Natibaby Great Barrier Reef

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!!

These adorable little fishies will be swimming into HQ VERY, VERY soon!!

I hope you have your nets ready, because these are going to go quickly!

Thanks to Baby Mumma for sharing Natibaby‘s Great Barrier Reef with us, in 50% linen and 50% bamboo!! The perfect combination of soft and supportive.


*happy babywearing*


Cate’s Midwifery Appointments.


The PAXkids LOVE being included in Baby Cate’s pregnancy.
One of the beauties of having wonderful midwifery care is all of the home visits!

Did you involve your children during your pregnancies?

How many of you let your bigger kids stick around for the birth?

Did you do anything special to prepare them for what it was going to be like?? Did you read any books? Watch any birthing films?

We would LOVE to hear your  thoughts!


*happy babywearing*


Free Friday September!!!

Can you believe this is the LAST FFS (free for shipping) Friday of September???

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Today’s FREE FRIDAY giveaway, hosted by B.B. Bows Bowtique, is a stunning, one-of-a-kind pregnancy sash!!

This gorgeous sash is handmade and is absolutely perfect to wrap around your beautiful belly!!

Why fuss about what to wear for your maternity photos, when you have an accessory as fancy as THIS!?

  This giveaway is FREE for the 1 lucky winner chosen tonight after bedtime!

Please enter and share the love!

Good luck, and cannot WAIT to see the action shots with this beauty!


*happy babywearing*


PAXmommies and Placentas



Hands up to those mommies that ingested their placenta post partum??

Did you eat it raw?

In a smoothie?

Dehydrated and encapsulated in pill form?

Were you able to taste it?
Did you notice a huge benefit?

Did your family think you had gone off the deep end?
What links or information did you share with them??

We would LOVE to know more!!

Thank you for your input!

Washing Instructions…

Congratulations!!! You *just* purchased your very first wrap!!

Now what??

Well… that is up to you. You could wear it first, or you could wash it, and start breaking it in.

Wash it?
But, HOW?!

**Disclaimer: We advise you to always follow the manufacturer’s directions for the care of any wrap, but this is how the PAXmommies wash their own personal wovens. **

First, check out the fiber content.

100% Cotton: cold wash, hang dry – or dry on low heat. Can be ironed on the ‘cotton’ setting.

Linen: Wash on cold, hang dry or dry on low/no heat. Responds well to steam iron, and softens with wet heat.

Bamboo:  Wash on cold, hang dry or lay flat.

Hemp: Wash on warm, dry on low/no heat, or take out of the dryer partially dry and steam iron.  (Softens faster with heat, but some shrinkage will occur).

Wool: Hand wash in bathtub, or sink with woolwash, in tepid water. Do not squeeze,  lay flat on dry towels and roll to get excess water out. Lay flat to dry.

Silk: Hand wash/machine wash gentle-delicate cycle, lay flat to dry. Avoid tumble-dry, avoid drying in direct sunlight (fading).

Ring Slings: You can wrap the metal rings, or throw the entire thing into a pillow case.

A few extra tips:

With all woven wraps you want to make sure that you  skip the fabric softeners which can lead to build up over time.

Most wraps are cut on the long side to allow for *some* shrinkage.

If you are worried about washing, drying and the like, it is probably best to stay with easy-to-to-care-for fibers.

The first time I wash a wrap, I tend to wash it on its own, or with a load of old towels JUST in case it the color bleeds.

All subsequent washes,  get treated as normal, and simply go in with the rest of my laundry, or all together in one happy rainbowy wash.

** You can always throw wool dryer balls into the dryer to help break in a wrap. The more the merrier!!**

Other ways that you can break in a wrap:

- wearing it

- braiding it

- hammock

- sleep on it

- sit on it

- wash it

- iron it

What does your washing routine look like?

**Please remember to ALWAYS read your woven wraps specific washing instructions, and that these are just the washing tips & tricks of the PAXmommies. **


*happy babywearing*


Packed Lunches

Well, with September comes back to school, and with back to school comes packed lunches.

We, here at, are in love with the idea of Bento boxes.

Cute, litterless, and fun, Bento boxes pack everything into one neat little package.

What are your favorite items to include?

What are some things to avoid?

Do you follow any blogs with awesome, healthy lunch ideas that we should follow, too?

Please share with us your favorite tricks and tips.


*happy babywearing*


Slingrings have RE-STOCKED

We’ve restocked SlingRings at, and have every size and color of aluminum rings in stock!!

A pair of sling rings, is an excellent way to really get the most use out of a shorter wrap, and enables you to do a lot of carriers that you normally would not be able to do.

We PAXmommies (and PAXdaddies) LOVE the Short Cross Carry with a SlingRing.

(Depicted below by PAXmommy Christina)



All you need to attempt this carry is a size 3, or 4 woven wrap, and a single sling ring.

What is YOUR favorite carry with a sling ring??


*happy babywearing*


PAXbaby’s ISO Angel is back!

Is there a wrap or carrier you’ve been looking high and low for, but haven’t been able to find? It might just be your lucky day – especially if you are looking for PAXbaby’s Zig Zag Girasol or a wrap conversion Tula buckle carrier!!!‘s ISO Angel will be making a visit soon!! There are just a few easy steps to getting your ISO filled!

Tag your friends!! Share this post!! Spread the babywearing love!!
Fill out the form at the link below by 9/24/13 at 9pm PST, and then cross your fingers!!
Check your email
(and then hopefully)
Jump up and down!! Squeal with joy at having your ISO filled!!
Check out through your very own private listing at!
Wait just a few days, stalk the mailman, then wear your new fluff happily ever after!!

*happy babywearing*

Zig Zag


Are you as excited about this new wrap as we are???

I feel like we keep saying that but, then keep coming out with something else that is more amazing than the last.

Zig Zag at is a new, and completely unique Girasol rainbow!!!

Using a new weaving technique with VERTICAL stripes, Zig Zag is unlike any Gira seen before!

The lovely PAXmommy Lynelle, pictured above, had this to say about Zig Zag,

  “It wears completely different than twill or DW. It has the support and stability of twill, yet is still so soft and cushy like DW! By far my favorite Girasol weave.”

Sound to good to be true??

Try one for yourself and leave your reviews on our Facebook Wall.


*happy babywearing*



KoKaDi’s Rock N’ Roll

Thank you to Tuchfühler – Roots to fly for sharing KoKadi – Rock ‘n Roll with!

A little bit sweet, a little bit rockabilly, this wrap is sure to turn heads with it’s bold colours, and cute pattern.

Are you in love?

We cannot WAIT for these to arrive this Fall.


*happy babywearing*