You Say Jumpsac, I say RAINBOW!

jumpsac rainbow


Another stunning rainbow wrap arriving soon at headquarters! JumpSac designed Midnight Rainbow, and we have been waiting months to see this beauty in person!
PAXmodel Rose had the opportunity to try this beauty for herself.
Isn’t it amazing!?
An amazing combination of dark and RAINBOWY light.
Join us in our patient stalking as they wing their way from Europe to Southern California.

Merlin oh Merlin

kokadi merlin

Who is stalking in the hopes that they score a:

KoKadi Merlin 


Two to three small batches of wraps are going up at completely random times throughout the day in order to make it fair for allll of our friends in different time zones.

There is something so magical about wrapping yourself and little one in luscious black and purple stars.

Good luck, friends!


Photo taken by Frances Bast Photography moments before Baby #5 jumped down to go play! You can see his legs descending in the picture! And also, we all dressed in orange by accident! SO FUNNY!

*happy babywearing*


Guess what is coming to PAXbaby?


Does JPMBB mean anything to you??

 je porte mon bebe, or JPMBB as they are known as, are the creators of an awesome new hybrid super wrap from France.

Translated to mean “I carry my baby”.

Intrigued yet??


These wraps are unlike most stretchy wraps on the market today, and are so supportive without being saggy or overly stretchy.

The JPMBB wrap is one of the only stretchy wraps that stretches in every direction: vertically, horizontally and diagonally giving you all around support and comfort.



The JPMBB can be used from birth until 30lbs (14kg), and can be used on your front, side and back.

Yes, you read correctly… this wrap can be used on your back.

The wrap itself is 5m long and 70cm wide, and made of a deliciously soft 95% cotton and 5% spandex and comes in a variety of beautiful shades and colors.


Which color would you choose??
Or… which colors?!?!?

Would you not love to wrap a squish in one of these soft and beautiful wraps!?

Like a woven wrap, the same “legs out” positioning is required, though you do not need to leave any slack when tying the wrap on like you do with a woven wrap.

Simply tie the JMPBB wrap on tightly, like the video  shows, and place baby inside using proper ergonomic technique.


Support like a woven, with a softness that is only second to your favorite t-shirt.

Winning combination if you ask me.

That is another great thing about this wrap, you can pre-tie it before you even need it, so no worry about dragging tails through a dirty parking lot or mall floor.

je porte mon bebe seems to have it all together!

Are you excited to try one??

*happy babywearing*



Guess when PAXmommy Christina’s Baby Will be Born and WIN!




It is that time again already!!!

Another PAXbaby is on his or her way to join us at making 4 new babies in less than 6 weeks!!!!

Such an exciting time around here for the PAXteam that’s for sure; you all know how much we all love BABIES!!!!

PAXmommy Christina’s baby is due to make an appearance verrrry shortly.

Do you want to play along and guess what day her baby will arrive??


PLEASE enter at the link below in order to qualify:



Baby #3 due date:  March 6th, 2013

Baby #2 was: Boy, 8lbs 4oz, 20.5″ Born 38w 3d

Baby #1 was:  Girl, 8lbs 6oz, 18.5″ Born: 39w 5d



The lucky winner will take home a lovely Carson’s Cove Tote Bag in *ocean* weft:



*happy babywearing*

New Babywearers

paxmommy laura


Saying “congratulations” to a new mother = sweet!
Introducing her to babywearing = PRICELESS!

Have you introduced anyone to babywearing?

Were they receptive?
Who was the first one to show you the wraps… er ropes?

Was it love at first wear, or did it take you awhile?

I first started with a home made ring sling with my baby #1, then transitioned to a SSC, then dove head first into the wrap world… the rest is history my friends!!

Share this link with a friend and spread the love of babywearing today ?


*happy babywearing*



We have a winner!  THANK YOU for your participation!  Aimee W, you will be emailed with shipping details!  Thanks and enjoy these cute leggies!  A BIG thank you also to Shanna for hosting today’s FFS Freebie!

Fridays are one of my favorite days at PAXbaby because the Free For Shipping giveaways are so much fun!  Today’s freebie is a pair of organic tie dyed baby legs by Shanna’s Tie Dye just like the ones Baby #6 is sporting in the video below!  Win by commenting here on the blog with your FAVORITE color, and 1 lucky winner will be chosen at random tonight after bedtime PST!  Comments won’t be approved right away so please don’t be alarmed if you don’t see yours listed!  Please make sure your email addy is correct so that we can contact you for shipping details!

THANK YOU & good luck!

Please like Shanna’s Tie Dye page at Facebook to qualify as well as PAXbaby’s FB page!  Here are the links for you!

Also coming up at Shanna’s are 10 slots available for rainbow leg warmers at $25 with free USA shipping for PAXbaby fans!  We have been given 2 sets of these we love them so much!

THANKS for participating & *happy babywearing*

Love Day Surprise!

love day

love day


Happy Valentine‘s Day to YOU!!


Be the FIRST to wear a SWEETHEART bag from!

Our talented PAXbaby seamstress whipped this beauty up especially for one lucky PAXfan this Valentine’s Day.

Isn’t it GORGEOUS!??

Made from wrap scraps & twill and lined with PUL, the SWEETHEART bag has inner pockets as well as a tie closure and a sweet snap closure pocket along the back!

Use as a diaper bag or an everyday bag, the SWEETHEART bag is nothing short of ADORABLE at 13″ tall and 17″ wide!

Win a SWEETHEART bag FREE FOR SHIPPING (add $30 for international shipping) in your choice of available wrap scraps by entering the drawing below, here at the PAXblog!



  • Winner will be randomly chosen and emailed – so remember to use your email address (please no commenting a second time with a separate post including your missing email address)!
  • Comments will be posted with first name and last initial.
  • One entry per person/household – Tell us about your love for PAXbaby with a comment to be used on a feedback page…..
  • For one EXTRA entry- Please upload a LOVE DAY photo to our facebook page and then come back here, tell us that you did and link us!


  • Contest closes tomorrow, February 15th, at 12:00 NOON PST.  WINNER IS BEING SELECTED NOW!!!

**small print**

You can earn up to 2 entries per household.



Good luck , happy Valentine’s Day, & thank you for your participation!

*happy babywearing*


LOVE is in the Air


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

What are your big plans?

Do you still hand out Valentines? Do you make crafts with your kids? Snuggle and watch movies with your significant other? Eat chocolate and conversation hearts??

Every year I struggle with finding something PINK or RED to wear. Not this year friends, I have borrowed a BRIGHT, FUCHSIA wrap for me and my little squishy #3 to wear. I cannot wait!! Do you have a special outfit, wrap or carrier planned for Valentine’s Day???

If only I had a cute Mai Hero like PAXmommy Jillian’s baby #4 to wear.



*happy babywearing*


BB Tai-licious


Bet you didn’t know that one of the most well known European wrap companies also makes a Wrap Conversion Mei Tai!

Babylonia, parent company of the BB Slen and the Tricotti, has designed a simple, yet highly functional mei tai manufactured in Europe with woven wrap components keeping the style sleek, compact, and multi purpose!

Front carry, hip carry, back carry, infant carry, toddler carry, high carry, low carry : you name it, the BB Tai can do it!


BB Tai – Lotus Blue


The BB Tai packs a lot of bang for your buck, and weighs in at under $100 making them one of the best priced carriers on the market.


Mei tais are a great, lightweight option for babywearing on the run. Roll it up and store it anywhere you are: the back seat, diaper bag or purse, backpack, suitcase, parent’s house, trunk of the car. They are stylish, easy to use and comfortable not only for YOU but for your little traveler.

A mei tai is everything you need and want out of a wrap, but in a more compact and “user-friendly” package.



The body of the Mei Tai is a generous 18 inches wide and 15 inches tall, and the slide up headrest adds another 5 inches of height & support to last you and your little one well into the toddler years. Each waist strap in 30 inches long, allowing for accommodation of a wide variety of body sizes and shapes.

I love stashing my mei tai in our car, for quick uppies while out and about, in fact, ours will be used today for a chilly walk at the beach. Brrrrr.

Where do you wear YOUR mei tai?

*happy babywearing*