk folder!!)

Best of luck to all of you!
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Milk for Sailor
PAXbaby_milk for sailor
PAXbaby.comMilk for Sailor

“Sailor Avonlea was born via emergency c-section on June 13th in Las Vegas, addicted to and withdrawing from the effects of a pregnancy filled with heavy methenphetamine use, homelessness, and mental illness. After a 13 day long fight between the hospital at which she was delivered, Child Protective Services, and a large team of adoption professionals and lawyers, we were finally granted the right to adopt her and bring her home to California! We are the adoptive parents of her 18 month old full biological sibling, Lachlan, who was also born addicted to and withdrawing from meth, and while we were not anticipating adoption again so soon, when the opportunity was placed in our laps, we could not say no to another little love who would otherwise be lost to the foster system.

We have two older biological daughters whom I breastfed well into their first year; I was actually such an overproducer that I ended up donating several thousand ounces of breastmilk to a local milk bank over a period of several years. When we decided to adopt initially, I knew immediately that I wanted to feed our new baby with donor milk, as I fully believe in its amazing powers to heal the damage inflicted on a newborns tiny body and brain. When I initially approached the milk bank that I had so lovingly handed thousands of ounces of breastmilk to years prior, I found out quickly that I’d have to be made of money in order to afford their “non profit” price of $3 an ounce for breastmilk! Not satisfied with this answer, I turned to the internet, and quickly found “Human Milk 4 Human Babies” as well as “Eats and Feets.” Through both of these peer to peer sharing forums, we were able to provide breastmilk to our son for 13 months! Despite being born a drug addicted baby, he is now 100% free of health issues and is developmentally completely typical, things that I believe the power of breastmilk has made possible.

We hope to provide these benefits for our Sailor as well, especially given the abuse she suffered at the hands of so called medical professionals; for the first fourteen days of her life, she was fed formula, left in a plastic bassinet, and only held every 3 hours to be fed and changed. If she cried for milk before those 3 hours were up, she was left to cry, alone and hungry until her scheduled feeding time came along. No one was allowed to see her or even touch her for 14 days,  and when she finally was allowed to leave the hospital, she weighed a full pound less than when she was born. Our sweet girl has had a very hard time transitioning due to her drug dependency, but she IS gaining weight quickly and eating like a champ on all the milk donated by friends. Our freezer supply is quickly diminishing however, and we are feeling desperate to provide her with the nourishment she needs to heal and grow. We have witnessed firsthand the power of breastmilk to heal the damage that drug addiction, lack of prenatal care, and dangerous maternal behavior can have on a baby, and we desperately want our daughter to be the recipient of as much of this liquid life that she can.”

- Robert and Kirstin
Please consider milk sharing with Sailor in any way possible! Her family lives in the Bay area but has set up milk drop off points in Southern California as well! Email Kirstin to set up a donation at, and thank you for keeping this amazing family in your prayers! Much love from the PAXmommies <3
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Have you shopped with us before?? Have we helped you in some way over the years with our positive Facebook posts?

Leave us a FB review TODAY and we will choose one lucky PAXfan to win a Migaloo TULA RING SLING, after our littles are in bed!!

Thank YOU for supporting and loving!!!
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Natibaby STORY


Create your own story while wearing your baby in this gorgeous Natibaby woven wrap! Designed with the best elements of your favorite legends, a castle stands tall while a maiden and a unicorn frolic nearby. Wrap your little one in these sumptuous fibers of 40% Hemp and 60% Viscose Bamboo and enjoy the support that Story will give you! Choose from two luscious colorways and *happy babywearing*



*happy babywearing*


Delta Pax Adventures




Toddler wrapping is like parenting. Amazing. Sweaty. Hilarious. Disastrous. We do what we can to get those adorable mood-changing little monsters to understand that WE JUST WANT TO SNUGGLE AND HOLD THEM IN BEAUTIFUL CARRIERS FOREVER.

Look forward to a tutorial featuring Delta PAX in the near future!!!!

*happy babywearing*